Review: The Final Round (The Square Peg #4) by Jane Davitt & Alexa Snow

Reeling from the news of his mother's death, Shane heads back to England to face a hostile father. Benedict's with him every step of the way, providing a shoulder to cry on and an escape from sorrow by way of their increasingly powerful and intense scenes.

Grieving and guilty, seeking a reconciliation with his father, Shane makes a hasty decision that brings him peace of mind, but at a heavy cost to his relationship with the man he loves. Is it time to call it quits or time to grow closer still? In the wake of his loss, Shane finds that question doesn’t have a simple answer -- but questions of the heart never do.

Ben, Shane,

The end.

Kidding. You know how I do! C'mon.

I do love them, though. True story. I was so excited to learn these authors were revisiting the original Peggers I believe people the next county over heard me. There isn't a bit of disappoint in me either. They're one of those couples that makes even the most banal events seem sexy and oftentimes a little naughty.

Brace yourselves, people, because this book is HOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTT! I was reading this at work and at one point I seriously contemplated "faking an illness" so I could go home for some "me time". Another true story. Which reminds me, as a side note/word of caution: I wouldn't read this in public. Because high probability of embarrassing situation arising.

Every thrust threatened to life Shane off the ground, and he literally couldn't move, not with Benedict's arm around him, Benedict's cock inside him, and his jeans around his calves. He wasn't much more than a sex doll, unable to do anything but be manhandled and fucked as Benedict pleased.

Ben and Shane go across the pond to organize Shane's mother's funeral. Trigger warning:  Shane's father is a bigot. He's provincial, narrow-minded and an alcoholic. He was abusive to Shane as a child and a shitty husband. In other words, he hit the jackpot in the Asshat Lottery. But he's the only father Shane's got. I do think he loves Shane in a twisted way and age has mellowed him some, but he's not a likable character. 

Complex layers of character development are what held my interest in this slice of life book that isn't action packed or full of dramatics. Shane's guilt over his estrangement from his parents, his self-worth issues and struggle to figure out his place in the world are the engine that drives this story. Ben is his North Star. Always. Through this tragedy, though, their relationship is tested and strengthened.

It's a walk down memory lane for Shane and brings forth emotional turmoil that Shane doesn't know how to cope with on his own which is where Ben comes in. I wouldn't go so far to say that he reads Shane like a book but he knows his tells, isn't afraid of his bluster and pushes him to open up which sets off new avenues to explore within their relationship. 

I think for me what makes them so interesting to read about is their relationship is this organic entity that keeps growing and evolving; they're not static even after 2 yrs together. They're still exploring the kinky aspects of their relationship and both are willing to try things, some successful, some less so, but all learning experiences that they can alter to fit their dynamic.

"You're mine. You don't get to hide. I own you, Shane. Mine. Every scream, every smile, every bruise. And I won't settle for the parts of you you're willing to share. Got that?"

I have my suspicions about the direction of their relationship but I shall keep them to myself. 

Most of the book is spent in England with some bizarre food worthy of Andrew Zimmern that's got me thinking Brits have a weird obsession with chicken. I did thoroughly turn green with envy enjoy how Shane was Ben's own personal tour guide. Everyone should have that person who says don't eat there or if you do that you're totally getting ripped off. Someone should invent this, though I believe they'd be receiving some side eyes from me were they to suggest a chicken and sweet corn sandwich. *still gagging*

The characters from the previous books made appearances and a couple of new ones were introduced who, I'm guessing, may get their own book? Soon? And please let them be kinky.

Pew! Pew!

Pulled out the BIG GUNS!  

Highly recommended but cannot be read as a standalone, though you really only need to read The Square Peg to get caught up.

A review copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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