Review: Planetary Submissives Series by Amber Kell

In order to stop his magic from eating him alive, Chalice seeks out a man strong enough to dominate and control him. 

Chalice might be a prince on his planet but his submissive tendencies prevent him from dealing with the incredible energy coursing through his body. Magic users need a second to balance them out, but there has never been a case where the one with the power didn't hold the dominant position. Chalice's ability as a rare four elemental magic wielder already marks him as different, though. And with the king in denial of his son's needs, he has no choice but to look off—planet to find a powerful partner.

He runs into a diplomat on a mission who leads Chalice to agree to be the pet of an emperor—one whose reputation for tossing aside subs is only balanced out by the fact that Chalice thinks he's the sexiest creature he's ever seen. Chalice takes the plunge, hoping the biggest gamble of his life won't prove to be his biggest mistake.

 I was a little disappointed in what should have been some great sci-fi erotica.

Magic users need someone to help balance out all their power. And since Chalice is really powerful, his magic is almost useless, since he isn't able to control himself without a partner. The magic user usually takes the Dom position in the relationship, but Chalice is a sub. No matter how much his family wants to deny it, he needs someone to take control of him. So he runs away and finds himself a master.

Terrin and Chalice immediately have the hots for each other and put their new "contract" in good use. Chalice isn't the typical, obedient pet that Terrin is used to, but he knew he wanted to keep Chalice.

Their story was very rushed and the plot was thin, to say the least. Everything between them happened really fast, and that would be okay if I had felt their connection, but I didn't really feel much between them. Especially with such a serious relationship these guys are entering, I expected there to be some level of tension or love between them.

I did like Zall, who was Chalice's slave (Chalice - who was a pet - has a slave? I know. I didn't really get it either). But I liked him and he has his own story in this series, so I'm looking forward to that.


Orlin didn't know when he put himself up for sale that he would be responsible for changing a kingdom.

Broke and homeless, Orlin puts himself up for sale as a pet. Approached by his new Master, Orlin decides maybe being owned by a gorgeous king wouldn't be fate worse than death. He doesn't expect to become the one person who changes the views of an entire kingdom...or to be more than a lover for the man who buys him. At first sight of the sexy oiled sub, Aester Fall knows he's not leaving until Orlin belongs to him. He might be hanging on to his kingdom by his fingernails but he knows some things are worth the fight. When he returns home with Orlin, he learns his new pet might not be as pet-like as he first appeared. Neither man expects to change the fate of a world much less two of them."

Orlin is in search of a sugar daddy. His parent's are gone and he's broke. So he puts himself up for sale and ends up purchased by a king.

This one started up much more promising than the first. Orlin is a strong character and I liked the guy. Even though he's now a slave, he still stood up for himself. And Aester allowed this because he was so taken by his new pet.

Again, things moved way too fast and what could have been really good, turned into an unbelievable plot and lackluster romance. I enjoyed this right up to the end, when an already shaky romance took a turn right into I-Love-Yous-ville and full of commitments.

Either adding more length to the story or keeping the romance at a HFN would have helped me enjoy this one a little more. While I do love an HEA, I like it to be something I can really believe in and I did not find that here.


When ex-slave Zall is asked to be Captain Teslan's cabin boy, he learns sometimes you have to bend your rules to offer your heart.

Zall is settling in on the ship Chalice chose for him. Even though he's not a soldier, he's learning from them and developing his own skills. When the ship changes captains, Zall has to decide if he'd rather keep his independence or offer himself to a man who might be everything he's ever wanted…or his biggest mistake.

Danner Teslan has agreed to investigate a possible smuggling ring on a military ship. However when he arrives and meets Zall, he's convinced the ex-slave is his other half. Zall is not interested in becoming another man's property and Danner has to decide whether he's willing to give another person the freedom to destroy his heart.


Again. Not much else to say, at this point. Things moved much too fast, without much of an emotional romance.

Danner is the captain and is in need of a cabin boy who can give him what he needs. From the beginning, we know the guy is a bottom, but he's never been able to find someone to satisfy his big bottoming needs. So, I was excited about this one, initially.

Turned out, he wasn't much of a bottom. He talked the talk and claimed he wanted someone else to take control in the bedroom, but it never came through in the sex scenes.

*shrugs* The series was mediocre, at best.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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