Review: Corporal Domination by Cassandra Dayne

Dominating a powerful man isn’t easy… 

Sometimes corporal punishment is needed 

Kade Thompson is sick and tired of working sixty-plus hours a week. After all, he’s only an accountant, not a surgeon. For many he’s considered powerful and a sought-after catch, yet he hasn’t obtained all he hungers for. However, earning a six-figure income has allowed him to indulge in his every desire, including toys and rather kinky bouts of sin. He also enjoys an on-again, off-again push-and-shove relationship with his boss, Trevor Willis. While the sex is passionate, he craves being dominated by the six foot six god, but Trevor doesn’t seem interested. Tired of playing games, he’s ready to break off their relationship until an invitation to meet for a drink at The Peeping Hole—a mysterious and very exclusive club—has him more than curious. 

When he finds out the club offers every aspect of kink, he’s breathless with excitement. As Kade waits for Trevor’s arrival, he’s given an offer he can’t refuse and one that might sate his every craving—if he will submit to the man behind the mask. Unfortunately what goes on behind the hallowed doors is required to stay a sensuous mystery. But can they keep up their end of the bargain and one forged in a touch of black magic? Only Alexander knows. Ssshhh… No peeping. 

I am Alexander—a teacher, a scoundrel, a voyeur and a true entrepreneur. In my world there’s little left to the imagination. That is if you dare to taste what only I can offer. Welcome to The Peeping Hole, where every fantasy you’ve ever desired will come true. Leave your inhibitions at the door and join us. But you must remember, whatever happens here stays here, and trust me, I will know…

Look at that blurb. Just look at it! I thought for sure this would, at minimum, be good.

*kicks rocks*

My luck with the kinky reads lately has been less that stellar.

Nothing worked for me. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! 

I thought there might a little dub-con. There were some questionable practices but nary a dub-con in sight.

I thought there would be some kink, possibly hardcore kink. All I got was glitterkink.

Glitterkink that didn't make a lick of sense! 

Apologies for the spoilers that lie ahead.

This novella is less than 50 pgs and I spent well over half of those pages looking like I got a shot of novocaine and the rest cocking my head from side to side. 

Confuzzlement #1:

I was under the impression that Kade had a history of submitting. Nope. He just wants to try submission. Ok, I get it. I don't get why he's on the cusp of breaking up with Trevor because Trevor won't "give him what he needs". Wouldn't most people wad into the kink pool with their partner to see if they like it? I mean, who can't get their partner to try a little bondage? A blindfold? A little spanking? And if your relationship is that tenuous why wouldn't you check out the local BDSM scene on your own? 

Confuzzlement #2:

Why would you experiment with kink without your partner? Who you're supposedly doing all this for? Trevor instead undertakes dom training IN SECRET for a couple months to the detriment of his relationship with Kade. It's murky as to whether or not Trevor's even interested in kink period much less becoming a dom. It seems a lot like begrudgingly undertaken endeavor which bodes well for their future, doesn't it?

Confuzzlement #3:

Trevor arranges for Kade to undergo "training" at the super secret club and agrees to have random "doms" fuck his boyfriend bareback because they've been tested. Allegedly. Nothing says I love you like a bareback ménage with a dude named Razor, I guess.

Confuzzlement #4:

Trevor's undergone secret dom training for the last 2(ish) months and this qualifies him to train Kade in becoming a slave? Talk about the blind leading the blind. Also, Kade went from wanting to try submission to being a slave? This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'speed of light'. 

Confuzzlement #5:

Why did Trevor feel the need to get a giant dragon tattoo on his chest? Is this his idea of the dom equivalent of a Superman symbol? Furthermore, why keep it a secret?


*brain explodes from an excessive confuzzlements*

The writing is juvenile. The dialogue is stilted. The kink is uninspired. The sex... *sigh* you know those Post-It "story" books with the stick figures boinking? The sex was slightly less arousing than that. The characters, aside from not making a lick of sense in their decision making, are unlikable and flat. There's zero character development and the vapid attempts at it were rife with the usual isolated millionaire who's bossy and misunderstood. Y'know the standard cliches that are de rigueur. There was a meager attempt to add some depth by making Trevor an ex NFL player who's largely closeted and black with Kade as the white boy who lurves sucking on his monster cock for daysIF Trevor had been the submissive this could've been a whole different review, but traditional size roles were maintained much to my dismay. 

The ending with hint of magicians/warlocks read tacked on and hokey, but, I guess, it lends credence to the club's motto of... 

Or else!

p.s. The cock is not a muscle. Just FYI.

It should go without saying that I'm not recommending this or at least it should.

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  1. Really, really good review. Maybe not for the author but certainly for the readers!

    1. Thanks Lorraine. You always have the kind words. :)

    2. Not really. I thought the blurb sounded great, but for once, my TBR list didn't get longer.