Review: Boys Who Go Bump in the Night (Mad About the Brit Boys #2) by JL Merrow and Josephine Myles

When boy meets (supernatural) boy.

Buckle up as two queens of British gay romance take you on a whistlestop tour of all things paranormal. Vampires, genies, ghosts, magicians and shifters all get their chance for a bit of boy on boy action, in five erotic stories that span the range from the humorous to the sublime.

Will you seek to make your fortune with magic and ritual, or pin your hopes on a genie’s power to grant wishes? Discover a shifty young man on a Scottish shoreline, meet a hapless garlic farmer who’s been turned into one of the undead--and if you dare to venture into the cellar, gird your loins for a horny ghost!

These stories have all been previously published, but are now available exclusively in this anthology.

From the pens of British authors JL Merrow and Josephine Myles,this collection of five short stories, each with a paranormal twist, was an enjoyable way to pass the time. As with all anthologies I preferred some stories to others - but they all bring something to the collection. I have to admit that I love these two authors - but for both of them, I am more of a fan of their longer stories. Short stories bring something different to the table which many prefer. I am though, in general, a longer story gal and so, through no fault of the authors, this did affect my rating.

Leeches and Layabouts by JL Merrow is a humorous take on vampire mythology. It made me chuckle and was perfect to read with a cuppa and some biscuits. Short but different, it worked!

Something Queer by Josephine Myles I really liked - but I wanted it to be a long story. I wanted all these elements in a novel. I don't think thios is a reflection on he writing though, I think it's a reflection on my greedy reader preferences.

Sacrifice by JL Merrow suffered the same fate in my reading hands. I truly enjoyed the elements of this story, but it made me greedy. It made me want this as a full length novel, with all the depth that comes with that. I loved the characters and the story arc, but I wanted more. I don't think it's the author's fault that I am greedy...

Et in Orcadia by JL Merrow had a very melancholy tone to it. It was sad and somewhat haunting, in a way that only takes of the sea can be.

One Last Wish by Josephine Myles was pretty laugh out loud funny from the start. A good way to round up the anthology, it was humorous and romantic.

For fans of anthologies, short stories and tales woith a paranormal twist, I recommend this collection.

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A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.

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