Review: Growing Up by Tricia Sol

Growing up wasn't really something twenty-one-year-old Kelly Alston thought about much. Being adult and independent was never his dream. With the pressures of coming out to his 
conservative parents and a mean ex, he'd rather not grow up at all.

He hadn't factored in his sexy, former physics teacher from high school, though; a man who'd starred in his dreams all throughout high school and years after he left his hometown for college. Now that Kelly is back home, suddenly being an adult looks like it might just have some perks.

I took a chance on this one. I'm usually leery of new authors, but the blurb looked cute, I like coming of age stories, and who doesn't like to indulge in a little student/teacher fantasy?

The execution of that fantasy is where things started cavitating. There were several little things that had the suspension of disbelief puppeteer Drake dancing my facial region.

Kelly is a senior in high school lusting after his physics teacher along with the majority of the student body and most of the staff. Then we time jump 3 yrs to them running into each other at a restaurant and sparks flying. And again at a bar when Kelly is about six and half sheets to the wind.

He makes a pass and Lucas says no because sloppy drunk not to mention taking advantage, but he does offer his guest room. This evidently equates to outright rejection in Kelly's mind and he then proceeds to freeze Lucas out for the next eight months. I find this plot device flimsy in its contrived attempt to create drama, but it's popular so I pressed on.

Kelly's ex inexplicably shows up out of the blue after more a year or so in an effort to force a reconciliation and wends up acquiring an assault charge in the process.

Who does Kelly call in his hour of need?

This is an instance where the hurt/comfort missed for me. The comfort part of the equation was lacking and all the time they're living together there's no real relationship development. Or comfort for that matter.

What disappointed me most was they're not really together. They spend most of their time miscommunicating or giving each other the silent treatment. Then they're talking about forever and Lucas even threw in an "owning"? Huh? Wut? Erm...

Sol did a pretty good job with the continuity of Kelly's character. He's insecure, introverted, meek and full of angst, but can muster up some sass in random circumstances. He's firmly planted in the closet with his family and all the family dynamics were odd and probably could've been edited out altogether. Kelly comes across as coy/coquettish, he cries at the drop of a hat, but everyone wants to boink or is obsessed with him. He has no idea why because he's so plain and boring. Which had me thinking...

The one sex scene was pretty hot. Also, kinda weeeeihhhhd. If all of your trips to Pound Town to date were painful would you be desperate, eager even about taking a monster cock? *side eyes*

I liked all the kissing, noiseyness and begging.

The idea for the story is a good one and I suspect a little more experience in the genre will smooth out some of the rough edges.

Recommend as a gateway to MM read for those new to the genre.

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