Review: Plaid Nights Anthology

In Plaid Nights, men in kilts are as varied as they are hot. Whether they're caber tossers, rugby players, Highland warriors, country dancers, or time-traveling vampires, they're up for surprises and sexy good times. 

Rob Rosen starts us off with humor in "Tossing It." Contemporary men discover love in unexpected places in "Whiskey and Want" by Megan McFerren, "Some Like It Scot" by Julia Talbot, "Perfect Working Order" by Elizabeth Coldwell, and "Off-Kilter" by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae. We get a taste of the paranormal in "Sir WW" by Angelique Voisen, "Feumaidh Mi Ruith (I Have to Run)" by Missouri Dalton, and "Kilt in the Closet" by Logan Zachary. And we're treated to forbidden love in historicals "Hunting for a Highlander" by Lila Mathews, "A Time to Heal" by Anna Mansel, and "As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad" by McKay. 

In these stories, some tartan-clad men wear their kilts in the "traditional manner," while others are less daring. But all find love, and of course, a happy ending—especially at night, when the plaid comes off.

Ordinarily, anthologies are not my gig but KILTS!!!!! Kilts are my gig. Who can resist the lure of a man in plaid? Not me. And guess what? There were lots of men in plaid-historical men, contemporary men, paranormal men, supernatural men... My plaid cup runneth over!

It's a Kilt-A-Palooza!!!!! Plaid, plaid everywhere!

I know Baby favors the gingers and I have nothing but love for a ginger myself, but black Irish is my jimjimminyjam. It's about a 80/20 split betwixt the two in favor of the ginger kilt wearer, so Baby will be twirling about like a top! Some stories were really good and introduced new to me authors that I'll be on the lookout for. Others were duds, but at least they had kilts. Everything gets a boost when there's a kilt involved.

A moment of silence for all the kilts we're about to receive.

"Tossing It" by Rob Rosen
3 Cheeky Fun PWP Hearts


Caber tosser and two horny twinks, Tom and Greg, who attend college together run into each other at a Scottish festival and find out what's really going on beneath those kilts.

All told from Greg's perspective in a sort of...sing song nursery rhyme way? I like the idea of pairing a nursery rhyme writing style with porn. Something so wrong and yet... bucking the establishment holds a certain appeal.

"Whiskey and Want" by Megan Ferrin
2.5 Hearts

Texas/Scottish bachelor party. That's right a whole bushel of kilts ripe for the plucking. Andrew is a local boy who moved off the NYC, and has come home for his friend's wedding. Jake is in attendance, sans kilt, unfortunately. He and Andrew strike up a conversation and while the stripper makes the rest of the guys pant Jake makes Andrew pant and writhe in the parking lot.

I'm not sure I liked the repeating "you can't always get what you want" bit. I'll have that song in my head forever now.

"Hunting for a Highlander" by Lila Mathews
1.5 Hearts

Historical set in the highlands circa 1593. Aleck is an isolated man within the clan. He believes himself to be the only gay, but a hunting trip proves how wrong he is. Kendrick's... attentions play a role in convincing him he's not the only one in the clan who prefers the D. 

A glossed over virgin deflowering is a major 'no no' in my book. Overall, I found it kind of tedious with all the mundane details, lack of any authentic Scottish language and odd word choices.

"Sir WW" by Angelique Voisen
4.5 Hearts


This short was wildly creative, well written, gripping and bittersweet. And not just because it was kinky, though I loved the subversion of prototypical vampire roles.

I don't want to give too much away, but Magnus is a centuries old vampire capable of time travel. He's able to interact with those he meets on his travels, but cannot alter history. He has been Sir WW's secret submissive meeting nightly for some indeterminate amount of time and soaking up as much of each other as possible with the finite time they have together. I wish Sir WW would've talked with a brogue, though. Would've made it that much better.

Loved it. I'll have to remember this author.

"Feumaidh Mi Ruith" by Missouri Dalton
5 Hearts

My favorite of the anthology! Cary is a wily ginger thief who tries to steal from a 'big un' Scot with one hell of a brogue who may have some... connections. Marcas winds up finding Cary fairly easily and enlisting... ok, strong-arming him into tracking down a family heirloom that Cary lifted previously. Marcas is toppy and bossy and that brogue... UNF! 

Cary is a loner, never settling anywhere or with anyone, so he puts Marcas to the test. I'm certain he'll keep putting him to the test, but Marcas seems more than capable of keeping Cary in line. This story was fun and I loved the characters. I loved the snark. I loved the adventure aspects that added to the story and enriched their relationship rather than overtaking the story. I didn't love the fade to black sexy times, though.


"Some Like it Scot" by Julia Talbot
3 Hearts


I love stories that take place in places I know and this one happens basically in my backyard! Jeremy and Riley are co-workers who've been flirting and dancing around each other for a while now. One of them has to make the first move, so Jeremy takes the plunge and agrees to join Riley for his regular rugby match. Yeah, that... doesn't go well, but it does bring them together. Nothing like a trip to the hospital to bring a couple closer.

This story was cutesy and feel good, but too short to really sink my teeth into.

"A Time to Heal" by Anna Mansel
4 Hearts

Ginger witch in a kilt in this classic trope of love conquers evil especially when you fall in love with your clan's enemy. Conall is wounded in battle and the head of his clan leaves him in the care of a healer, Eoghann. 

Connall and Eoghann are connected seemingly by some sort of higher power. Fated lovers *sigh* that slow burn too because... virgin. WEEEE!!!! Conall has to interpret his dreams and decipher who the tortured man in the loch is and how can he save him. Eoghann is the tortured man, of course, and only love can save him. 

Lovely story that's well written in a ancient setting. Did my heart good. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

"As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad" by McKay
2.5 Hearts

Colonial Ginger Kilting!

Said ginger kilt wearer, Niall, has a penchant for the dirty talk too! He and Adie hook up in an alley after circling each other for awhile at the local pub. It's smutty and I enjoyed that. There is some sweetness, but there was a time jump that jumped over all the relationship development, so when the HEA occurred I was left bereft.

It needed to be longer for me to buy into these two living and working together forever and always.

"Kilt in the Closet" by Logan Zachary
2 Hearts

I'm having a hard time rating this one. I'm going with 2 Hearts because of the smut factor even though it contained some unfortunate word choices. Stop judging me. 

This story... doesn't come together. It doesn't really make sense either. There are ill-advised word choices like tube, bud, chute, you get the idea. Jeff has a ginger Scot ghost who used to live in the house. He suddenly starts appearing 5 years after Jeff's moved in? Reportedly, the ghost committed suicide, but Jeff wants to "know more" so he goes to visit his realtor and meets her assistant, Nathan. Lo and behold, Nathan is the ghost's son! Somehow this translates into Nathan coming over, some mystical fated relationship thing (read instalove) that Nathan's father orchestrated and somehow translates into an HEA/HFN with an out of left field confession/more weirdness for the ghost's "suicide".

If you can get past the unfortunate word choices, it's pretty hot. I'd just skim the talking bits, though.

"Perfect Working Order" by Elizabeth Coldwell
1 Heart

Another big un who plays rugby. *woof* Miles is his name and he and Gary have been friends since university but haven't seen one another in 5 years. During that time Miles got hot then he turned up the heat by swaggering into Gary's bar in a kilt. One thing leads to another and it turns out Miles is thinking he's bi and ready for some mansex. 

Lucky cherry popping Gary is lucky! 

Everything was going swimmingly then... it fizzled. It was so rushed! I kept wishing Gary would draw it out, drive Miles wild, maybe oral, some rimming, dirty talk, some begging would ensue... It's his first time! Make it last! Make it mind-blowing! Geez. But it was a couple of fingers, push in and pounding away. I can't get behind that. Pun intended.

Disappointed is the word I most feel about this story. A waste of a big un, black Irish virgin in a kilt.

"Off-Kilter" by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae
3 Hearts

A nice beginning to a story with an age gap and a kilt wearing dance teacher.

Eric gets dragged to a Scottish dance class by his bestie, Amara, to wingman for her. Eric crashes and burns as a wingman but does catch the eye of the older dance instructor, Rob. Eric's not ready to give up his crush so he Facebook stalks him and winds up turning the tables on Amara and having her wingman for him at a Highland Games festival where he hopes to get his man. 

He does catch his eye. They fog up the windows of Eric's hatchback. Then it was over. Right when it was getting good. Story tease.

I enjoyed the dialogue, the age difference and I'd happily read the rest of Eric and Rob's story.

Who's favorite color is plaid?

Say it with me, PLAID, PLAID, PLAID, PLAID!!!

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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