Review: The Prince and the Omega by Penelope Peters

Rowan’s not royalty – and that’s fine by him.

Omega Rowan Thornton has never been so glad he’s not considered royalty. Especially since his best friend Princess Celia is stuck bonding with a foreign prince she’s never even met. Celia’s solution? Ask Rowan to flirt with someone, anyone, during her engagement ball so she can live a romantic entanglement vicariously through him.

Well, that’s what best friends are for, right?

Gus is royal to the bone – and it’s never bothered him before.

Prince Gaspar – better known as Gus – isn’t the type of alpha to fall in love at the drop of a hat, or at the staged farce of a romantic ball. He’s agreed to an arranged marriage because it’s his duty – not his desire. When his half-brother suggests he take a last chance at having what he really wants before getting tied down to a foreign princess, Gus has no intention of following through… until he meets the handsome omega commoner with the adorable smile.

It’s not like Gus is going to lose his heart or anything, right?

It was only a single night – but the consequences could be greater than their lifetimes.

Gus and Rowan both know that a lifetime spent together is impossible – but for a single hour, they just don’t care. One night of giving into their passion has consequences neither of them anticipated… but will it dismantle the fragile truce between their countries? And will one courtier’s jealousy end up destroying everything they both hold dear?

The Prince and the Omega is a stand-alone m/m mpreg omegaverse non-shifter romance with an HEA ending. It has secret passageways, loyal friendships, garden labyrinths, and a prince in disguise.

This was a pretty cute little non-shifter ABO mpreg story.  Rowan has grown up on the fringes of royalty.  His best friend (who is also a distant cousin) is a princess so he's had the best of both worlds for most of his life.  Princess Celia is about to be betrothed to a prince from a warring country in order to garner peace throughout both countries.  Though it is an arranged marriage and not out of love, she is willing to do her duty for her realm.  Rowan is never so thankful that he's not royalty as he is the night of her engagement.  The king has thrown a ball to welcome the foreign prince and Celia, being the BFF that she is, wants Rowan to get out there and meet someone too.  

Rowan's immediately drawn to the foreign Alpha that is part of the prince's party (sorry for the alliteration there).  They have a blistering hot tryst in the guest wing of the castle before the party and Rowan thinks he may just have found The One.  But it is not meant to be, because the foreign Alpha?  Well, he failed to mention that h'se not just any ordinary man.  He's the prince that's promised to his best friend.  You can imagine the despair Rowan feels at this betrayal.

I waffled on my rating for this.  On the one hand, the writing is good and the storyline was interesting.  And of course, the mpreg was the draw for me here.  On the other hand, this story has some of my most hated tropes in it.  Lack of communication.  Big Misunderstanding.  Keeping secrets.  I normally stay as far away as I can from these tropes.  Talk your shit out, you morons!

The sex was smokin' in this book though.  All growly and manhandle-y and slam-you-up-against-a-wall and come-so-hard-you-see-stars hot.  I would've liked to have seen more of it and that's not something I usually say about my reads as I'm not a big smut lover.  There were only two scenes but they were something.  Mmm mmmm, were they something.

The world building kind of confused me, maybe because there wasn't all that much to it.  I don't remember if their country even had a name.  I could tell they lived in modern times because they drove cars and I think I remember they texted so they must've had cell phones but they traveled overseas by ship instead of by airplane.  And I don't think they had television.  Trying to figure out what era they lived in was hurting my brain.

There was some drama and a boatload of angst but it was more on the fluffy side for me than anything.  I liked the dialogue and Rowan had a snarky streak that I appreciated.  This is a good filler book for when you're in-between reads and need something to pass the time.

On the brain candy scale, I would say this is like an Almond Joy.  I enjoyed the chocolate and the almonds but could have done without the coconut.

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