Chaos Unchained (Outlaw MC #1) by James COX, GIVEAWAY FUNTIMES!

Resident bad boy author and Stallion topper James "The COX" Cox has a new series out.


Who's excited????

This Unicorn!!!!

The series starts with Chaos Unchained and no one can sum it up better than the COX himself:

"What if bad guys ruled the world and the good guys were the outlaws?"

I love the premise, love it! I have a Goodreads shelf dedicated to the theme, 'Good Bad Guys and Bad Good Guys'. I love when the line between good and bad is blurred but the inner compass of the MC has the greatest good at heart and he'll accomplish it by any means necessary. That sums up Chaos right there.

I asked James what his favorite bad boy is and where the inspiration came for the Outlaws. Here's what he had to say:

After watching Sons of Anarchy and seeing the thriving MC book genre, I jumped in. We've all read about badass bikers cheating the law and getting the girl/guy. But I wanted to write something different. Being that I’m an absolute nerd when it comes to space and star travel, I decided to place my bikers on Mars. Was that enough? No. No, my guys had to be more unique, more explosive, more...bad guys? So, I came up with the idea to literally spin everything around. Outlaws were the good guys. The government were the bad guys. And the battle took place on mars. This will be an eight book series. They’re will be massive explosions, bdsm toys, unexpected prison sentences, tattoos, piercings and sexy men willing to risk their lives to change humanity.

Will you join the Outlaws or fight for the peacekeepers? Choose wisely, because the battle is coming...

Being the benevolent honorary unicorn that James is, he brought presents to the clubhouse for you!!!!

James is giving away TWO books from his back list so we'll have TWO lucky readers here! 

So, now it's your turn, in the comments below, tell us about your favorite bad boy. Is it a particular character? Or just a type in general? Is he a biker? A 'reformed' gangster? Tell us! The UniCOX needs to know.


Don't forget to leave info on how to send you your presents, email is preferable and which COX gem you want to add to your library.

Thanks for playing along and commenting to win closes on Friday March 27th.

For more information on the COX check out his website and blog!


  1. My bad boy doesn't necessarily need to be the biggest guy. His attitude is what makes him bad. He can be sarcastic, When he talks he means business and no one wants to take him on. If he is in a relationship he only shows softness behind closed doors.
    James' new book looks so good I went out and bought it. Looking forward to reading it. And I noticed the 2nd in the series comes out tomorrow the 18th.
    Looking at his website I think if I had to choose a book to read from the back list I would pick "Lay Me Down to Sleep"
    Thanks for the chance. My email is

    1. Oh Denise, you lucky gal you! You WIN some COX! WOOOOHOOOO!
      I've passed your info on to the Bad Boy we all know and love. Congrats!

  2. My favorite bad boy would probably have to be the rocker, but followed up closely by the biker. I'm looking forward to the second book in the new series. I feel like I grew to know the characters well and I can't wait to see where there future brings them
    flutterfli01 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  3. My favorite bad boy is definitely a biker. The badder the better. Jax Teller is exactly my type of bad boy: hard as nails and ruthless to most, but soft and loving to those he loves. I absolutely cannot wait to start this series since it's right up my alley. Congrats on the release and good luck! I've had my eye on the Triple Tower series so I would like Heart of a Hero to get me started. My e-mail is Thank you!

    1. Congrats Jennifer - YOU WIN THE COX! I've passed your info on to the sexy beast himself. YAY YOU!

  4. A really capable former military type is one of my favorites for m/f or m/m stories.

  5. My favorite bad boy is Andrea Speed's Roan McKichan. I just can't resist a PI with a problem (or five).