Review: Alpha's Redemption (The Alpha/Omega Verse #3) by D.C. Juris

Tondreau has spent the last four years helping raise Cadajen's terminally ill daughter, Linea. Though not mates, they've carved out a happy life with each other. It all comes crashing down when Linea's health takes a turn for the worst. Together, they must face the hardest decision of their lives. Will it tear them apart? And can Tondreau put aside his fears and be the Alpha Cadajen needs him to be?

Holy shit that book hurt like a mother fucker! It was also ridiculously sweet and heartwarming, but my God I looked ridiculous while reading it!

First off this can’t really be read as a stand alone. You might be able to make your way through it, but it will be a bit confusing. This couple are completely different characters than from previous books, but the alien species aren’t described as full in this book and you will be a little lost with some of the terms.

This book deals with one very heavy issue and I will be giving away spoilers in this review, so if you don’t want to know what happens step away!

So let's start with Cadajen, who is an Alien (they’re humanoid but very very alien, as in blue glowing skin and hairless) and an omega. He has a terminally ill 4 year old daughter, Linea, who is at the last stages of her life. Tondreau, (another very Alien humanoid of a different species, he has scales) is an Alpha and friend of Cadajen, he’s been with Cadajen since the birth of his daughter and has helped raise and care for her.

For reasons I won't reveal in this review Tondreau feels he is unable to mate with Cadajen, so they’ve been tiptoeing around the fact they act as mates and are madly in love, but are not in fact mated. Their HEA is perfection and well deserved!

Ok onto the heavy stuff, Cadajen and Tondreau have to go through the process of euthanizing Linea when her condition worsens…. yes, now you see why I was an ugly mess!!! This is beautifully written, which was terrible in this instance because it made every feeling and every ounce of pain seem more real.

They both looked down at Linea when the healer had finished. “We love you, baby girl,” Cadajen murmured. “We love you so much. It’s not because we don’t want you anymore. We just don’t want you to hurt.”
Tondreau squeezed his leg. “She knows.”

Ahhh just reading those quotes has me teared up again.

Everyone knows I’m not a fan of ‘the sad’ or ‘the angst’ in my books, but this gets such a high rating because it is more than that. Cadajen and Tondreau do get their own beautiful HEA and there is just so much love in this book, even the sad moments were only sad because of the love.

Definitely recommend, but only with tissues and if you can handle the heavy content.

A copy provided for an honest review.

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  1. Sounds like a tough story to read, but well worth it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.