Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit - A. Phallus Si

Joining in our anniversary celebration is A. Phallus Si sharing Flash Fiction with the delicious main characters from this summer's DRiTC story 'Matters of State'. It'd be best to read that piece of hotness first before delving into this scorching treat as this is a follow on to Matters of State. En Route to Kurabyss, Captain Ferrier and his beshert, Damien Altamura find a way to pass the time. *growls*

Inflight Entertainment
A. Phallus Si

Hayden licked the bite before pulling out, Damien’s moan echoed across the room as the observers sighed. Reclining on his chaise, Hayden parted the folds of his robe to expose his cock, still large, even when spent.

“Clean me,” he said, running fingers through Damien’s silver strands, cupping the back of his head.

Another moan before Damien sweetly licked Hayden, until the shaft and head glistened with saliva, and then continued lapping at his testicles.

“Beautiful.” Hayden tugged Damien’s head up for a kiss. Soft and thorough. “You are perfect.” He pressed Damien’s head back down onto his thigh, then snapped his fingers.

Commander Arlois approached the pair, kneeling near Hayden’s shoulder. The younger Caurentian eyed Damien avariciously, his gaze lingering on the curve on his ass before raising to meet his captain’s.

“You serve me well, Arlois. Serve me now, and minister to my beshert.”

A gasp of excitement ran through the crowd. Damien whimpered, but shifted his legs further apart, tilting his ass up invitingly.

Arlois’s low voice couldn’t hide his interest. “It would be my pleasure, kapit.”

Sitting up, Ferrier stopped stroking Damien’s head. He waited as Arlois kneeled behind his beshert before pulling those pale cheeks apart. The hole was slightly puffy and looked well-fucked. Ferrier ran his thumbs down the crevasse to pull it open.

Playing with the rim he said, “Don’t be so stingy, Damien. Show Arlois and everyone else how much I filled you.” Damien gasped, his body quivering. “Push so he can have a taste.”

Arlois reached forward and massaged Damien’s ass, waiting patiently, as Hayden played with Damien’s hole. Pushing his thumbs inside and stretching it wide open. Finally, a pearly dribble of cum emerged.

“I know I was deep. Push out some more, boy.”

The crowd cooed at Damien obedience.

Thank you, A. Phallus Si, for sharing this hot scene with BMBR and celebrating with us! We're going to look for a bucket of ice now. Keep these hot scenes coming! Let her know what you thought in the comments!

Author Bio:

APS is a Jack-of-all-trades and master of none. Self-defined as terminally curious and prone to self-indulgence, APS excels at frittering. Diagnosed as having issues with authority from a young age, APS frolics in being a perpetrator of general ridiculousness and a defender of the irreverent.

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  1. *with face pressed against the glass* Fucking yes!

  2. Damien, Hayden and Arlois are quite the spectacle. Sure makes the long, empty of interspace less boring.