Review: Love is for the Living (Albion Rising, #1) by Nicholas Kinsley

The zombies have arrived, and Blaine needs to escape. He'd always thought of his London neighborhood as a place of safety, but then his infected neighbors tried to eat him. Blaine packed a bag and fled through growing numbers of shambling, voracious monsters--people, he had to remind himself, they're people--toward his family in Bristol. He would surely have died without the turn of luck that brought him Commander Andrew Peterson. Together, they face the horrors and adversities of the apocalypse, trying to protect their loved ones, and—if they’re lucky—find love for themselves.

Do you ever find a book that interests you but then, when it comes to reading it, don't really fancy it? I kind of have to be in the right mood for each book i read - I like a ton of genres, but I need to be in the right mood for whatever I'm reading. If I'm fancying fluff, angst ridden is no going to do it etc. well, that happened to me for this book. The request came in and I thought it sounded interesting but when it came to actually reading it I just kept putting it off. I wasn't in the mood.


Seriously. The only idiot in this scenario is me because once I actually started reading this book I loved it. I devoured it. I could not read the thing fast enough.

Zombie apocalypse is not my go to reading material of choice, but this was so well written I just fell in love with it. It is very obviously the start of a series, both Blaine and Andrew are introduced with a background so we know of them individually before we knew them as a potential couple. I loved this. They were very much individuals to me, not just part of a couple. Both characters were very different. Their life experiences were different, their attitudes were different. A zombie apocalypse though is all about survival and survival means stepping out of the known comfort zones. It means making hard choices and life being turned completely upside down. It's about impossible decisions and no regrets. And this book included all of these.

While there is a romance in this book - well a need for love at least - it is about more than that; it is about the need to survive and the interactions between very different people. Now, I'm not a Walking Dead watcher, but I very much imagine if you are, you would love this book. I cannot wait for the next installment in this series. I want to know all the things about these characters. I want HEA's... I don't think they're going to be just handed out though, I'm preparing myself mentally for some tough times ahead for these people I've come to love.

I don't want to go to any more in depth with this review, I don't want to spoil the story, in fact part of me just wants to say, bloody brilliant, go and read it! So I will. Read this book if you like a bit of horror in your reading.

A copy of this book was given ion exchange for an honest review.
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