Review: With Tongue and Teeth (Outlaw MC #4) by James Cox

What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?

The future is a city on Mars where the government rules with an iron fist of hatred. Romeo is part of the Outlaw MC. He’s a patch member with a hard-on for danger and flirting is like breathing to him. His world caves when the government finds him having sex with another man. In this world, homosexuality is punished by death, dark skinned men are slaves and women are used for breeding. With a warrant now out for his execution, Romeo must take his leave of the only life he knows and join another MC that lives under Mars’ surface.

Justice is the Underground MC president. He’s survived slavery and the harsh environment outside the city. He’s prepared to push all the MC’s toward taking down the government but he hadn’t planned on his attraction to Romeo. The flirt thought with his penis and it almost got him killed. The war for equality doesn’t need that kind of liability. Justice has a hard past but when his life’s in danger, only one man comes to his rescue and he sure wasn’t expecting it to be the flirty white guy.

Can Romeo handle Justice’s tongue and teeth?

With Tongue and Teeth continues with the story of the Outlaw MC’s and their mission to take down the oppressive government on Mars. We met the Amazons in Deviant and Tage’s story in Behavior Problem and we’ve known about the Underground MC’s for the entire series, but this time around, the focus is on their world and I loved the brooding atmosphere that James created.

Firstly Romeo, the dick-centric and deliciously slutty hero of the Outlaw MC’s gets himself into some seriously dangerous shenanigans when he thinks with his dick. Problem is, he’s almost always thinking with his dick. The beginning of With Tongue and Teeth is his biggest mistake. He’s been caught having sex with a man and homosexuality is a crime punishable by death on Mars. Well, damn right? We can’t forget these are the Outlaw MC’s and they never leave a man behind and Romeo is saved from his ominous fate by his leathered brethren, but life as he knew it is over. He’s a marked man and can no longer live out in the open. The Underground MC’s agree to welcome Romeo and the man he was caught sexing it up with, Edmond. (I kinda liked Edmond, I hope we learn more about him, the poor horny bastard really got himself in a sticky pickle here.)

So, Romeo and Edmond are on their way to the tunnels to live, and join the fight with, the Underground MC’s. They’ve gone from being undesirable according to the government above ground; to their mere existence being completely illegal as they are forced to live underground with Justice and the rest of the people who would be marked for death if they were to be seen above ground. The atmosphere that James delivered about life in the tunnels was so well done. It’s dark and slightly ominous but not without hope. The people living under Justice’s leadership have created a home in the tunnels and it’s far from ideal, but these people are not defeated by the hand that Wexmen has dealt them. There’s a successful society under the city and Justice is the man driving them forward.

Romeo is attracted to Justice, but let’s be realistic, how flattering is that? Romeo is attracted to a lot of things with dicks, but there is more to their connection and I liked reading the evolution of the relationship between these two. Justice has lived a brutal life and his stoic personality makes total sense. As he and Romeo grow closer and Justice opens up to Romeo, his personality remains consistent but the depth of his character expands and the way they fit together makes total sense.

The MC groups are working on their path of destruction for the government and their plans to take out the Peacekeeper strongholds doesn’t go nearly as well as planned. I loved this part of the story. It kept the tension high and opened the door for Romeo to be a hero for Justice. That just made me happy. This is the part of the story that brought their relationship to the next level. While they were going through life threatening (and saving) heroics, it was the little things that I love so much that were sprinkled throughout. When Justice gives Romeo one of his rare, but very real smiles Romeo goes all melty. It was absolutely adorable to read about a shameless slut getting butterflies and flustered over a smile from the right man. *insert heavy sigh here*

Sexy times between these two was, in a word, dayum! Pay attention to the title, love nibbles are involved and it read edgy and sweet and hot all at the same time. Just because love is happening, doesn’t mean that Romeo is losing his edge. The man still needs to do some submitting, he’s just focused on one man now which is so much hotter than reading about a one off. It was really sweet how Romeo had the revelation that he wanted to “know more about the man behind the big dick.” But, he also wanted “to do the least amount of talking and the most amount of groaning.” It was a good balance between the sweet and the hot.

Favorite character flashback moment:

That’s when I heard the loud bang that made my bones damn near rattle.

Mayhem glanced back and smiled.

It was fucking creepy. He only smiled when he was about to come or when he blew something up. I was thankful he was on our side.

That pretty much sums up why I love this series so much. These cats are awesome.

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