Review and Teaser: Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary by Jordan Castillo Price. Audio Version: Narrated by Gomez Pugh

Michael is a waif in eyeliner who's determined to wipe vampires off the face of the earth. Wild Bill's got the hots for Michael and will stop at nothing to go home with him. Forget about moonlit castles and windswept moors. These bad boys haunt all-night diners and cheap motels, cut-rate department stores and long, lonely stretches of the interstate. Ride along with Wild Bill and Michael as the twists and turns of Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary unfold in America's heartland.

Channeling Morpheus Teaser:
I slid my tongue over his and caught it on his fang, and the taste of my blood mixed with the taste of Bill’s mouth. He made a small sound that could have been pleasure or pain.

He flicked his half-smoked cigarette out the window with stunning accuracy. His fingertips brushed my face, gentle touches I could hardly feel. I slipped my arms around him and pulled him closer. I was tough. He didn’t have to worry about breaking me.

He pressed his body against mine, and he kissed me. He threaded his fingers through my wet hair and explored my coppery mouth. My tongue bled.

We both gasped for air when he finally broke the kiss.

“Just a little taste,” he said. “That’s what I keep telling myself. I can stop any time.” He pressed his forehead into mine and breathed carefully. “Any time.”

“Drink,” I said. “I can spare it. She didn’t take much.”

He smiled, I think. He was hard to read in the near-dark, and so close. “I’m not talking about blood.”

Everyone has a go-to, auto-buy author, and Jordan Castillo Price is one of mine. And her audio-books are one of my favourites because I REALLY love Gomez Pugh's narration. Even with that in mind I was a tad unsure about this one, it's not that I don't like vampires, I do, even the sparkly ones but they felt so done. I didn't want to listen to something that I've heard before or read before. I should have learnt my lesson with Magic Mansion, I think I've got to accept that if Jordan Castillo Price writes it, I'm going to love it.

This book (or these books, as this audio is actually a collection of the first five stories in the Channeling Morpheus series) are sexy. They are gritty, interesting, funny at times, and (I have to mention it again) sexy as hell.

I'm not sure if I liked Michael or Wild Bill best. I think probably Michael, he is very determined, I loved his spirit, his fight. He had an edge to him but also a naivety. He wasn't the seasoned vamp hunter who knew it all. He wasn't so fixed minded that he couldn't alter his thoughts and opinions but he also wasn't completely wet behind the ears. He could think on his feet, he didn't let himself get thrown by changes to situations he couldn't alter.

Wild Bill is almost his opposite. He seemed to be surviving, rather than living, to me. Something about Michael changed him though, brought out his protective side. It was kinda like trying to protect a hedgehog. I liked it though, I liked the dynamics between these two.

The story(ies) twists and turns. It manages to keep the physical storyline and the emotional one equal in importance. Both played an important part in what made this story great. Some of the scenes were strangely erotic - even when they weren't supposed to be. Well they probably were supposed to be, but not for the characters, just us readers. I mean, I should find Michael chained to the bath tub and - well read it, you'll see - it should be scary and I should be wanting him to escape (and I did), but it was also pretty damn erotic. Well, I thought so at least.

JCP has a way of writing characters that manage to be deadly romantic - without being at all romantic. I would much rather read these characters than a thousand super sickly sweet heart throbs stories, or a thousand sex-every-two-pages stories. To my mind the grittyness, the realness (yep, I know one's a vamp) of the characters is so much more...everything. Maybe I just even like my fantasy real? I cannot wait to read the rest of this series!! If you've not read this author yet, you really, really need to. She's amazing.

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gritty, urban vampire tales
These novelette-length stories are scary as hell and packed with freaky sex. Michael is a waif in eyeliner who's determined to wipe vampires off the face of the earth. Wild Bill's got his eye on Michael, and he's willing to do anything to go home with him. If the romance between Gomez & Morticia gives you goosebumps of delight, if you look forward to Halloween movie marathons all year long, if you've got a soft spot for fake fog and black lights, then Channeling Morpheus is the series for you!

On March 24, 2015 I’ll be releasing Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary Ebook Box Set, which includes novelettes 1-5 and correlates to the first paperback. A Bitter Taste of Sweet Oblivion Ebook Box Set will release later in 2015.

Book Info:
Title:Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary Ebook Box Set
Author: Jordan Castillo Price
Length: 72,000 words
ISBN: 978-1-935540- 74-8
Publisher: JCP Books
Cover Artist: Jordan Castillo Price
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