Review: His Favorite Color is Blood (Sex & Mayhem #8) by K.A. Merikan

--- When life gives you blood, make mayhem. ---

Grim. Assassin. Leather-clad sex god. Has the most unusual taste in men.
Misha. Mutilated. Afraid. Will never trust again.

Grim is a bloodthirsty killer, and he owns it. Gay in a world of outlaw bikers, he firmly stands his ground if anyone dares to cross him. He takes pleasure in showing homophobes their place and fucking his way through a life of carnage.

But there is a part of him always aching for something he cannot get. When by chance he saves the most perfect guy he’s ever met, he is not about to let him go. Even if it means he needs to smother his broken bird.

When a masked, bloodstained man rescues Misha from captivity, he doesn’t know if he should thank the menacing stranger or stab him and run. Grim is not the kind of man who takes no for an answer, and Misha might now be in more danger than when he was trapped as a sex slave.

Misha cannot deny though that Grim is as alluring as he is frightening, and once Misha realizes what power his body holds over Grim, he understands that taming the beast of a man could be within his reach.

But any possibility of a future together is like a house of cards when Zero, the sadistic crime lord who destroyed Misha’s life, sets out to get him back.

Will the ruthless biker assassin at Misha’s side be enough to conquer the monsters from his past?

There are a few things I can be sure of when I pick up a K.A. Merikan book.

1. It's gonna be kinky.

2. Things might get a bit weird.
3. My morals get chucked out the door. 
4. There will be some spectacular sex happening.
5. I'm gonna freakin' love it.

Grim is a nomad for the Coffin Nails MC. He doesn't belong to any specific chapter and does jobs for whoever needs him. And by jobs, he kills people. 

While on a job getting rid of one particular piece of scum, he finds something said scum has been keeping captive. Misha. Grim takes Misha and decides that it's his job to keep Misha safe. Oh, Misha. He was captured by some horrible people and they did despicable things to him. He'd been living in fear of these people for years, until Grim took him from that gruesome place. 

Misha is everything Grim could have ever dreamed. He fits every dark fantasy and kink Grim has. Grim wants to keep Misha. Grim wants to help him, he wants to fix him, and he wants to keep him safe. The only problem is, after everything Misha has been through, he doesn't trust Grim's intentions. He doesn't trust that Grim actually wants him or just to fulfill his fantasies. And at first, I think Misha was right in his fears. He didn't let Grim push him around. After realizing that he was (mostly) safe with Grim, Misha made his wants known. He wasn't going to be someone's plaything ever again. Even if that someone was hiding a monster in his pants that Misha desperately wanted to play with.

Grim is borderline psychopath, but he channels his dangerous and brutal tendencies into his MC. He only hurts people he feels truly deserves it. When he does his job, he does so with brutality and without emotion. But at the same time, he's really sweet. He is a genuinely sweet guy towards Misha. He gives Misha everything he needs, including space. Mostly. A guy can only hold back so much, ya know? Especially when all his wet dreams have come to life right in front of him. I loved the complexity of his character. He's totally crazy. But he knows it and he tries to make the best of the violence inside of him. I loved that this badass biker was a little odd and unexpected. He's a multifaceted guy.

Let's get back to the monster in Grim's pants. He's got a huge dick and he knows what to do with it. Or rather, what not to do with it. They were kinky and hot together, but still realistic. Grim has kinks that I have never read before and that I honestly didn't even realize existed. Not only did I get to read about all their sexiness, but I expanded my kink knowledge a bit. *buffs nails*

Bottom line: I have a serious love for these biker dudes. Grim & Misha are among my favorite couples in this series. I will continue to inhale stories from the Coffin Nails MC for as long as K.A. Merikan blesses us with their words. 

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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    1. SPOILER!

      Misha has both legs amputated and Grim loves his stumps so much he can barely contain himself.

    2. That gives me some feels. That was what I liked best ab/Clockwork Heart.