Tag-team review: Top Me Maybe? by Jay Northcote

Duncan has a secret fantasy, but is Tyler the right man for the job?

Tyler’s new policeman boyfriend, Duncan, is gorgeous. Tall, broad, and über-masculine, he’s the epitome of the dominant top—in appearance at least.

When they discuss their sexual fantasies, Duncan confesses to a secret desire that surprises Tyler. Luckily for Duncan, Tyler’s happy to oblige and is determined to give Duncan a night to remember.
and a quarter hearts.

Sunny and I took a look at this sexaaay short by Jay Northcote. Here's what we thought!

Sunny says;

Brit love!

Brits, who watch films and say things like bloke. Throw in one of my favorite themes, and some steamy scenes, and I'm a happy reader :)

*remembers steamy scenes*

So good. Even a brief clean up scene got me going. I loved the intimacy it showed, especially in such a new relationship. And the hints of D/s elements...icing on the cake.

Another great thing about this short story? The genuine sweetness. Not sugary or over the top, just a gentle sweetness that made me smile. *sigh*

Steam and sweetness...a perfect combination. I didn't even feel cheated by the length of the story.

I'll be reading this again when I need a sweet pick me up :)

Lori says;

Sometimes a shorty McShort story is just what you need.

Sometimes a steamy McSteamy story is just what you need.

When you get both, and it's not even PWP, it's just win, win, win!

It would have been so easy to turn this story into just that (Porn Without Plot) an encounter of high hotness - but about charcters we've not learnt to love yet. JAy Northcote doesn't do that though. She gives us characters to lvoe and then ups the hotness factor. What a winning combination.

A recommended read for those times when you want something good to read but don't have the time for a full length novel.


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