Cover Reveal: Of Gods and Monsters: Hades by Wulf Francu Godgluck

I know a lot of you have been anxiously awaiting the release of Hades. Me too! Well... we have some super exciting stuff to share with you today...

If you haven't picked up the first book, Of Gods and Monsters: Monoetius from the Love Landscapes event on Goodreads, that really needs to be fixed. Stat. I'll wait here while you go download. *waits* It's one of those that really is way too good to be free. That's right. FREE. For reals, check it out. It's all kinds of dirty, alpha male, angsty goodness.

I loved the first book and I seriously can't wait for Hades. It's coming soon! Eeeeeeeeeep! We have some goodies from the upcoming Of Gods and Monsters: Hades. *rubs hands together* We have the cover to show off AND a blurb AND we have an excerpt. Double and triple eeeeeeeeeeep!

Cover & Blurb:


This is not a story about a hero, or some bad boy-badass-antihero.

This is a love story of two monstrous villains and one valiant kid, held together by their entwined heartstrings.
It won't be pretty.
It won't be pleasant.
There's no fluffy good feelings about it.
It will rip out your heart and never give it back.

Breno Hades el Oscuro was never a man that took bullshit from anyone. He ruled the crime world of the United States. But the King fell. What was left in the ashes was not the small boy that grew up without his father, not the same kid that chose a life of crime at seventeen, or for that matter the King that clawed through a river of blood to stand at the top.

When the King was dragged from his throne of bones into deep dark pit, it was only the raw flesh of a savage monster that remained and crawled out of Hell.

One that knew love, but didn't want it again.

Kemono Orochi was the one destined to inherit the legacy of his father, known as The Dragon's Tongue. He never wanted it, never desired the power that went along with the title of Dragon. Kemono ended it all by tearing off the Dragon's head and watching the serpent's remains go up in hellfire. Now tormented by the scars of his past and those inflicted by his father, he is struggling to come to terms with the Akuma he has become.
One that wants to devour everyone in his path to get the only one that matters to him.
The only person that had ever made his icy heart beat.
His heart. His love. His beautiful pride.

Rex Hunter had a dream to become the principal ballerino...all fierce like a Phoenix. But this Phoenix has lost his wings and fell into the clutched claws and callus hands of two vicious beasts with the blackest of hearts. Where he would be kept safe, cherished and be loved unconditionally. Or was Rex just destined to be the goo that would stick two shattered souls together and prevent them from forever falling to pieces.

There's going to be blood, gore and nasty shit.
There's going to be watersports, crude, angry, sometimes sensual and other times just down right dirty and dysfunctional sex.
There will always be LOVE.
Because even villains understand the tortured scars love leaves in its wake?


Hades held out his wrists to the guard standing at the entrance, next to the warden, Knight, wearing seventies style aviators while dangling a cigarette between his grinning lips.

“You'll get some new shiners for slamming Lewinsky in the cage, el Oscuro,” Knight growled.

Hades bared his blood stained teeth in a sly smile. He flared his nostrils as the guard slapped cuffs on his wrist and bend over to shackle his ankles. Hades was tempted to send his knee into the man’s face. He seized Knight by the shirt instead, yanking the man forward. The guard at his feet jumped back, pulling out his night stick. Two more came running from his right, three from Hades’ left, Tasers ready. Hades snatched the cigarette from Knight’s lips, sucked in a deep drag, shuddering as it filled his lungs—cheap Chinese shit—and blew the smoke into his face. He killed the coal on his tongue, not minding the quick scorch, when the first set of volts rocked through him from his back. His muscles locked, forcing him forward and crashing to his knees.

Hades’ body convulsed in spasms of pain, muscles rippling and twitching as electric charges coursed through him. He felt the point of Knight’s boot bite into his side while the fucker's voice droned overhead, “Put the dog in solitary, don’t be too gentle about it either. Let it fucking starve.” Knight spat, the glob landing on Hades’s face.


Gah! It seriously had me at WARNING, because, let's face it, books with "warnings" are the best kind. It's like an invitation with beautifully embossed writing around here. But, holy crap, that blurb? *dies* I can't wait to get my hands on this. Be on the lookout for the upcoming Of Gods and Monsters: Hades. With a cover/blurb/excerpt like that, it's bound to be a delicious treat. In the meantime, check out book 1 for free, if you haven't already.