Review: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus (Baal's Heart, #3.5) by Bey Deckard

A Baal's Heart short, following the events in Fated: Blood and Redemption Plagued by terrible dreams, Jon begins to distance himself from Baltsaros and Tom. Perhaps a little holiday cheer is just the thing to help the three of them find common ground again.

My favorite pirate throuple returns just in time for Christmas *ahem* Jizzmas!

Finally, a Santa jizz story that I can get behind! Pirates! And not your run of the mill pirates either. I've made my love for the "Baal's Heart" series well known. It's been documented all over. Sadly, you can't just jump to this Jizzmas short, you must read the first three novels before reading Careened.

Trust me, it's worth it.

We're back on the lush island of Madierus with Jon, Tom and Baltsaros, where one of the men is having some trouble, after effects from events in Fated. Are the men strong enough to weather the storm?

Yes! They are communicating, though you'd be surprised (or maybe not) who is having more trouble with talking in this novella.It's Winter Solstice. And each man has different customs but band together because no matter what their relationship is important to them and makes them strong.

The story starts dark (not as dark as the author can get don't worry). Not only does Careened revisit with the main men but also Kate and her lady love, Maya. They're having a big surprise! The Winter Solstice is getting to the inhabitants and the holiday spirit seems to even affect the pirate a good way. The story ends happy, hopeful and a little kinky. I wasn't expecting that present at all. I loved all the gifts they each got each other but Baltsaros' gifts for each of his men were golden. I'd add my favorite quote here but I think it'd ruin the surprise and what's Jizzmas without some surprises, huh?

This is a great gift for Baal's Heart's fans. Highly recommended.

I'm wavering between 4.5 - 5 Hearts for my rating, but you know what? I just finished this with a huge smile on my face. I just read through a range of emotions (depression, anger, fear, guilt, hope, love) from all three men in less than 45 pages and it packed a punch, so I'm going with the higher end of rating.
"It's Li'l Tom's first time in his golden gibbet. Give the poor hurtin' thing a bloody break!"
So happy to see the men growing stronger together.

P.S. There are a number of unicorns that will quelt themselves when getting to this, but there is one especially that will prance with glee. She might even go off like a rocket when she reads this.

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  1. I still haven't read Caged yet, just moved it right up my list to remind me to get it done.

    1. Oh you're in for such a treat! Hope you enjoy Lorraine! :D