Group Review: Out in Time by Grey Cole

A closeted football star. An out and proud photographer. And a road trip.

Wade Truman had grown accustomed to admiring Heath Taylor from afar. Now, years of denying himself and the irresistible Heath are wreaking havoc on Wade’s resolve. The odds are stacked against them … they’re graduating college soon. Wade just signed a multimillion dollar football deal—thrusting him even further into the spotlight. Not to mention, what would the gorgeously refined Heath want with a small town jock boy like himself anyway?

Heath grew up privileged, accepted, and out. And the two hells he swore he would never put himself through—crushing on a straight guy and being anyone’s dirty little secret—have presented themselves in one sweet talkin’, dream hauntin’ package. One weekend with Wade, and Heath’s sure the devil himself has come a-knockin’.

Warning: Contains Southern accents wielded like weapons of desire, a snarky, do-gooder Pennsylvanian, and two boys deserving of true love.

Ann: 4 Hearts

There was SO much about this story I loved and only one thing I didn’t. Considering the one thing I didn’t was the fact that I really wasn’t ready for it be over and I wanted more, I’d say that’s pretty damn good. I would say that going in, keep in mind the story ends with a super optimistic HFN and not necessarily a rock solid HEA you’ll be prepped. It made sense actually because anything else wouldn’t have fit with the characters and in order to complete the HEA the book would have to be three times as long. So, consider it the beginning of the HEA, There, that works.

Wade and Heath are incredibly appealing characters on pretty much every level imaginable and while they were both good guys they weren’t too perfect making them more accessible to the reader. One of the most appealing things to me was the communication between them. The banter was witty and refreshing and there wasn’t a bunch of unnecessary misunderstandings to move the story along. The story relied on honesty in a realistic way to get these two together.

And damn I did love reading about them getting together. Wade’s way with words is amazing and it could have been over the top if the groundwork with his background hadn’t been laid. He’s an English major and writer, so he knows his way around the words and he’s not afraid to use them. I could feel Heath melting through my Kindle. I loved reading about supporting families too and I think overall the story was a refreshing change that I appreciated muchly.

Justin: 3.75 Hearts

Nooooooooooooo! That can't be it! Who in the hell wrote the first "slice of life" story and why did this author chose to torture readers with that type of story for our two MCs, Wade and Heath?!?! 

Ok, on with the review. Out in Time was a very good story for me. I adored the main characters and I really liked the supporting ones. I had a few moments of uncertainty when reading this but the author ultimately convinced me that Wade and Heath belonged together. I had one or two eye rolls but they weren't over anything major. 

My biggest complaint would be the editing issues. This story was too good to be plagued with so many errors. It seemed to get worse toward the end of the book. There were missing words, extra words and in some instances I'm not even sure how the sentence was supposed to read. These kept pulling me out of the story and that really sucked. If the errors bothered me there's a problem. I can usually roll right past them but there were too many to ignore in this story. 

This author definitely has talent and as I understand it is writing this under a pen name to keep her identity on the DL. I don't have a problem with that at all but I do recommend getting a good editor. But editing aside, I'd read more stories from this author and I'd definitely read more about Wade and Heath. 

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  1. Bad editing is a real off-putter for me unless the reviewer rates it 5* and states that though they were frustrating, it didn't detract from the storyline, so I'm going to pass on this one.