Review: Never Too Early: Finding Their Way (Never Too Early #2) by Chris Owen & Tory Temple

Continuing from the first book in the series (Never Too Early: The Beginning), Chance and Tucker and Jake and Tor find themselves involved in a friendship that goes much deeper than any of them initially suspected.

Jake has been released from the hospital following his fall from the roof, and Chance and Tucker agree to stay in Arkansas for several days to help Tor with Jake's care. Chance, however, spends much of his time trying to resist the growing attraction he has for Jake. The confusion between the love he has for Tucker and the new feelings for Jake play tricks with Chance's mind. Is any of this a good idea, or are all of them headed for disaster?

For his part, Jake has to reconcile not only his growing feelings and physical attraction to Chance, but also the promises he and Tor made to each other. They rebuilt their own relationship in the wake of mistakes neither one of them wishes to repeat. How much communication and longing can one -- or two -- relationships take?

First things first, there were no apple orchard shenanigans!

Words cannot express how shocked I am by this. In fact, the sexy times were few and far between period. Now, I don't know about Chance and Tucker since I didn't read the first book of this series, but Tor and Jake boinked like bunnies in BarebackHere they're more like friends or maybe Jake's just worn down by Tor's childishness. 

There was some buttsex and it was hot, but it was mostly mutual masturbation and longing, though I did dig the voyeurism kink and the hints of bossiness.

I found the LEGO thing endearing in Bareback and the scene was cute here, but the immaturity on display by both Tor and Tucker was annoying. They wrestle, are loud and rambunctious and then the picking a fight because reasons was too much for me. Jake and Chance, on the other hand, are bound for the retirement community any day now. It's a wonder the original two couples are still coupling at all given the disparity in their personalities and, seemingly, interests.

I enjoy polyamorous stories. I do. What I like about them is all parties involved being hot for one another. That didn't happen here. The couples essentially pick new partners and pair off rather than becoming a cohesive unit. On the one hand, I have a hard time believing there weren't more hurt feels involved in this process, on the other hand maybe the couples have simply grown apart and it's time for a change so this "polyamorous" one is a pit stop to Splitsville.

I read this without having read the previous installment and had no trouble picking up the thread of the storyline. I can take an educated guess as to where the story is headed, but this didn't interest me enough to continue to the next one. I found the story dull and the writing prosaic.

Recommend to die hard fans of Tor and Jake or Chance and Tucker.

An ARC was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Yeah...I'm going to play in my apple orchard with Tor and Jake without those other two dudes. I'd rather live in my HEA with them frolicking and fucking as they please (which is all the time)