Review: Omega Studies by Casey Cameron

Matt Guerrero is ready for the freedom that college brings: freedom from his family, and the pressures of being an omega in an alpha's world. So when the school assigns him an alpha "mentor," he can think of nothing he wants less than a mandatory matter how hot the guy is.

Derek Fisher just wants to play it safe after a serious mistake almost cost him everything last year, but it's hard to keep his head down when his assigned omega keeps making trouble. He's never been into guys before, but Matt is attractive, smart, and funny, and spending time with him is seriously distracting. Derek wants more, but giving in to his desires could put everything at risk all over again.

When Matt uncovers a plot that could tear the school apart, he's all in--on fighting it, and on his relationship with Derek. Derek won't let him do it alone, but they'll have to fight the school administration and a ghost from Derek's past before they can be together the way Derek truly wants: as alpha and omega.

This is a 57,000 word stand-alone steamy gay romance with lots of heat, non-shifter alpha/omega dynamics, and a happily ever after ending with no cliffhangers.

This is the second book I’ve read from Casey Cameron and I still really love the world she’s built. So we have human Alphas, Betas and Omegas and all in a modern setting. In this particular story we have Matt who is an Omega and is a passionate advocate for Omega rights. He’s in his first year of college at a newly integrated A/B/O college and is annoyed as hell to realise every Omega has been assigned an Alpha to virtually babysit them. Derrek is Matt’s assigned Alpha and while he’s never identified as bisexual he’s immediately drawn to Matt’s intoxicating scent.

I found Matt quite a hard character to like at first. He’s obviously passionate about his cause but it's caused him to be very cynical of anything good to do with his biology or alphas in general. Matt takes a really long time to warm up to Derrek, probably because he’s constantly blaming Derrek for things he didn’t do and all based on his generalisation of Alphas being meatheads.

Despite that, I did really like these two together. Once they're together Matt’s tune changes and he really does like and respect Derrek. They work well as a couple and despite some dramatic reactions from Matt they actually do talk about their issues and keep moving forward together.

Now for those of you who are dying to know, never fear KNOTTING is here!!! Alot. Like a lot of knotting is done and its pretty damn yummy!!

There wasn’t alot I didn’t like about this story actually, Matt was probably the most annoying aspect, but everything flowed nicely and I really enjoyed Matt and Derrek once they were together. I think I’ll be coming back to Cameron when I want a A/O story with a twist.

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