Review: Rubble and the Wreckage (A Gabriel Church Tale #1) by Rodd Clark

Gabriel Church knows you can’t take a life without first understanding just how feeble life is, how tentative and weak it stands alone. If you desire murder, you hold a life in your hand. Whether you release it to grant life or grip tighter to end it, it is at your command and discretion.

Gabriel is a serial killer with a story he wants told.

Christian Maxwell studied abnormal psychology in college but chose instead to focus on a career in writing. His background comes in handy when he thinks of writing about a serial killer. He can’t think of anyone more qualified to write the story of Gabriel Lee Church, and do so in the murderer’s own words. It’s been done before, but never with a killer who has yet to be captured or convicted.

There was never anything more than a gentleman’s understanding between the two men that Christian would record Gabriel’s life story. The killer did not ask for his complicity in any crimes, nor did he ever ask for his silence. Christian’s interest in the man, though, is fast becoming something more than academic. When the writer and his subject become unexpected friends and then lovers, the question remains: What is Gabriel’s endgame . . . and why does he want his story told?

Intriguing. So intriguing.

Christian has decided he wants to write Gabriel Church's story. He's been following a string of murders and knows they're linked, and where to find the killer.

Once he and Gabriel meet up, they delve right into the meat of Gabriel's story. His past, his murders and his 'divine reason for killing'. Right about now Christian should be high tailing it in the opposite direction, praying there's isn't this 'white light' surrounding him, the same light that surrounded all of Gabriel's victims. But there wasn't and Christian stayed. He was intrigued by Gabriel. Too intrigued and probably couldn't have stayed away, even if he wanted to.

Now Christian... Christian intrigued me.
"Christian had made himself inaccessible to others; he forged the walls he intended as protection, which sadly only held him captive and distant from those who could've loved him. But the real tragedy wasn't the compilation of brick by brick construction, but the fact that Christian never even saw the wall."
He closed people off, but he had no idea he was even doing it. But the one person he let in was a serial killer. Why? Because Gabriel was unreachable to everyone else and off limits? Perhaps. Although, they certainly had a connection.

Gabriel is a complicated, complicated man. He truly believes he is doing divine work. And when suggested otherwise, like maybe he's psycho, he gets super offended. I admit, that made me chuckle.
"You make is sound like I'm some sick psycho... that I needed to kill to feel good about myself."
Oh, he's so delusional. Ummm... you are a sick psycho, dude. But I really felt his affection for Christian. Despite his hangups, I think he really cared for Christian.

I'm so conflicted with my feelings for Gabriel. There were quite a few graphic detailings of his murders. These really bothered me. Not just the violence, but the complete apathy Gabriel felt toward his victims. It was disturbing, to say the least. So disturbing in fact, it took me a few days to read this simply because I wouldn't read it right before I went to bed. I didn't want Gabriel in my head right before sleep. As much as I disliked the flashbacks, it kept who Gabriel really was in the forefront of my mind. Right when I was starting to like him again, I'd be reminded of who he really was. So, I saw their purpose, even if I didn't like them.

There was a bit of a lull in the middle, but things certainly picked up towards the end. Some reviewers didn't like the last part, due to the M/F sex and the cliffhanger, but for me, that's what I liked the most. It brought some drama and action to the present day story line. So much of the action was from Gabriel's past, it was nice for some stuff to happen right now. It added some excitement to what was otherwise becoming somewhat dull.

I'm really curious to see what's next for Gabriel, and if Christian is involved or not. I'm also curious to see how my attitude changes towards our neighborhood serial killer as I read more about him.

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Now this one, for some inexplicable reason, has me interested. Not sure I like the cliffhanger at the end though and definitely not the part whether Christian is involved or not in book 2....hmmm, got to think about this one.

    1. I'll read book 2 and then I'll let ya know :D