Review: Blue Moon Rising (Coyote's Call #3) by Bailey Bradford

Love can conquer all, if he’ll only believe… 

Roman Jonas has spent years recovering from a violent assault when he was just a teenager. He’s worked hard, and finally found his place in the world. Now, if he can only get his coyote to agree. As a medicine man for his pack, he isn’t able to shift. It’s frustrating to say the least, but not as frustrating—or confusing—as the feelings he has for former Ranger Abraham Evans.

Abraham lost the ability to do his job effectively when he was shot. His right arm and hand are close to useless, and he’s had a hell of a time not dying over the past month. Sometimes it seems like it’d be so much easier to just give up, but a certain hazel-eyed man has captured his heart, and it won’t stop beating.

When Abraham is discharged from the hospital, he moves to Del Rey to be closer to Roman, and because he has no one else in his life who truly cares about him.

Slowly, he and Roman begin a tentative friendship that turns into something more enduring than they’ve ever dreamed of, but enemies from the past threaten everything and everyone Roman and Abraham love.

Reader Advisory: This book contains reference to past sexual assault.

I’ve been following this series since book 1, Off Course and I think the series is just getting better with each book. I’m not a huge fan of shifters in general, but Bailey Bradford writes just the flavor I like. The characters don’t follow a formula like so many others do, so they stay interesting even if the basics are the same. They still have forever mates and moon ceremonies and all that, but each set of characters that get together are unique. One may end up being more toppy than the other, but it’s probably not who you’d expect. One character isn’t the ultra-alpha and the other an uber-twink. It’s the unexpected that makes these books fun to read.

I was anxious to read Roman’s story after all the shite he’d been through as a young man and I was swoony for Abraham since he was introduced because who doesn’t like the strong silent type wrapped up in a Texas Ranger package? Roman’s story was handled well. The author didn’t try to get too deep into the psychology of it all which was good. The story was more about the relationship between Roman and Abraham. Roman’s background wasn’t ignored, it was acknowledged in a meaningful way which gave him back the power over his own life without going into a lot of detail about his therapy that would have been too much for this book. There was a certain amount of magical meanderings to his healing, he is the pack shaman after all, but there were no miraculous cures with the magic. The magical parts were more about spirituality and journeys and what not which fit with Roman’s role in the pack.

The connection between Roman and Abraham was really strong, I think more so than any of the others so far and those guys are all really tight. Something about these two really clicked. I think because the build-up was so well done. Abraham is a strong man inside and out who’s body has been wrecked by his injuries. He knows he’d do it all again if it meant keeping Roman safe, but he’s resigned himself to just admiring from a distance. He can’t comprehend why a man like Roman would be interested in an older man who’s lost his ability to do the job he loved and who’s all stoic and stuff. So, when the two of them started to interact and Abraham got the notion that he may be exactly what turns Roman’s crank it got all kinds of sweet and flirty.

My favorite thing about the whole book was when the two got down to being mates and the the sexy times started. And not just for the sexy times believe it or not, although I will get to that. What I liked was the playful banter between them and the honesty that came from it. There was a sense that Roman and Abraham were really comfortable with one another and that they trusted each other unconditionally. When that happens the dirty talk is just soooo much better. And these two know how to do the dirty talk. Especially Roman, damn dude, you’re good. Very. Very. Good. Abraham thought so too because he was left speechless on more than one occasion, but he came through in the end like a champ and I loved them both for it.

There’s still traction with the mystery in their town as well as their own shifter history they are piecing together. It’s good because all of that keeps the ball rolling for the series, but doesn’t overshadow the character’s dynamics. I still don’t really get the “Fervent 5” and their point. I’m sure that will come forward in the next couple of books. Maybe. Possibly. I just picture the Furious 5 from Kung Fu Panda every time I read it.

And I shall leave you with this little tease. A small sampling of the dirty talk I love so . . .

“This way.” Abraham had him bent over the side of the bed in seconds. “Yeah, open that pretty ass up for me.”
Roman reached back and parted his cheeks.
“Sweet man. Sweet, sweet man.” Then Abraham licked him, right over his hole.
Roman’s world changed for the better then. 

It did for all of us Roman, and we thank you.

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**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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