Review: Orion’s Way by D.C. Juris

Orion is a vampire with a tragic past. After running away from abusive parents at the tender age of sixteen, he was turned by a ruthless elder vampire and forced to torture and sexually abuse human feeders and submissive vampires. Though that's all behind him now, he still lives in the shadow of what he was, and it's cost him the loyalty of Xavier, the human feeder he loves. Malagan is Orion's closest friend--the vampire who saved him from brutality all those years ago. Malagan knows the dominant side of Orion--the side Xavier needs--is still there, lurking below the surface. But if Orion's going to find his way back to who he ought to be, he'll need help. And Malagan is just the man for the job.

Previously published by Breathless Press.

More a tease than anything, this short story takes place in a nest of vampires and their human feeders. The world building was just enough to grasp the idea, in a way that allowed the story to flow. Not overly complex, or layered, it was general, and gave the impression of an insular group, with hierarchy and order.

Orion’s backstory is not really explained in a way that would be identifiable if not for the blurb. The reader knows there is damage, and a brief reason why, but it is not the whole picture and I felt that it was a little lacking.

Told from Malagan’s point of view, this is an outsider view of what is going on between Orion and Xavier, and why they are not together. With Malagan’s help directed towards Orion, I’m not sure I buy the storyline without some further convincing.

The BDSM scene and how it was brought up was somewhat believable, and there was heat, but I didn’t feel like I really got enough from either Malagan or Orion, nor how it would help Orion by the end. I was actually more interested in their journey, and relationship development, than Orion working out how to get his lover back.

As stated above, this is a tease, and a glimpse into the author’s style. I would have preferred more, which is a good thing. It kept me engaged enough to read through without stopping, and by the end, I felt like I had read a prologue of Orion’s story.

Recommended for those who enjoy short BDSM stories, with switches.

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