Cover Reveal and Teasers: Charmed and Dangerous Anthology

When Boy Meets Boy Reviews was contacted and asked if we would like to be involved in the cover reveal of a soon-to-be-published anthology, one look at the line up of authors had us drooling like bull mastiffs. I mean, c'mon, take a peek - it's a line up of who's who in fantasy MM fiction today. I am pretty sure this is one anthology that want be sitting around on metaphorical ebook shelves getting dusty.

Rhys Ford - Dim Sum Asylum
Ginn Hale - Swift and the Black Dog
KJ Charles - A Queer Trade
Nicole Kimberling - Magically Delicious
Jordan Castillo Price - Everyone's Afraid of Clowns
Jordan L. Hawk - The Thirteenth Hex
Charlie Cochet - The Soldati Prince
Lou Harper - One Hex Too Many
Andrea Speed - Josh of the Damned vs. the Bathroom of Doom
Astrid Amara - The Trouble With Hexes

Charmed and Dangerous
Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy 

Take a cauldron full of magic, add a pinch of humour, a dash of snark and a huge dollop of m/m goodness, and what do you get? Charmed and Dangerous: Ten Tales of Gay Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy. This all-new collection is packed with arcane action and intrigue, and every story will whisk you away to a fantastical world where the hero finds his prince and the paranormal investigator always gets his man.
Release date: August 25, 2015
Edited by Jordan Castillo Price
ISBN 978-1-935540-80-9

Magic takes many forms. From malignant hexes to love charms gone amok, you’ll find a vast array of spells and curses, creatures and conjurings in this massive collection—not to mention a steamy dose of man-on-man action. Charmed and Dangerous features all-new stories of gay paranormal romance, supernatural fiction and urban fantasy by ten top m/m paranormal authors.

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Need more convincing? How about some tasty teasers to whet your appetite?

Teasers-Swift and the Black Dog by Ginn Hale
We were just kids,” Jack muttered.

Shafts of afternoon light speared through the blinds, illuminating the hard angles of his lean face. He exhaled a cloud of pale blue smoke and ignored the glare of the well-dressed diners seated at other tables. In a moment a maitre’d would appear and smoothly suggest that he remove himself from the building.

Then, inevitably, David would intervene, flashing his ministry badge and pronouncing Jack’s full name a little too loudly, a little too officiously. A halting apology would be offered and followed by requests for autographs and photos. Behind it all Jack would hear the whispers.

That’s Jack Swift?

God, did you see his hand?

He looks like some ragman from the Bone Ledges.

I’ve heard he’s a queer.

Lifting his scarred hand, Jack drew the smoke down to ring his fingers. Let the surrounding diners see that the ragman in their midst was a wizard. They didn’t need to know which one. Any wizard was too much trouble for most decent folk.

-Dim Sum Asylum by Rhys Ford
From his square jaw and beefy build down to his dirty blond fade haircut, everything about the guy screamed ex-hardcore military. He moved as if expecting a riot to break out on the upper loft, icy blue eyes scanning each of us, stopping only long enough to mark our presence before moving on to the next cop.

He found me first and then again, last. His gaze pierced through me, assessing and judging in a way that did not say cop. I wasn’t sure what was found wanting, my shaggy mane or my odd ommatidia-faceted pupils, but something made his nostrils flare. I definitely spotted the moment he saw my pupils’ copper-green sheen. His head jerked back a few millimeters and his chin jutted out.

If my new partner had a thing against fae or fae-bred, we were assuredly going to have a problem.

-The Thirteenth Hex by Jordan L Hawk
“Mr. Kopecky?”

“Yes, that’s….” Dominic began as he lifted his gaze from the paper. Then his tongue tangled, and he forgot how to speak.

The man standing in front of his desk was…well, he’d never thought of a man as beautiful before, but it was the only word that came to mind now. The white of his shirt collar contrasted with rich, brown skin. Silky black locks brushed his shoulders, and wide lips shaped into a rather cheeky grin.

“…You?” the man prompted, when Dominic only stared.

God! He dropped his eyes quickly, willing his reaction under control. He couldn’t forget himself at work, in full view of everyone. As he glanced down, his eye snagged on the badge pinned to the man’s vest.

A familiar? Here?


  1. Amazing line-up of authors, what a fantastic treat for readers. Sold!

  2. I know!! It sounds amazing!