Blog Tour & Giveaway: Of Gods and Monsters: Hades by Wulf Francu Godgluck

Wulf Francu Godgluck is here to talk about his newest release, Of Gods and Monsters: Hades! Anyone else as excited about this release as I am? Wait no more, because it's here! Make sure you enter the giveaway for your chance to win an ebook copy.


The meat-eater flexed his massive arms over his chest, making the flesh stand out, tattooed forearms riddled with angry muscles, cutting deep indents and protruding veins. Rex didn’t let his stare travel up nor down the dark hair flowing over the man’s hard stomach, to the patch sticking out over the white towel hanging too low around his beefy middle. And becoming looser as that bulge under the white grew. He snapped his gaze back to the beast’s chest, pinning his attention there. Rex swallowed, “I don’t have any other place to go.”

The goliath-monster-man stared at him. Rex had nothing—okay, he had some money, but how could the man stand and stare at Rex and be this cruel, this heartless?

“My eyes are up here, little boy!” the giant crowed, a deep barbarous sound making his chest rumble like an erupting super-volcano. “There’s going to be rules, till I decide where to put you up.” The colossus bounced forward and Rex couldn’t help stepping back, tripping over his own feet while he was at it.

“Careful.” Big hands caught him, and Rex wasn’t sure whether his heart was attempting to flop out of his chest because he had almost planted his face on the floor, or from the gentleness in the beast’s voice and hands holding him, or… he was so damn close to burnt caramel skin, radiating heat and warming his cheek. And he could smell him, hot and clean, dominated by sweaty musk.

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They come to me in the night, creeping into my head. Their voices are all different, their stories all dissimilar, but they keep saying the same thing…

“Show us, tell us, bring us into your world, and make us known.” 

Then I sit and they take over. They tell their tales of love, loss and sinister misfortune. Not all of them get a happy ending, but they are pleased when their part is written.

I sometimes find myself lost in my own mind; a world very similar to our own yet so different. Things don’t go bump in the night— they squeal and crawl under your skin, making you grind your teeth, and making your stomach turn over and putting your nerves on edge. Then there’s the drama. Oh, the drama!

Wulf FrancĂș Godgluck hails from South Africa. His work is not for the faint-hearted! In his books you'll find... all the beasties with their nasty claws and teeth, and some you didn't even know existed.
But the monsters aren't all real. Some live inside us. Who knows what he will make you discover about yourself, lurking in your heart, behind the closed walls in the deep, black recesses where no light penetrates? Wulf will steal your heart and never give it back. More than likely, he'll pin it to the wall with a bobbypin and sit there sipping his tea while you writhe and squeal on the floor...

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  1. I read the first story from "Gods & Monsters" and I definitely want to read this one! I'm very much looking forward to reading more kinky darkness. Yum.