Review: Hanukkah on Retainer by Astrid Amara

Ever since their plane went down in the Alaskan wilderness and they survived the crash, starvation, and a bear attack, Dan Lewinski and Connor Katz have been inseparable. Now they’re preparing for their first Hanukkah together. Connor is finally hoping for some normalcy in his life. And things between them are good. Really good.

In fact the only conflict between them is the evidence Connor stole from the cult of the Conscripted Army of God. Dan wants Connor to testify and use the documents to bring down the cult before it shatters any more lives. Connor wants to put the past in the past and not embroil himself in the cult’s business any more than he already has.

But then Connor’s little sister Kyrie shows up on the first night of Hanukkah. She’s finished her de-programming and wants to get closer to Connor, despite the fact that she still has ties to the cult, especially her boyfriend. But when the cult that made Connor’s young life a nightmare lures Kyrie back, he has no choice but to fight with everything he’s got.

I always enjoy Astrid's humor and this one was no different!

Dan and Conner had been together ever since they survived a plane crash together in the first book, Crash Plus Expenses. Dan had been hired as a PI to keep track of Conner, who had escaped and had evidence on a cult he grew up in. Dan fell in love with Conner from afar, but never actually talked to the guy until their plane crashed and they were the only two survivors. 

Now they're together, in love and all cute and stuff. They're celebrating their first Hanukkah together and Conner's first Hanukkah ever. He was born Jewish, but since his parents joined the cult when he was young, they never celebrated. Before the festivities began, Conner's sister surprisingly showed up to spend the holiday with them.

I adored Dan's family. They really stole the show and were a pleasure to read about. I loved reading about the traditions they shared together and how loving they were together. Conner was out of his element with them, since he wasn't used to a loving and accepting family, but they were everything he deserved.

The story mostly focused on the cult Conner used to belong to and him dealing with his sister being there. She was recently removed from the cult and Conner wasn't sure of her intentions. Their relationship was a rocky one at first, but I really liked where they ended up. 

Hanukkah on Retainer was a very solid read, with a great plot and the perfect amount of humor. Oh, and Conner's early gifts for Dan were too cute!

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