Review: Leaning Into Love (Leaning Into #1) by Lane Hayes

Eric Schuster is a successful guy. He’s part owner of a highly successful tech firm, he has a supportive family and a great group of close friends. But something is missing. Or maybe he’s reacting to his business partner and ex’s wedding news. He knows his former lover is making a big mistake but he also knows it’s time to move on. And hopefully avoid falling for another friend.

Zane Richards is an avid sailor and surfer with a laid-back approach to life. He firmly believes there’s a time and place for everything if you’re willing to take a chance. Like letting his best friend know he’s interested in being much more than friends. Eric has always been half in love with Zane but going from friends to lovers isn’t an easy sell for someone protecting his heart. Eric will have to decide if he’s willing to risk it all by leaning into love.


There was something incredible about seeing someone you've known for years in a different light.

Hey there friends to lovers trope! Good to see ya!

This was a nice introduction to a new to me author.

Eric and Zane have known each other since high school but didn't become friends until they both ended up at Stanford. They don't have that much in common with Eric being an uptight tech billionaire to Zane's laid back independent sailing business owner, but they are both self made men, so I wouldn't characterize them as opposites attracting. 

I liked both of them equally and the evolution of their relationship felt organic with some awkward transitional moments and fumbling how to tell their circle of friends once they realize their relationship has crossed the line in the sand from friends to boyfriends.

I usually have a hard time investing in characters when reading anything other than a novel and that was again the case here. There's usually not adequate time to really flesh out the characters and as a character-centric reader I have a hard time connecting without that. I got an impression of both but I never sunk down into the read. However, it is a sweet, low angst story with some heartfelt moments between them, a couple of tingleworthy sex scenes and serves as a nice intro to a series.

Nick's marital nonsense caused problems for Eric and Zane not to mention his fiancée and I'll say Nick was not my favorite person. He doesn't deserve a friend as good as Eric. Douchey dude is douchey.

The sailing stuff and the fact that they both make efforts to really be in each others lives were the highlights of the story and the epilogue/bonus chapter. Those were both gooey. There was maybe a little too much interior decorating and label dropping but I didn't think it was excessive.

I'd recommend Leaning Into Love to fans of this trope who'd like a sweet little nugget of a read. It makes for a nice palatte cleanser.

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