Review: Bones Bundle (Bones #1- 3) by Kim Fielding

Skinny, quiet hipster Dylan Warner just wants to live a normal life—despite being a werewolf—but when he buys an isolated farmhouse, it comes with more adventure than he anticipated! In Good Bones, Dylan’s sexy neighbor Chris Nock helps Dylan renovate the house, but how can Dylan reveal his furry secret? In Buried Bones, a brand-new relationship is hard enough to handle, but the appearance of a ghost and Chris’s dad threaten to bring Dylan and Chris’s relationship toppling. In The Gig, a chance encounter introduces Dylan and Chris to Drew Clifton and Travis Miller of Speechless. In Bone Dry, artist Ery Phillips is house-sitting for Dylan and Chris when a strange—and beautiful—man appears by the pond and inspires his muse.

Good Bones (Bones #1) 

This story starts out with Dylan making some decisions about his life, and how he wants to continue living, while having to lock himself away once a month during the full moon. Bitten by another wolf a year prior, he still hasn’t explored his new world, instead preferring to try and forget about his monthly shifting, until it needs to be addressed.

Deciding he needs more space to roam during his shift, and to keep people safe, Dylan finds himself instantly drawn to a house in the middle of nowhere that has one neighbour, who seems to be as reclusive as he needs to be. It’s a risk he’s willing to take at this stage, and it doesn’t hurt to have some eye-candy to oogle every now and then.

I really enjoyed these two and their relationship development. Chris is a wounded soul, and has plenty of walls and defense mechanisms, while Dylan insists at keeping their relationship strictly professional while Chris helps him renovate his house.

They are both weary, and layered. Their relationship building was slow and believable. I enjoyed everything about both men and how well they fit together, even as they snarked at each other.

The drama that occurred was not over the top. It fit into the story really well, and I appreciated how it opened up some previously ignored truths for Dylan. The worldbuilding was a gentle reveal, and I enjoyed the pacing of it more than I thought I would. There was no info dumping, it worked well with the flow of Chris and Dylan’s budding relationship, and the secrets both men held close.

I recommend this to all who enjoy shifter romance with a fair amount of heat, and a surprising relationship dynamic.

Buried Bones (Bones #2)

**This review may contain spoilers for Good Bones**

Ghosts are not really my thing. I don’t believe in them, and spectral trouble doesn’t really do much for me as a plot device, but if done right, I can appreciate the creativity of it.

Dylan’s house is haunted, and this has only now been noted. Dylan thinks it is someone he knows that is trying to do harm from beyond the grave, but it may not be as simple as that.

I liked the deeper glimpse into Chris’ past. I have a soft spot for him, and as much as I like Dylan, I am more invested in Chris.

This story works to strengthen the relationship between the two men, but also bring some new characters into the story, as well as expanding on the world building, and adding some background as well.

I appreciated the flow of this story as much as the first one. It is an easy pace to follow, and although the world is not overly complex, the relationships are layered in a way I enjoy.

This shouldn’t be read as a standalone, as it is better to get the start of this couple’s relationship before delving into the depths in this story. If you enjoyed the first one, this is a good continuation, and adds a few new characters to the mix.

The Gig

While the characters were intriguing, I didn’t really enjoy the placement of this short story. It didn’t give me much in the way of why they were added to this anthology, and I would have preferred more than was provided.

Taking place in the local coffee house where Dylan and Chris frequent, we meet Travis and his partner, Drew, who suffers from Aphasia after an accident. Running out of money, Travis is concerned about the future, but he is also supporting the one form of communication left open to Drew; the guitar. A very short piece or writing; a brief interlude where the series Speechless, and Bones collide, this didn’t really fit for me, but it did give me another couple that I am curious about.

Bone Dry (Bones #3)

Ery’s muse is in hiding, and with the offer to house sit for Dylan and Chris, while they are on their honeymoon, Ery hopes to get back to the art he loves.

Meeting Karl at the edge of a pond on Dylan’s property, strange things start to happen, and Ery starts to paint this mysterious man who seemed to appear out of nowhere.

Ery is a college friend and former lover of Dylan’s, and is introduced in Buried Bones. I like him. I like the quirky artist in him. The way he curses his muse for abandoning him. He deserves to become someone great.

Karl is something special, but even so, the story premise was odd to me. Not as developed as Dylan and Chris’ relationship building, nor was the background explored as thoroughly as the previous couple, this story was lacking what I loved about the first two stories. There wasn’t enough depth.

It was definitely interesting, and it held my attention well enough, but it lacked that something extra that made me fall in love with Dylan and Chris as a couple. If this is the end of the series, I am disappointed. I think it needed something more than was delivered.

As an anthology, I enjoyed it. I gobbled up the first two stories eagerly. I can’t say the same for the second two, but it was worth my time to read through them all.

For lovers of paranormal stories with both familiar shifters, and unfamiliar beings, this was an enjoyable read overall and I recommend it for those who enjoy solid stories, with easy plots.

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