Review: Second Act by Kaje Harper

Sometimes you have to go home again.

When Bryce Edwards left Minnesota for the bright lights of Hollywood ten years ago, he was determined not to look back. He's built a solid acting career through his own hard work and talent. But when he finds himself unemployed right before Christmas, the memories he's been ignoring start to rise up and annoy him.

Maybe it's time to take a different approach; maybe it's time to confront his past and not just use it as motivation for his next angsty scene. If he can make peace with what happened back then— the small-town bigots who drove him away, and his first boyfriend who refused to leave with him— maybe he'll be free to move on to something better. He's not sure what “something better” will look like, but he's finally ready to get on a plane, go home, and find out.

Kaje Harper is one of my favourite authors - one of my auto-buy authors, you know, the kind where the blurb isn't even read because you know you'll love it whatever - and so when the chance to review Second Act came up I was flattening unicorns to get to the front of the line. (I jest, I just told them there were cocky boys warming up outside the clubhouse and that place was as empty as bottle of red on a Friday night). Anywho, as I was saying I was really pleased to get the chance to read this book - even though it was about an actor.

Everyone has those books that don't quite work for them. If it features famous people (actors, celebrities or singers), the very wealthy or cowboys, then often I find them boring. It's a me thing. Doesn't mean I never read them, but they are never usually near the top of my TBR pile and often when I do read them I'm left with an unsatisfied feeling, like the book didn't quite hit the spot. I can honestly say this was not the case with this book.

Kaje writes as beautifully as ever about characters that I care about. Bryce Edwards ( the actor in question) had me on side from the start. I wanted - oh how I wanted -  for things to work out for him. In fact, I was sure things were going to go his way, so sure, that when things took a turn I hadn't anticipated - well I was left feeling hugely sad. Like that burn at the back of the throat sad, don't talk to me now or I might cry sad. Luckily, it didn't last too long. This is not an angsty-angst fest book. But it was a surprise.

Firstly, I'm not easily fooled by books (or author and their wily ways), I'm pretty much always sure I know which direction the story is going in and am proved wrong on very few occasions. Kaje managed it though. And secondly, not only did she manage it, but she did it without me spending half the book furious that things weren't going the way I'd expected. (What can I say, I'm a possessive reader and assume that every book has been written JUST FOR ME - nobody else can surely love the characters, the story, the book as much as I do!)

In fact, it was a nice surprise (I hate surprises) and I was so invested in the story and Bryce's journey to love.  And that is the talent of this author. She makes me love what i would have sworn blind I wouldn't. Actors and unanticipated directions all wrapped up in the super comfy blanket that is a Kaje Harper story. Thoroughly enjoyable.

A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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