Review: Stay by Alexa Milne

An act of kindness is never wasted.

Ben Harwood loves his grandmother. When he visits her in the hospital, another old lady, Ivy, expresses a longing for an orange, so Ben, who works in a supermarket, takes her oranges the next day.

Later, after attending his grandmother’s funeral, he discovers that Ivy has died too, and decides to pay his respects. There, he meets Ivy’s grandson, Martin Riley, and the attraction is instant. To his amazement, Ben finds he has become a bit of a hero to the Riley family, who have travelled over from America. For Martin, Ben breaks his three-date rule more than once. Is this simply a holiday romance with great sex, or can he and Martin build something more permanent?

Sometimes a sweet story (with some hot sexy times) just hits the spot. This was one of those times. I have a soft spot for MC's who look after the elderly - I have an even softer spot for elderly characters with a wicked sense of humour! This novel hit both those marks.
When Ivy, the elderly lady in the next bed of the hospital ward his grandmother is on, expresses a wish to taste a blood orange again, Ben doesn't hesitate to bring one back the next time he visits. A simple act of kindness for him, but an important moment for Ivy. Oranges were a reminder of her husband and their long, loving relationship.

This simple act means that Ben is embraced by Ivy's family when they realise who he is at her funeral. From there a relationship develops between Ben and Ivy's grandson - the grandson who is due to return to America any day.

The beauty of this story is in the butterfly effect of kindness. Ben carried out a basic task without expecting, or anticipating, anything in return. The universe, though, likes kindness!

I truly enjoyed this happy read, and it was happy, even if it did start with the deaths of two old ladies!
A copy of this book was given in exchange for an honest review.
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