Review: Mastering Love (The Hampton Road Club #4) by Morticia Knight

Evan sees a Master who could be his whole world and Ned sees a beautiful boy in need. But shattered trust and broken hearts could keep them apart forever.

Evan landed on his ex-Master’s doorstep after Master Gabriel dumped him for a virgin. He’d hoped Thomas would take him back, but he’s moved on with his new submissive, Linus. Evan has nowhere to go and barely a penny to his name. Fortunately, Master Aaron and his boy, Sam, invite him to stay at their guesthouse. Alone and abandoned, Evan aches for a Master who can give him more—if only he knew what ‘more’ meant.

Master Ned has finally decided to settle down in one place after traveling on the road for years. He’s always loved the Hampton Road Club—it’s a private sanctuary for men such as himself. The roaring twenties might be freer than ever, but the decadence of the sadomasochistic club could put its members in danger if they’re not discreet.

Ned’s on the lookout for an untried boy who’s ready to fully submit to him on a daily basis. In return, he plans to train and care for his submissive. If he can also find love, then his life will be perfect.

After Evan is introduced to Ned at the club, they have an intense encounter that catches them both by surprise. What should lead to a possible future for them as Master and submissive is destroyed when Ned mysteriously casts Evan aside. Evan wonders if he’ll ever be good enough to keep a Master, and Ned fears he may have lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

Shattered trust and broken hearts have to be repaired before Evan and Ned can find their way to each other—if it’s not already too late.

I'm so, so happy Evan got the HEA he deserved.

In The Fear of Surrender, Evan was barely likeable as he tried to throw himself at Thomas after leaving him. But even as he was trying to win back his old Master, it was obvious that he was only wanting to get his life sorted again.

After leaving Thomas, Even left to be with Master Gabriel, thinking he was moving onto greener pastures. Only to find out that Gabriel decided he wanted a young virgin instead of a used sub. So this left Evan on his own. He was welcomed in by Aaron and Sam while he figured out what he was to do next.

In town to stay and new to the club, Master Ned is on the lookout for a boy to take care of. He and Evan have a hot night together and prove that they are not only sexy, but really compatible together. But Ned doesn't want Even for keeps. Why? Because he wants a new-to-the-scene boy. One he can tailor to his needs. Now this pissed me off. Really, dude? What a dick move.

But! I ended up totally loving Evan. He wasn't going to be walked all over. What I liked most about him was that he's different than the other subs we've met in this series. Yes, he loves to be taken care of and to please, but he's also going to push. He's not a doormat, not even for Ned.

Of course, I ended up really liking Ned. He realized his idiotness, and made a sweet grand gesture to win over Evan. I loved it and it spoke volumes of the kind of person Ned really is, even if he wasn't thinking straight for a bit.

Another great installment to this series. As always, I love the 1920s setting and the recurrences of past characters. I'm ready for book 5 now!

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Have you got to start with book 1 or can you read this as a standalone? I kind of got the idea you could, but wanted to check.

    1. The characters from previous books play a role in this story, but I think you could read it as a standalone.