Review: Silent Night by Erin E. Keller

Pete is an improbable Santa Claus ringing his bell on the sidewalks of New York. He might need this job, but he doesn't have to like it. Impulsive and a little rough around the edges, Pete has a big warm heart, and when he sees the homeless man reading a book on the pavement, he is intrigued.

Lucas is a deaf-mute who fled an ex-boyfriend who wanted to use him as a prostitute. He is cold and isolated, but the very not-ordinary Santa Claus ringing a bell nearby makes him smile.

When Lucas is attacked and robbed, it gives Pete the opportunity to invite him home for Christmas. But can they live together long-term? Will Lucas's bid for independence break their hearts or bring them to deeper understanding?

Well ho hum - this story left me with a  rating conundrum! 

I liked the identities of the two characters in this book. Pete, really a bit of an old grump, especially outwardly, isn't exactly loving his gig as Santa Claus. I guess I'm kind of with him on that one, walking round the streets of New York ringing a bell probably wouldn't float my boat either (there is a special kind of kindly extrovert that is the only type to take to this role IMO!!). Just because he's grumpy doesn't mean he doesn't have a kind heart though.

Lucas, a homeless deaf/mute may not be in the best situation, but he does value his independence. Life has given him one kick in the balls after another but he doesn't want to let it define him. The two may not have much in common, but opposites attract right?

At first Pete is able to give Lucas the love and protection of a relationship he'd not had before - after a  time though, the protectiveness became over-protectiveness and smothering and things took a  nosedive between the two MCs. Unfortunately this is where I started to lose interest in the story. 

Whilst i enjoyed the entire premise of the story, it turned a bit drawn out and dramatic for my tastes. I think the essence of the story, Lucas's fight to remain independent while he and Pete fell in love and adjusted to life together, was solid enough without the added hurt and drama. That is just me though, I'm sure others love the twists and turns.

A story starting at Christmas with love at its heart. It didn't 100% work for me but it might for you.

A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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