Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit & Giveaway - Suki Fleet

We just love keeping the party going here at BMB Reviews. No sleep for unicorns! And today we're joined by the lovely Suki Fleet who has delicious treats for your...eyes. Come gather round the stable doors and see what she has up her sleeves. We promise you're going to enjoy it.

Brighter Than Any Dark
Suki Fleet

One day last summer we saw two boys kissing in Central Park. You ran your hand through your neatly shorn hair, looking shy as you pointed out how bold they were, how brightly their love burned. I glanced away, pretending I couldn’t look—too afraid to tell you how I felt. 

A few months later I hurt you again. We were walking home one night after you worked late, you gripped my hand because the darkness scared you, and I never wanted to let you go. But instead, when some kids came by and looked at us too closely, I stepped away, making you feel what we were doing wasn’t right. 

Now I know you’re falling in love with someone else. 

I sent you a text tonight saying I was in Times Square thinking about you and what might have been. You haven’t replied. I know it’s too late. 

You light up my dark and I lost you. Ironic that losing you is what finally made me unafraid. 


Your voice—at first I think I’m imagining it but then I look up and see you, hardly daring to believe it—my Alexander.

“What are you doing sitting on the curb? It’s so busy tonight,” you say. 

You’re so lit up. I wonder if she’s with you.

“Watching people’s feet. Waiting…” I say, glancing at the cigarette butts and rubbish strewn across the ground.

You hold out your hand. I take it, your skin warm against mine, and let you pull me to my feet. 

“Waiting for me?” you ask, dipping your head in the unsure way that you do, but keeping your gaze holding mine like it’s important, like you can’t let it go. 

You bite your lip and that’s when I know you’re every bit as scared as me right now. I don’t want you to ever be scared.

I nod. “It’s too late though, isn’t it?” I don’t let go of your hand. In fact I hold it tighter. 

If I can’t have you, I’ll have this—this one moment where I held out my heart. It’s yours, anyway. It always was.  

“I’m sorry,” I say.

You shake your head. I don’t know what that means, but you’re smiling.

Stepping closer, you take my other hand. You pull our arms into the warm space between our bodies. We’re so close I can feel the wet heat of your breath on my cheek.

My heart is pounding. My only thought is—I want to kiss you—I want to try to catch a hold of this desire swirling around us, as delicate and ephemeral as tendrils of smoke. I’m terrified this isn’t real.

“I’ve wanted this for so long,” you whisper, your lips brushing against mine. 

I tilt my head. I feel like I’m falling, but if I am, I no longer think I’m falling alone. I’m falling into place, falling into you. 

Closing my eyes, I kiss you again, and we are illuminated. Brighter than the electric lights of Times Square. Brighter than distant stars. As bright as those boys in Central Park.

No longer afraid of the light inside us, we burn brighter than any dark.

OMG so good, right?! Let Suki Fleet know what you thought in the comments! BMBR humbly thank her for sharing her talent for all to enjoy. Oh and also for the extra bits below!

Author Bio: 

Suki Fleet grew up on a boat and as a small child spent a lot of time travelling at sea with her family. She has always wanted to be a writer. As a kid she told ghost stories to scare people, but stories about romance were the ones that inspired her to sit down and write. She doesn’t think she’ll ever stop writing them.

Her novel This is Not a Love Story won Best Gay Debut in the 2014 Rainbow Awards and is currently a finalist in the 2015 Lambda Awards.

You can contact Suki at she’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Sooooo good. Another one to add to the petition.

  2. Thank you so much for having me, BMBR <3 and thank you, Lorraine <3

  3. Verrrrry nice! All that angst in so few words

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  4. That was amazing. One of the best shorts I've ever read.

  5. More, damn it! I...Want...More! This is like so, so heart melty. Huge *sigh* Soooo...when is this book coming out? :D
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  6. I would l really like to read more. Loved it

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  7. I love Suki Fleet's writing and this short was no exception. This line especially moved me: "I feel like I’m falling, but if I am, I no longer think I’m falling alone. I’m falling into place, falling into you."

    Thank you!

    1. Oops forget my email: jen(dot)f(at)mac(dot)com

    2. Aren't Suki's words swooooonthworthy???

  8. So sweet! I want to know about this couple. What's their story? How did they meet? What's going to happen to them? Tell me!


  9. I always wonder about people's stories when I see them kiss in Times Square. Now I know a little about this cute couple!

  10. Awesome post! Thank you for the chance!


  11. Wonderful post, sounds like a great story.
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  12. This was great! Thank you so much for sharing.

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  14. This giveaway is now over. Congrats to SM Zeoanne!!

    There are plenty of open and planned giveaways for the rest of our anniversary month! Stay tuned!

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