Review: The Camping Trip, Book 1 by D.D Watson

“Yes, Master.”

Gabriel has no idea what is in store for him until a man enters the adult shop where he works. Soon he finds out that the things he has been selling in the past six years are going to be used against him by a man named Jin Bliss.

Jin knows what he wants and it is not the whip he buys in the adult shop but the man who sold it to him...the kind of guy who is ready to do his bidding.

Agreeing to be trained as Jin’s pet, Gabriel eyes is opened to a world of Dom and Sub he could only dream about and craved for more...losing his virginity and discovering a whole new world are worth it when he is beside his Master.

Three months into their relationship of Master and pet, Gabriel shows his forgetfulness and Jin punishes him severely for it but it doesn't seem to sink in Gabriel's mind. Jin decides to take Gabriel on a camping trip but his lack of following rules starts to take its toll. So Jin calls in a favor to a friend who happens to be his ex-lover.

When talk of Gabriel being sent away to be trained by someone else starts, he finds his relationship with Jin on shaky ground. Will Gabriel be able to become a proper pet for his Master or will he lose Jin forever? 

I was instantly thrown into a super intense Master/slave relationship. Intense. I've read my fair share of BDSM but I've not read a relationship quite like this one. 

There were hot pokers being used. Right away! I didn't know the MC's at all, let alone as a couple, so I disliked Jin right from the beginning for his harsh 'punishments'. I would have been okay with it if I had known Gabriel and Jin. If I had understood their dynamic from the beginning, Jin would have been more likeable to me. 

We did get some pieces from their past, which I liked. They were in the form of flashbacks, and if the plot had been told in one continuous time frame I think it would have been more effective. I would have known who the characters were and had a better understanding of their relationship. 

Jin did realize that he wasn't training his sub properly and that such constant harsh punishment wasn't working for them. Thank god! He sought out the help of friends (thank god!) and wasn't the ever-knowing Dom. He knew there were issues and looked for guidance. +1 for Jin.

The blurb is slightly misleading to me. It ends with "Will Gabriel be able to become a proper pet for his Master or will he lose Jin forever?" That is the question isn't it? A question that was left open at the end of the story. The blurb teases you into thinking you'll get the answer. Nope. Not in this book. The blurb is the entire plot summarized, not just a tease. All you need to know about the story is right there. I could have just read the blurb. At least I would have avoided the hot pokers. 

By the end, I did like it enough to want to know what happens with Gabriel and Jin. 

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