Anniversary Shenanigans & GIVEAWAY BONANZA: Anniversary Squee-filled Chat!


*heavy breathing*

Seriously, uni friends, we are one year old, and we're freaking STOKED. So stoked, in fact, that we squee-sploded in a chat filled with ridiculousness that you can access EXCLUSIVELY here...after the jump...with *whispers* a GIGANTIC GIVEAWAY attached to it. (Okay, so maybe we don't know the meaning of the word "whisper.")

Here's a sneak peek...

Natasha: why is it called tossing salad, anyway?
Natasha: i don't see the link
Lorix: because you toss the leaves in the air (kinda)
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHAHAHAHA - Urban Dictionary
Justin: Tossing salad is sticking your tongue in someone's ass
Natasha: yes, but why is it called tossing salad?! i dont stick my tongue in salad!
Natasha: i still don't get it :(
Ann of Ween Gaybles: And there's J
Lorix: Really JJ? Not heard that one before
Audrey: Okay, guys, quick anniversary chat, aaaand begin!!!
Jenni Lea: I forgot what our anniversary chat is supposed to be about
Cuppers: erm…
Lorix: I've LOVED loved loved the first year at BMBR.
Audrey: Anniversary chat is about general squee-age over the occasion of our anniversary.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Me tooooooooooo
Lorix: It's been way more fun than I could ever have imagined.

Want to know what comes next? We continue in the same vein....with lots of SQUIRRELS and SQUEES after the jump! Oh yeah....AND the humongous giveaway! *wiggles*

More STUFFS (plus the giveaway) - just keep reading! ♥

Ahhhhhh! *stretches out legs and flexes hooves* *waggles horn around* Now, doesn't that feel nice and roomy?

There's not much method to this madness, so here's a peek at the craziness that goes on behind the scenes. As with all good things, it all starts and ends with COX. ;) Don't forget to enter the RIDONKULOUS giveaway at the end...where we're giving away the farm! (almost...not quite...and no, we don't condone bestiality! not really.... >__>)

Natasha: why is it called tossing salad, anyway?
Natasha: i don't see the link
Lorix: because you toss the leaves in the air (kinda)
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHAHAHAHA - Urban Dictionary
Justin: Tossing salad is sticking your tongue in someone's ass
Natasha: yes, but why is it called tossing salad?! i dont stick my tongue in salad!
Natasha: i still don't get it :(
Ann of Ween Gaybles: And there's J
Lorix: Really JJ? Not heard that one before
Audrey: Okay, guys, quick anniversary chat, aaaand begin!!!
Jenni Lea: I forgot what our anniversary chat is supposed to be about
Cuppers: erm…
Lorix: I've LOVED loved loved the first year at BMBR.
Audrey: Anniversary chat is about general squee-age over the occasion of our anniversary.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Me tooooooooooo
Lorix: It's been way more fun than I could ever have imagined.
Cuppers: i haven't been here an entire year but the last few months have been fantastic!
Sunny: You fit in well here, Cuppers ;)
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Favorite things . . . . GO!
Natasha: favorite things about the blog? or in general?
Lorix: The authors - they are amazing!
Audrey: I've loved seeing people chime in on your posts, Lori and Ann. Hearing about the people who have also discovered books through the blog. :)
Cuppers: i like the chatzy/doodling thing
Sunny: The Happy Hour chats are one of my favorite things we do :)
Lorix: Oh yes, it's fantastic the people we've met doing this.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: D'awww thanks! We have met some amazing people. I like them much better than RL people
Jenni Lea: I love our Happy Hour chats. And sunday Funday. And everything else
Natasha: wait wait wait
Natasha: am I the only one who hasn't met a unicorn IRL?
Cuppers: no
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Oh noes!
Lorix: I kinda thought it'd just be us, posting reviews of books we've liked and generally just amusing ourselves!
Jenni Lea: Nope, I haven't either
Natasha: RIGHT
Natasha: okay good. im not the only one
Lorix: I HAVE!!!!!!!!
Cuppers: *snort*
Lorix: All the way over here in rainy blighty!
Jenni Lea: Yeah Lori, I thought the same thing. It always surprises me when I see our blog mentioned somewhere else.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I think Audrey has met the most RL uni's
Audrey: But we've mailed you stuff, Natasha, and that's basically the same thing, right? ;)
Cuppers: i also really like the clubhouse & that The Cox is our mascot
Ann of Ween Gaybles: THE COX!
Cuppers: i dig that dude
Breann: THE COX!
Cuppers: he cracks me the fuck up
Lorix: Did Sunny come back from getting a drink?
Sunny: I'm here!
Natasha: he's very charming
Audrey: THE COX!
Audrey: Love how we auto-CAPS LOCK him. :D
Lorix: Oh yeah *waves* hi Sunny!!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I lined up three drinks to be ready
Natasha: lol, Ann
Ann of Ween Gaybles: He's so awesome isn't he?
Sunny: The COX was perfect for our first AotM :D
Cuppers: settling in for evening eh Peach?
MANTICORE of SRAL joined the chat
Natasha: YAY
Sunny: SRAL!!!!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: MANTICORE!
Cuppers: BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Natasha: BROMEO
Lorix: SRAL!!!!!!!!!!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Well, fuck a dead goat, SRAL's HERE!
Justin: Where the hell have you been?
MANTICORE of SRAL: Hi!!! (I fell asleep)
Jenni Lea: Manticore is my new favorite word
Cuppers: when stallion talks...
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Some Stallion I know is a little fussy
Cuppers: i'm waiting for it…
MANTICORE of SRAL: I'm sorry!
Justin: I'm disappointed, SRAL! *snort*
Audrey: Manticore = hardcore manties, right?
Audrey: If not, it should be... >__>
Jenni Lea: YES AUDREY!!!!
Cuppers: i like where your head's at too, ma'am
MANTICORE of SRAL: Manticore loves MANTIES!
Natasha: i was thinking like... manatee/unicorn
Audrey: *picturing Stallion wagging his finger*
Natasha: NARWHAL
Lorix: ooooh - does SRAL get a written warning for showing up late? You know, to her non-paying 'job'?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: *picturing Stallion wagging something else*
Natasha: yes
Audrey: Ooooooh.
Natasha: i sentence SRAL to watch someone fuck a dead goat
Audrey: Wag that "horn," Stallion. Wag it.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Go shank 'em with your Narwahl horn Nashed!
Audrey: *high fives JL and Cuppers, a.k.a. Team Hardcore Manties*
MANTICORE of SRAL: Please no dead goat fucking. :(
Audrey: SRAL, we're chatting anniversary squeeage!
Natasha: you dont have to, Bro, you just have to watch
Audrey: Quick - favorite thing about the blog and/or anniversary! :)
MANTICORE of SRAL: The unicorns!
Lorix: The anniversary has been manic - and so much fun!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Unicorns!
Cuppers: not bey/bey?
Audrey: Awwww! Excellent answer is excellent. <3
Cuppers: or #teampain?
Natasha: i like the allowance of swears
Lorix: Always the unicorns SRAL, always the unicorns!
Justin: My favorite thing is the chats and JC
Cuppers: *high 5's, B*
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I love meeting new authors I might not have met otherwise and other reads who believe our bullshit
MANTICORE of SRAL: Unicorns first.
Sunny: I loved how all the authors were so great about helping us celebrate
Lorix: The COX!
Jenni Lea: I like how we use gifs in our blog reviews and no one can tell us not to.
MANTICORE of SRAL: JC = Jesus Christ?
Lorix: They were and are amazing.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: COX
MANTICORE of SRAL: Ohhhhhhhh
Ann of Ween Gaybles: JC = James Cox
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Always and forever
Audrey: The Church of Cox
Justin: And Nash's drawings!!
Natasha: thanks, J!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I love Unicorn Drawings!!!!
Lorix: Natasha's drawings are awesome! and the blog graphics and everything
Breann: Our business model.
Breann: I like that there's no pressure to do.... anything really.
Breann: and unicorns.
Cuppers: i think the authors really like being horned
Cuppers: Kim Dare did. She was amused.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I like our business model
Breann: Yay for not doing stuff!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: *shrugs* = business model
Audrey: Our business model is the bestest.
Natasha: i love our business model
Lorix: I adore our business model
Natasha: it suits my lifestyle
MANTICORE of SRAL: Though #teampain and BeyBey are great...I didn't learn about them through the blog
Lorix: But I did L. #teamtom!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: But you introduced other unicorns to them through the blog
Ann of Ween Gaybles: And I am the proud owner of a FISTING mug and #TeamTom shirt because of it
Sunny: I still can't believe how it all works...'cause that business model was very foreign to me before BMBR
Justin: LOL Sunny
Breann: Look at how well we coordinated this crazy month!
Breann: It works
Natasha: whats #teamtom?
Lorix: ~teamtom = character out of Bey Deckards Caged series
Ann of Ween Gaybles: We coordinated?
Lorix: Sunny & Audrey, you're our linchpins! I love our business model but we do need you & Audrey!
Audrey: Awww, we need every one of us! <3
Audrey: I love how we all do our different things, and it comes together like MAGIC. UNICORN MAGIC.
Breann: MAGIC
Justin: I loved it too, CC
MANTICORE of SRAL: Yeah...I have a big mouth when I like an author. Someone says it's sort of pushy
Ann of Ween Gaybles: You have a bully Kindle. I respect that
Cuppers: *pets Baby*
Audrey: hahahaha
Audrey: The happy hour chats are my favorite, too.
Natasha: my favorite part of BMBR is perhaps dolphin porn
Sunny: omg...DOLPHIN PORN!
Sunny: *shudders*
Natasha: wasn't it weird?! it was so weird
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHA - I haven't looked at Sea World the same since
Sunny: Really weird
MANTICORE of SRAL: I'm still reading that book
Natasha: LOL
MANTICORE of SRAL: *giggles*
Audrey: I read that blowfish bareback thing b/c of L. O__O
Natasha: BRO. ya gotta finish! the ending.. is so.... ..... written
Justin: CLOWN'd!
Cuppers: I wish you'd hurry the fuck up! My gif is dying to be set free!
Breann: I read clowns because of Natasha and it was AMAZING
MANTICORE of SRAL: That blowfish book was pretty good though
Natasha: OMG
Natasha: i LOOOOVE clown porn!
Natasha: so does Breann
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Well, when your bestie walks in on you being fucked by a dolphin, there's really no going back
Breann: Experience?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: COWBOY'D
Natasha: that was one of the funniest, most awkward scenes ina book... ever
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Agreeeeeeeed!
Cuppers: like a real dolphin?
Cuppers: for serious?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Dolphin Cock Block is the name of my new band
Breann: OMG I have to read that scene
Natasha: the bestie is all "WHAT WHAT WHAT" and he's all "NOOOoooo you don't understand our REAL LOVE! Don't worry about this dolphin fucking me!"
Natasha: I almost died. Just thinking about it makes me laugh
Ann of Ween Gaybles: with his swirly dolphin peen!
Breann: I'm laughing and I didn't even read it
Audrey: hahahahhaaha
MANTICORE of SRAL: LMAO I'll remember this when I finally get to that part
Natasha: he's corkscrewing this guy's bestie, and he's so awkward
Lorix: Ya know, I'm really not sorry I haven't read the dolphin porn
Lorix: Though I did love the clowns! Who knew?
Natasha: lori, you go on and read it! its so funny
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Plus there was another dolphin dude
Natasha: yes, two dolphins, one guy
Natasha: i drew a picture for it, in fact
MANTICORE of SRAL: The clowns wasn't half bad.
Justin: Dolphin DP
Natasha: that i said i was gonna put on t-shirts... hmmmm
Sunny: The picture was awesome, the book...not so much
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHAHAHA - still amuses the fuck out of me
Cuppers: WUT?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I'd buy that T-shirt!
Natasha: cuppy, go look at my review for Dolphin Dreams... thats the pic i was gonna put on a shirt
Cuppers: dolphin dp?
Cuppers: i…
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That I would buy on a shirt
Lorix: no sea-life sex for life! (Reading for me, the sea creatures are fine to have sex, I just don't want to read about it).
Ann of Ween Gaybles: They didn't get to DP because of the BFF cock block
Natasha: but like human x dolphin not like shifters exactly... REAL dolphin
Cuppers: THAT'S ADORBZ!!!!
Audrey: Maybe we could do a merman book chat...
Ann of Ween Gaybles: ooooooooooooooooo - I love mermen
Justin: I have a few mermen books
Lorix: Colby merman!
Sunny: Of course you do, J!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: YES!
Justin: Sunshine......
Lorix: JJ has everything!
Sunny: *innocence*
Jenni Lea: You know what one of my favorite things is about the chats? SQUIRREL!
Natasha: wait wait, that's how this all started
Natasha: playing with food - merikans
Audrey: YES!
Audrey: I remember reading that story when we first met!
Natasha: it was my first weird story!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That story was fucked up. I liked it
Lorix: (I've not read playing with food - don't disown me).
Breann: I haven't read it either
Ann of Ween Gaybles: After that you rec'd Fucked in the Nostril by a Micro Penis
Natasha: its okay, Lori, its real weird. its like merman rapey
MANTICORE of SRAL: How did I not get you to read this, Lori?
Natasha: but i 4 starred it because thats what i do
Audrey: hahahhahaha
Audrey: It's merman DUBcon.
Audrey: Exsqueeze me.
MANTICORE of SRAL: Lori, you can handle this.
Cuppers: wait the merman had a micropenis?
Lorix: Hmmmm...not into dub/non con. Even with mermen!
Cuppers: i'm so confused
Audrey: No, he had a normal weiner. I think.
Lorix: Welcome to BMBR Cuppers!
Cuppers: thanks Downton
Sunny: lol, I was just going to say that, Lori!
Jenni Lea: Don't worry Cuppers, so am I
Lorix: Where everything is confusing and yet it still works!
Natasha: its a penis inside his scaley exterior
Audrey: His pelvic slit!
MANTICORE of SRAL: And Cupcake? How the fuck did she miss my rec too?
Natasha: i was kinda into the pelvic slit
Audrey: Me too. >__>
Natasha: it's my new 'thing'
Audrey: It was kinda hot.
Natasha: yeeesssssss, so hot!
Audrey: *high fives Natasha*
Sunny: Any other favorite memories of the past year?
Cuppers: you rec'd me a merman dub con book where the merman had a micropenis?
MANTICORE of SRAL: It was odd but it's readable.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: "slit" is just one of those ick words
Cuppers: like 'ripe'
Jenni Lea: Yes Ann! Like 'suckle'
Ann of Ween Gaybles: and "stool"
Ann of Ween Gaybles: and "moist"
Audrey: My face right now is D: gross.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: and "sheath"
Cuppers: *shudders*
Lorix: Laughing. You guys make me laugh so much. Semen cocktails....
Sunny: please leave the M word of our chats...
Justin: fluffering holes
Ann of Ween Gaybles: My sis and I text each other ick words during the day just because
Justin: fluttering holes
Ann of Ween Gaybles: MOIST!
Sunny: ANN!!!
Sunny: STOP IT!
Natasha: i hate the word "zest". i dunno. its my only hated word
Sunny: lmao...
Cuppers: i like when Sunny gets all bossy w/her shouty capitals
Audrey: But but...moist slits need loving, too!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHAHA - Audrey!
Lorix: Under pants are a perfectly acceptable clothing item
Sunny: No, they are NOT
MANTICORE of SRAL: Zest? But you're not fully clean unles you're ZESTfully clean
Lorix: fave things - Taters explaining scat to Miss Sweet'N'Innocvent here.
Audrey: I liked fluffering holes, J.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Cuz you like fluff and smuff
Cuppers: i'm confused by fluffering
Audrey: It's a fluffer doing fluffer-y things to a hole, obvs. ;)
Cuppers: zest is an ick word?
Natasha: zest is the ickiest word
Natasha: it can describe a type of soap, or a type of dorito
Natasha: its WRONG
Audrey: Zest is also the zest of a lemon peel.
Lorix: Zest? So no recipe books for you
Cuppers: like tossing salads?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: How about a quivering channel?
Sunny: One of my favorite memories...Tali's reaction to our chat about Thick as Thieves
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yes Sunny!
Justin: good one Sunny!
Natasha: OH
Natasha: my favorite memory is when everyone on GR could see what we were posting in our secret chat and had to think up secret words to describe dirty things
Ann of Ween Gaybles: OMG - I forgot about that!
MANTICORE of SRAL: That's a good one!
Lorix: The code! The CUM Code
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Poor Breann!
Audrey: OMG, that was great.
Natasha: painting the fence!
Cuppers: what happened?
Sunny: lol...that was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing when they showed up
Audrey: Reading recipes!
Natasha: wasn't something David Spade?
Audrey: Reading recipes = tossing salads = fluffering a hole
Lorix: Breann's updates kept getting shown on the main feed!
Sunny: Cupcake, when they first started the group, the secret chat wasn't so secret
Breann: stupid iphone
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Cuppers - whenever someone was using the GR app their comments were showing up on the main feed instead of just the private group
Natasha: LOL OH YEAH! hot guy = david spade (ie. Oh that guy is totally David Spade)
Justin: That day the app went crazy was HILARIOUS!
Justin: We were making plans to bust out of prison
Cuppers: like in the chat or the clubhouse?
Sunny: clubhouse
Justin: Jay Bell posting on FB that someone other than his husband wanted to see his peen
Cuppers: J, you wanna see Jay's peen?
Sunny: J, that was hilarious, too :D
Lorix: That was a special moment JJ. A special moment!
Breann: OMG! Jay Bell's reaction to our chat!! It was awesome
Jenni Lea: I loved how we all read a different version of the same book yet we still managed to come together and make sense of it in our chat. NOW THAT'S UNICORN MAGIC!
Audrey: hahahahhahahaha, JL, it was AWESOME! :D
Breann: That was HI-larious
Lorix: Our chats are the best!
Jenni Lea: I LOVED Tali's reaction to our chat!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: J wants all the peen
Lorix: Tali is wonderful.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I love Tali! I have a signed copy of Thick as Thieves on my Shelf of Awesome
Cuppers: you met her too?
MANTICORE of SRAL: OMG I still cherish my swag to this day!
Natasha: i loved Thick as Thieves. Its one of my favorite BMBR reads
Cuppers: when's the next one coming out? more Vorgell please!!!!!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I wish! She sent copies to whoever requested it. She sent a bunch of awesome swag
Ann of Ween Gaybles: J loved Vorgel best
Audrey: Wrapping up anniversary portion.....what do we most want to see in the year ahead?
Justin: Squirrel......I miss JO!
Natasha: more porn
Lorix: More of the same!
Jenni Lea: More peen!
MANTICORE of SRAL: OMG more hot authors?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: PORN AND PEEN
Lorix: I miss Jo too JJ,
Ann of Ween Gaybles: New authors, new words, new discoveries
Natasha: me three!
Sunny: More fun chats :)
Justin: Porn & Peen FTW
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Of Porn and Peen
Lorix: Just more of it all - this year has been fabulous fun.
MANTICORE of SRAL: Porn and Peen!! Yes!!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I miss Jo too *hugs Jo*
Natasha: yes pretty much i want to see more weiners
Sunny: Jo, come back!
Cuppers: porn, peen & unicorns :)
MANTICORE of SRAL: Best year ever. Who knew you could have so much fun reviewing?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: WEINERS
Ann of Ween Gaybles: The great weiner debate was fun
Lorix: Exactly!!
Audrey: Weiners are winners!
Natasha: oh YEAH@
Breann: no weiners!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That was an excellent campaign
MANTICORE of SRAL: No YA in May party remains a united front!
Lorix: The great books I've read that I wouldn't have if it wasn't for the blog - either chat books or requests and discovering authors to LOVE!
Natasha: vertical weiners i think are the best kinds
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Depending on where you're standing, horizontal weiners can work too
Justin: firm weiners are the best
Sunny: I thought we agreed for the guy with two, vertical was better?
Natasha: but if we're eye to eye (lol, as if) vertical sounds good!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Agreed J, agreed
Sunny: lol...J! Yes, I prefer firms ones myself :)
Lorix: Discussing how best a two dicked dude would 'wear' his appendages...
Natasha: i also like rainbow dicks. those are good
Ann of Ween Gaybles: from a side angle a horizontal weiner is fun. I could slap it.
Lorix: Always for SCIENCE!
Sunny: OMG...wait! Best thing this past year? Flavored cum!
Natasha: lol like one of those... ball things... with the numerous... metal balls that clink each other... you guys know what i mean
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Rainbow and flavored CUM FTW
Lorix: Newtons Cradle Natasha
Cuppers: that should be an ad campaign
MANTICORE of SRAL: LOL floppy weiners are a no
Ann of Ween Gaybles: And we circle back to THE COX
Natasha: newtons cradle! thanks!

Cuppers: i'm fairly certain The Cox's wiener is only floppy when it's cold, otherwise all bets are off.

heh heh yeah. That happened. *cheesy grin*

To thank you for sticking with us through this post, that chat, and the past YEAR, we unicorns of BMBR are super duper proud to announce we are doing a very special giveaway to celebrate the amazing times we've had with the blog.

To celebrate our anniversary with a bang (heh heh), we're giving away a SHIT-TON OF PENISES. *schaaa-wing!* *coughs* j/k...sorta.

By which we mean we're giving away a copy of each and every book that was the the Book of the Month from our illustrious Authors of the Month (and, for the most part, those books that were the topic of our Happy Hour chats over the past year).

Yes, we're giving away A DOZEN BOOKS. *gasp*

Handsome Hero Wanted by James Cox
The Christmas Throwaway by R.J. Scott
Thick as Thieves by Tali Spencer
Superhero by Eli Easton
Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala
Kamikaze Boys by Jay Bell
A Little Bit Country by S.J. Frost
Naked Tails by Eden Winters
Shane and Trey by Anyta Sunday
An Onanist's Journey to Reclaiming His Seed by K.A. Merikan
The Vampire Fred: Wicked Game by Vaughn R. Demont
Books 1-3 of the Pushing the Envelope series by Kim Dare

Did you hear us??? We're giving away a dozen books to one lucky winner!!!!!!

AND....Finn Marlowe generously donated a $20 gift card from Amazon to help us with our Anniversary Celebration! A DOZEN BOOKS and a GIFT CARD to buy even more!!!!

So, how do you enter to win this GIVEAWAY BONANZA?

Leave a comment on this post telling us (1) your name and a way of contacting you (such as your email address or Twitter handle) and (2) the weirdest m/m book you've ever read...EVER. It doesn't have to be dolphin porn, but y'know...we wouldn't raise our brows if that's what you listed. ;)

The giveaway is open until 10PM (Pacific time) on Saturday, December 13th. We'll pick a winner by the ever-so-popular "names in a hat" method (or, y'know, an internet randomizer) and contact the winner shortly thereafter. (So please please PLEASE leave a contact method!) :) The winner should respond within 48 hours or we'll choose another winner.

♥♥♥ A million thanks to everyone who has helped to make Boy Meets Boy Reviews such a shining beacon of fun in our lives! We can't wait to see what the year ahead brings! ♥♥♥


  1. Well everyone, that was certainly....hmmm.....interesting. Yes, interesting. You lost me at the Tossing Salad debate (I still don't get it) and never fully recovered after that. They say that Diversity is the Key to Success - well you certainly diversified, so it must have been successful even though I didn't understand a word of your ramblings so, well done. I look forward to not understanding your ramblings in 2015 - uniqueness is a rare and wonderous gift. As I've never read a weird m/m book, I'm not entering but wish success to everyone that does.

  2. One of the weirdest books I ever read was The Gift by B. Manly, which I didn't like it at all. And I was so ''lucky'' the next book I picked was an even worse reading, LOL! I can't remember the name right now.
    Awesome giveaway, thanks!

  3. This is awesome! These are all books I want to read, but don't have yet. Okay, here goes...

    Elaine White and you can contact me through e-mail at - The weirdest M/M book I've ever read had to be The Student by John Powell. It was just...weird. I didn't get it.

    Saying that, however, I have read a sample of '15 Stories of Reluctant Gay BDSM, Menage, Shifters, and Tentacles' by Mike Ox. I read one of the short stories and it was so weird and hilarious that I laughed through the whole thing. But, at least that gave me a good giggle. The Student was just one of those you tilt your head at, put your hand on your hip and say...WTF were you thinking? and What is the point of this?

  4. Happy Anniversary to the Unicorn Mafia! That was one wacked conversation, but thanks for it and for the awesome contest. This doesn't count as true m/m, but it was a precursor - the weirdest book I have read is the one I wrote (and illustrated) as a child about The Monkees. I watched that show religiously on repeats. In my "book" they all wore matching red outfits and were quite close. :-) It was based on a dream...

    jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  5. Jesus Christ. lol. You unicorns are fucking amazing!! I feel the love and will pinch each of you on your ass *W* You all are so damn funny! lmao! And to answer your question, my dick IS only floppy when it's cold *g*

    Seriously though, BMBR is such a fantastic, loving, sexy place. I couldn't picture the universe without such wonderful friends as you!

  6. Thanks for the fun and Happy Anniversary! I'm so glad that I found your site. Thanks for all the shenanigans and contests, especially this last amazing one! The weirdest book m/m book I ever read....hmm...I can't remember the name of the book but it was an anthology I got for free with a bunch of short m/m stories. But they were so strange that I'm not sure I finished them or not. The only one I remember was about a older man that was a shape shifter living in the jungle and coming across a younger man who needed help. They couldn't really communicate to each other and the relationship was really strange too.


  7. Omfg you all rock! Thank you James Cox and Lorraine Lesar for hooking me onto this site! I am still giggling at the tossed salad convo! I Dont stick my tongue in salad! Ha!!!!! Seriously....snorting and tears here!
    I haven't read a weird m/m yet! Loved them all!

  8. Happy Anniversary Unicorn Mafia!!! I love your site and can't wait for the next year!! The strangest m/m Liam's Wake, while I like the author this is one book that I just could not get into and took me about a week to get through.
    Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!! jasdarts at hotmail dot com

  9. Happy Anniversary you Unicorn Ladies! ...and the information about "tossing salad". **giggling**. I haven't read that many weird M/M books but I remember Evie Kiels tentacle shorty as quite weird. Or why not Lydia Sebastian's blackfish story - kind of wird kinky as well.
    Crossing my fingers for your great givaways. // ingroz at icloud dot com

  10. Crazy it's why I like to come to this site. Happy Anniversary. I don't remember reading any weird M/M books. I know I'm definitely staying away from this one though A Billionaire Dinosaur Forced Me Gay by Hunter Fox. Dinosaur porn is not my thing Thanks so much for being generous on your anniversary.

  11. Very interesting discussion. I'm not sure if reading it or hearing it would be better. ;) Weird for me would probably be tame for some, and I usually avoid things that are too paranormal or fantasy for me. However, if pressed, I would probably say Something About Harry - in a few words, there were tentacles...that's a no for me. Thanks for the generous giveaway and happy anniversary!

    Waxapplelover (at) gmail (dot) com

  12. Happy Anniversary Unicorns!

    I read a lot of books that may be considered weird by others so it's hard for me to judge but I'll throw this one out which was interesting Journal of a Lycanthrophile - half-shifted werewolves.

  13. Happy Anniversary, you guys rock!! I love the things you guys post. I would say the weirdest book I read in m/m was a tentacle sex book from this year's Love's Landscapes and I know you guys have loved a couple of these, but I just can't venture there yet after that book.

    dmdkindle at gmail dot com

  14. Congratulations! The weirdest story I've read was a 2013 Love's Landscape story called What Comes to Hand by Tripoli which contained some dubious consent, medical kink and "extreme insect play".

    debdeege (at) optonline (dot) net

  15. I daren't say what I found weird because it's bound to be something someone found not weird at all! I've gradually been corrupted the more I read!
    bjel at btinternet dot com

  16. Happy Anniversary Unicorn Mafia! You guys are the funniest. Thank you for introducing me to such amazing books and authors. I haven't been following long but this is one blog that I go to every day! Okay now the weirdest book I have read is Dolphin Dreams by Jules Jones. Just couldn't get into the dolphin thing. Thank you for such a fabulous giveaway..

  17. Happy Anniversary unicorns! I have really enjoyed all the author interviews, reviews, and giveaways! You guys really make it fun!
    As for a book that comes to mind as being the weirdest book I've read has to be one that I also love- when I stop a chapter or two from the end. That book is Acquainted With the Night. The egg breeding mpreg and the master's point of view of the last chapter, while sweet, is still weird to me.
    Thanks for the chance at the amazing giveaway!

  18. Happy Anniversary. Very unusual discussion. Food for thought! I read Abused and it was very strange!
    Debby236 at gmail dot com

  19. Bah, well, Jenni Lea and SRAL have already informed me that this isn't all that bad, but I read a HORRIBLE book that was full of misogyny and just disgusting. There was murder, dismemberment if I recall, masturbating over the body, sex around it... that sort of thing. It pretty much horrified me.

    Other than that, maybe something I read with some tentacle porn but they were like having a tentacle bitch fest over who could rape the person. Definitely confused me a lot.

  20. Happy Anniversary!

    Something weird I read, huh? If it was weird, I probably didn't get past the first chapter or so which means my brain deleted the irrelevant book from it's files. I can't give you a title because I can't remember one :\


  21. Salad tossing is all the rage, but if the activity in public you do engage, you might just find yourself locked up in a cage! LOL Thank you for that fun dialogue and Happy Anniversary to your stable of fine unicorns & manicorns.

    Weird reads tricky, I might have to think about this a bit more and get back to you :)

    Thank you for a chance to win this awesome list of books. slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  22. Congratulations on your anniversary, I love your review site, keep up the fabulous work!! I am sure I have read some weird books but I cant seem to remember the title, it was about tentacles though. Too strange for me. ardent(dot)ereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  23. Thanks for stopping by to celebrate our anniversary! The winner of the giveaway is Elaine (ellelainey), whom we have contacted via email.

    See you on BMBR! :)