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Welcome M. Crane Hana to the blog! The sci-fi erotic novel, Moro's Price blog tour stops by today with an exclusive excerpt and a NineStar Press eBook giveaway!

Title:  Moro's Price
Author: M. Crane Hana
Publisher:  NineStar Press
Release Date: June 26
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Male/Female, Male/Male
Length: 107000
Genre: Science Fiction, sci-fi, aliens, abuse, captivity, abduction, dark, slave

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Crown Prince, techno-geek, and secret sadomasochist Valier has lusted for years after the gorgeous gladiator called “The Diamond.” Meeting the escaped slave on a rooftop, Valier discovers Moro Dalgleish wants suicide before his former masters can reclaim him.

Infected with a deadly symbiont, Valier proposes empty sex to satisfy his urges and grant Moro’s release from a horrible life. Neither man plans for Moro to survive, or how the morning after will shake three empires to their foundations.

Exclusive Excerpt

Moro’s Price
M. Crane Hana © 2017
All Rights Reserved

The sound techs cut all music and extraneous sound, focusing their drone sensors so tightly the whole arena heard the rasping, wet sound of DaSilva’s labored breaths. Somewhere far up in the cheaper seats, someone shrieked, “Jace, Mara damn you, no!”

Kott said, “This isn’t funny anymore. Diamond, kill.”

The Diamond canted his body slightly off-balance, poised on his left boot-tip spike. The holo screens lingered over the image of his taut opaline flesh. He kicked out three times with his free leg. Three awful snap-cracks broke the arena’s vast silence, as he carefully and precisely broke Jason Kee-DaSilva’s right arm, left arm, and right thigh.
The Leopard folded sideways and fell over. Even as the Diamond turned to face his now-standing master, DaSilva tried to crawl after the other fighter.

“I said kill,” Kott repeated as he strode forward. At his impatient wave, the fifteen-meter-wide filigree steel Cage lifted on its gold-washed chains, high enough for the nearest audience rings to see more clearly.

The three referees in bright red stood up from their own bench. “Bondmaster Kott, this match is over. The Leopard is down.”

On the prize screen, DaSilva’s sixty-thousand-credit match-price disappeared, adding to the Diamond’s tally. Judging by the jeers and shouts from the crowd, a few too many people had gambled in the Leopard’s favor and lost as badly.
Another screen showed the Shemua representative, his face impassive as stone.

“I don’t give a wet crap about DaSilva anymore,” Kott said. “I care why my best investment has suddenly lost his mind over a sick, broken freeman not even worth betting on. Diamond, do you love this idiot?”

“N-n-no,” the Diamond said and knelt with his wrists held up in the trained obedience of an arena slave.

“Then why defy me?”

The Diamond jerked his sharp chin sideways. “S-s someone d-does.”

A lanky young man in a flapping, oversized blue coat skidded down the last of the stairs toward the arena, his wrist-com aimed toward the referees. “You’ve got to let me through, I’m approved kin! Mateo DaSilva. One of his freeborn cousins. We may be poor, but we’re still an original Cedar Buyout Family!”

“Confirmed,” said one referee, after checking him against the wearable computers wrapped around her left forearm. “We’ve seen you at his earlier matches, Sero DaSilva. You’ve been helping his rehab? He obviously needs more medical attention than he claimed on his entry forms.”

The Leopard groaned on the floor and went still.

“Jace!” yelped the young man, crouching to check the Leopard’s pulse. He got a good sniff of the fighter’s scent and looked ready to cry until he took three deep breaths. “He’s breathing but shocky. I need to get him to the nearest hospital. Where are his attendants? His dressers and medics?”

One of the male referees shrugged. “He posted a waiver fee, saying he wouldn’t need them. He paid for only one attendant, up through his first matches of the day.”

“Huh,” said Kott. “Likely, he couldn’t afford them after leaving Shemua last year.”

“Lend me your crew, Sero Kott,” said the younger DaSilva. “You liked Jace earlier, when he was mopping the arena with your trainees!”

“I would have liked him more if he’d agreed to work for me…and earned his place. I can’t use washed-up fighters, and I won’t lend them valuable personnel,” said Kott. “Ask Shemua if they’ll take him back.”

“Never,” snapped the younger DaSilva.

The Diamond cleared his throat. “I p-pay. M-mmy er-er-earnings.”

“Some of your freedom fund? For him?” Kott jeered. “When you save every credit the law allows? Why waste anything on him?”

The Diamond gave his master a slow, filthy grin, took a deep breath, and said clearly, “He did. M-ma-make m-me c-come.”


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Meet the Author

M. Crane Hana lives in a flat place filled with cactus. She writes romances in all flavors, spends too much time world building her sword & planet fantasies and space operas, and makes museum-grade artifacts from cultures that never existed. Publishing credits: (as Marian Crane) ‘The Blood Orange Tree’, Such A Pretty Face anthology, Meisha-Merlin 2000. ‘Saints and Heroes’, Thrones of Desire anthology, Cleis Press 2012.

Website | Twitter | eMail | Tumblr | Wattpad

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