Review: I Do, or Dye Trying (Curl Up and Dye Mysteries #4) by Aimee Nicole Walker

Newly engaged Josh Roman and Gabe Wyatt know the road to happily ever after won’t be easy, but the two men are certain their biggest challenges are in the rearview mirror. However, life in Blissville is never what it seems and all signs point to dangerous curves ahead.

Josh and Gabe refuse to take a detour because everything they've dreamed of is within reach, not even when professional and personal revelations threaten to wreck their plans. It should be the happiest time in their lives, yet neither man can shake the feeling that something sinister waits around the next corner.

Buckle your seatbelts and hang on for the ride because Josh and Gabe are committed to saying “I do” or die trying.

I Do, or Dye Trying is the fourth book in the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series. These books need to be read in order as the storyline unravels throughout the series. They contain sexually explicit material and are intended for adults 18 and older.

To be honest, this series started out just being an okay read for me.  Yeah, it had charm and the writing was smart but it didn’t really grab me.  There was a bit too much of a lack of communication in the first book and I wanted to wring Josh’s neck more than a few times.  Stubborn man is stubborn!  But, with each subsequent book I became more and more interested.  There was just something about Josh and Gabe that called to me and by the time I reached the third book in the series I was in love and these two men had become one of my most favorite couples of all time.   

Gabriel is a dream.  Big, strong alpha male of a police detective, Gabe is every man’s (and woman’s) fantasy come to life.  Not only is he gruff and protective, he’s also not afraid to show his more sensitive side.  Especially when it comes to loving Josh.

I think one of the things I love most about Josh is that he knows exactly who he is.  He’s campy; he’s flamboyant; he’s a total drama queen and he’s not afraid to flaunt it.  He knows he presents as the stereotypical gay boy.  It’s not a front; it’s just who he is, and if you don’t like it you can keep on walking.  He doesn’t have time for your shenanigans, he’s got enough of his own to deal with.

Put them together and you have the most perfect-for-each-other couple that I’ve ever read about.  They complement each other so well.  You know those couples that seem to know what the other is thinking and can have entire conversations with each other just using their eyes?  That’s Josh and Gabe.  I wouldn’t say that they live in each other’s pockets, they’re too independent for that, but they work together seamlessly.  I’d be quite jealous of their relationship if they were real.

In this final installment, Gabe and Josh have worked out most of their issues and they’re getting married!  Of course, something’s got to come along to put a wrinkle in their happy, right?  I mean, what is their life without someone trying to murder one of them? 

This book focuses more on their relationship than it does the mystery and I find that I don’t mind that at all.  We still got a bit of the whodunit, it was just on the back burner, though the reveal at the end was gasp worthy in my opinion.  The further I got into the series, the less I cared about the mysteries.  I just wanted to read about Josh and Gabe.  I could read many, many more books about them and never get bored.  Ms. Walker sure knows how to write fascinating characters!  For a bit there I wanted to move to their town so I could befriend them.  Then I remembered that they live in Ohio and it’s too danged cold there for this Southern girl.  Plus, they’re, ya know, not real, but whatever.  I still want to know them.

So, it’s with a heavy heart I say good-bye to these fabulous men.  I will miss them so very much.  I recommend this for lovers of romantic suspense, smart writing, witty banter and just feel good stories all around.

P.S.  in case you were wondering, the sex was hot hot HOT!  All kinds of smutty goodness up in here.  Wall sex… table sex… chair sex… stripper pole sex…  Smut lovers will certainly be pleased. 

I know I was.

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