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I don’t read many porn star books, but I tend to enjoy the ones that I do. I really liked the setup of the Blue Boy series - a group of lonely porn stars finding love and happiness. The MCs are an odd family, seeing as they’ve all slept with one another at some point, but they all care for and look out for each other.

In case it’s not your thing, the MCs in this book have on-page sex, sometimes as part of porn scenes and sometimes not, with men other than the love interest. It comes with the territory, so there’s your heads-up.

I’ve read most of Garrett Leigh’s work, and her writing is always consistent. Leigh knows how to tell a story, and how to tell it well. The stories in this boxed set aren’t any different. They’re well-written, and it’s easy to clearly picture whatever’s happening on page.

My favourite of the three novellas is ‘Bold’. Overall, I enjoyed this boxed set. This series is a good mix of angst, sex, and romance. I’m hoping the author continues the Blue Boy series, because there’s clearly more to tell!

Bullet (Blue Boy #1) - 2 Hearts

Levi Ramone is one of Blue Boy Studio’s most popular tops. He’s known for being rough and dominating. But after years in the porn industry, Levi feels little in his scenes. It’s all mechanical for him. When he’s offered a large sum of money to finally pop his cherry on camera, Levi finds it difficult to refuse because he needs the money.

Levi’s not looking forward to bottoming, and he’s even more ticked off when it turns out that it’ll be a threesome with Sonny Valentine, a go-go dancer that he can’t stand. Sonny isn’t happy about it either, because the dislike is mutual, but he’s willing to put aside their differences to help Levi prepare for the scene.

I’m a sucker for an enemies-to-lovers romance. Or, in this case, an annoying-acquaintances-to-lovers romance. Levi and Sonny’s dislike of each other isn’t entirely rational, but I didn’t hold that against them. Sometimes you just don’t like someone, even if you can’t fully explain why.

It also seemed to be a case of classic schoolyard denial - you know, like when you were a kid and vehemently said you didn’t like someone, even though you had the biggest crush on them? That’s what Levi and Sonny were doing here.

As much as I liked the set-up, the actual romance was lacklustre. The progression from adversaries to lovers isn’t very clear. It seemed like the only reason the two fell for each other was because they suddenly found the other less annoying than usual. There was a lack of emotional connection. Granted, this is a short story, but I needed more relationship development.

The relationship development was pushed into the background because of the family drama. That drama took up way too much page time. I thought that it all - Levi’s mother’s alcoholism, the financial burden, revelations about his father, and the dramatic conclusion - was too much for such a short book.

The sex was okay, if not anything special. Sonny tutors Levi in bottoming and anal play. The two start off awkward and adversarial, but the sexual tension is clearly there, and the two can’t deny it. I liked how different Levi was with Sonny, going from the uber-alpha top to a hesitant and eventually eager novice.

Overall, ‘Bullet’ was an okay short story. There’s the beginning of a romance here, but I thought that Levi and Sonny were drowned out by Levi’s family drama.

Bones (Blue Boy #2) - 3 Hearts

A veteran top at Blue Boy Studios, Cam likes working in the porn industry. However, lately he hasn’t been enjoying his scenes. Ever since he began playing toxic sex games with his possessive boss, Cam’s hasn’t been scheduled for any hardcore scenes. But more than that, he just feels like something’s missing from his life.

When Cam runs into Sasha, it doesn’t take long for him to develop a crush. The two soon become friends, bonding over their love for BMX bikes and skateboards. Cam thinks he and Sasha could build something real, and it looks like Sasha agrees, but then Sasha suddenly backs off. As if things weren’t crappy enough, Cam then gets some news that turns his world upside down.

I was a bit nervous going into ‘Bones’, because unlike the other two books in this boxed set, the love interest in book #2 isn’t in the porn industry. I’m always uncomfortable when I read MM in which one of the MCs is a porn star and hides it from his significant other. Thankfully I didn’t need to worry, because Sasha has watched Cam’s work in the past, and he’s fine with Cam’s field of work.

So yes, Cam does have sex on-page with other men, and not always because he’s filming a scene, though it’s before he and Sasha are serious. ‘Bones’ was actually quite a lot steamier than book 1. I thought the sex was pretty hot, whoever Cam happened to be with.

I would say that this novella is more about Cam’s emotional journey than it is about the romance, and that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s easy to connect with Cam and understand his predicament. He’s in an unhealthy quasi-relationship, has a job he’s not sure he wants anymore, and doesn’t know who to talk to about it because his fews friends work for the same porn company.

He’s stuck in a rut, and doesn’t know how to get out. I liked seeing the way Cam changed over the course of the book, as he made the necessary changes in his life so that he could be happy.

That’s not to say that the romance is lacking. Cam and Sasha have an immediate connection, so I was rooting for them from the beginning. It takes an unfortunate event for the two to finally come together in the second half of the book, but it’s clear that what they feel for one another is real.

By the end of the book, there’s no doubt that Cam and Sasha belong together.

Though it’s quite a short novella and the romance comes second, ‘Bones’ delivers an enjoyable story of healing and finding happiness.

Bold (Blue Boy #3) - 3.5 Hearts

Kai is Blue Boy Studio’s resident sweet bottom. His small size and easy smiles make him a fan favourite. But lately, getting pounded by power tops just isn’t doing it for him. Kai wants something different, and after thinking it through he has an idea - he wants to try topping on camera.The studio’s owners think it’s worth a shot, and pick out newcomer Matthew to film with Kai.

Kai and Matthew know they have chemistry, so they’re more than willing to see where it goes. As the two spend more time together, and Matthew begins tutoring Kai for his GED, Kai can’t stop himself from falling for Matthew. But Kai’s been alone for a long time, and he can’t imagine why Matthew, with his bright and successful future ahead, would want Kai.

The set-up in this novella had me grinning from the start. Two nerdy twinks getting dirty and then falling head-over-heels for each other? Yes, please!

I fell for Kai pretty quickly. He’s like a lost puppy, in a way. Having been abandoned by family and friends in the past, he looks for affection where he can find it. It was tough to read him being so hard on himself.

Of the the three romances in this boxed set, Kai and Matthew’s relationship is the one I found most believable and fleshed-out. Though they first begin spending time together because of the porn scene, it doesn’t take them long to become friends. Matthew and Kai are quite different in personality and background, but they compliment each other.

I loved seeing the two fall for each other during their study dates.

While the inevitable conflict comes, it doesn’t take Kai and Matthew too long to patch things up. They learn to communicate, and by the end of the book are in a strong place.

This was quite a sexy read. Kai and Matthew don’t sleep with other men once they commit to a scene together, so they spend a lot of time finding out what works for them. Having always been the bottom, Kai’s eager to experiment being the dominant one in the bedroom. Kai and Matthew have an undeniable spark, but their exploration was also light-hearted and funny at times.

I also enjoyed the inclusion of the studio’s new owners, Mac and Jude. I really liked how they worked to create a healthier environment at Blue Boy, and how that made life better for the men who worked there. I wouldn’t mind reading how Mac and Jude met and fell in love.

This last novella is sweet and sexy. Kai and Matthew’s story was very good addition to the series.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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