Review: Lover's Trill: A Magical Christmas by Viki Lyn

One year after reuniting with Andre, Leo is ready to take the next step in their relationship. Leo is tired of catching only fleeting moments with his lover. Between their exhausting concert tours, they hardly share more than a few days together.

It’s Christmas, and Leo has a week with Andre without distractions. Excited to be with his lover, he arrives at Andre’s lakeshore home earlier than scheduled only to find camera crews, catering vans, and worse, Andre’s ex-lover in Andre’s bedroom. Leo’s hopes are dashed at spending a quiet, magical time with Andre. He's not even sure if he wants to be in a relationship, let alone put Leo before his career.

Ok, I admit it. I only picked this up because I saw the word CHRISTMAS.

I can't help it. Christmas novellas just call to my soul.

Leo came home early from his concert tour to try and catch some quality time with Andre. They hadn't really spent any time together since they decided to give this whole relationship thing a go and Leo was tired of never seeing his boyfriend.

Too bad for him Andre was getting ready for a big show himself and didn't have much time for Leo. Andre did end up making time for Leo... but only once he was done with the show. 

I did read book 1 and I think it needs to be read before their Christmas story in order to get a good background on Leo and Andre. Their actions left a bad taste in the first book and I'm sorry to say, but it kind of happened again. Curse you Christmas stories and all the promised holiday cheer!

I don't feel like there was any resolution for the problems they faced. Leo was upset that they had to hide and didn't spend much time together. Well... they were still hiding and the whole 'spending more time together' thing was never fully addressed. Are they really making a change? Or just dealing with their dueling schedules? I don't know. 

And then there was some magical element with an elf or something? It wasn't fully fleshed out, so I'm not sure. But if he was supposed to make their relationship all better, I'd say he failed. Just because they were happy in that moment (in the bedroom, no less) without any substance, then I don't think anything was accomplished between them.

Unfortunately, Lover's Trill: A Magical Christmas didn't live up to my Christmassy fluff expectations.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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