Anniversary Shenanigans: Author Visit and Giveaway: M.J. O'Shea

To kick off our month long anniversary celebrations we're welcoming the lovely M.J. O'Shea! aka Queen of The Cute (titled by me, Breann) because OMG, she writes some seriously cute boys. And enter to win an ebook copy from her backlist!

BMBR: What are your favorite M/M themes? 
MJ: I'm always a huge fan of first love. I even try to incorporate it in my own writing when I have older characters (who may have not been in love before). It's fun to watch characters experience that for the first time. As far as general themes, I love musicians and chefs, I never get sick of paranormal, and I looove spies!

BMBR: What books do you consider Desert Island Keepers?
MJ: I'm not going to name and MM books (since I know a lot of the authors in person and I hate to pick between friends!!) But for me any and all of harry potter, Ender's Game, Stardust and my book of fairy tales.

BMBR: What's your go-to tasty beverage?
MJ: I really love coconut water, actually!

BMBR: Do you have any secret talents? Inquiring minds want to know.
MJ: Ummm probably not so secret is my music thing. I started playing the piano when I was five and flute at 9 and still play both. I can wing it on a couple other instruments and I was in choir... I'm pretty much the quintessential music geek lol.  And I do love to paint, although that's more of a hobby:) I've never done it professionally.

BMBR: MJ was kind enough to share some of her work with us and wow! That's gorgeous!
If you had to choose to be one magical beast, what would it be and why? (you don't have to say unicorn...but we won't say neigh either)
MJ: If by beast you mean animal in nature.. does mermaid count since they're half animal? If I can't pick that I'd be a pegasus. They can fly!

BMBR: Mermaid totally counts. Maybe you could be a mermaid shifter that turns into a Pegasus. Why not!
Who's your favorite porn star?
MJ: I actually don't have one... Sorry, that's probably a super lame answer:(  I've heard brent corrigan talk a few times and he seems really interesting and intelligent so I'll go with him!

BMBR: Do you have author envy? Whose words do you read and think, "GAH, I wish I wrote that!"?
MJ: Again, I'm going to stay out of MM. There are a ton of super talented authors but I wouldn't want to pick just one! As always, my answer is JK Rowling. I can't imagine being able to say that I came up with the whole harry potter universe. I'm sure there are more profound things out there, but that changed the lives of so many kids (and not kids!) it would be amazing to have been the creator of that.

BMBR: Any new projects you're currently working on?
MJ: Always :)  I'm in process of finishing a book I'm calling Family Jewels about very talented jewel thief and an interpol agent who is head of the department who has been tasked to track him down. Of course they meet and fall in love:) I've been having a great time mixing romance with a background set of thriller/mystery. That's the second of my books like that. The first, Corkscrewed, is out in December. It's about two con artists competing for the same mark (the owner of an extensive vineyard and wine collection), and of course falling in love even if they don't want to:)

I'm also in the middle of writing three books about different pastry chefs with my friend Anna Martin. The first, Macarons at Midnight, is already out but the next two are in different stages of production and coming soon! I love writing about chefs just as much as I love to read about them. Not very good for the ol' healthy diet though!

BMBR: Sounds awesome! Can't wait to be my hands on them.

Thanks so much for visiting & chatting with us today!

About M.J. O'Shea: 
M.J. O'Shea has been writing romance since algebra class in sixth grade (when most of her stories starred her and Leonardo DiCaprio). When she's not writing, she loves listening to nearly all types of music, painting, reading great authors, and on those elusive sunny days in the Pacific Northwest, she loves driving on the freeway with her windows rolled down and her stereo on high.

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We have FIVE ebooks to give away! To enter to win an ebook copy of your choice from M.J. O'Shea's backlist please leave a comment on this blog post and let us know (1) your name and a means of contacting you (e.g., email, Twitter handle, link to Goodreads account, etc.) and (2) What mythical creature would you want to be?

The giveaway is open until 10:00PM (Pacific time) on November 8th. Shortly thereafter, we will contact a winner whom we will select using a highly scientific "names in a hat" method (or, you know, an internet randomizer). Please respond to the winning notification within 48 hours or we will choose another winner.

Thanks for celebrating with us and GOOD LUCK!


  1. Thanks for the fun interview and the giveaway! I think I would like to be a dragon. amaquilante(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Lovely interview! And I love questions like these! The creature I would love to be would have to be a Dragon-Wolf. I didn't think they actually had things like those, combined, until I stumbled upon a few photo's of some a while back. They are beautiful, loyal creatures. :)

    Denise Schmidt

    1. My 16 year old was a dragon-wolf for Halloween. :)

    2. I'm glad you liked the questions. There's lots more to come :D

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! I'd be a coatl (I like snakes!) I think. I'm Scarlett and my addy is

  4. I think I would want to be a Phoenix! Great post, I love MJ's books. Thanks for the giveaway. ardent(dot)ereader(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Ooh, great question!
    A mermaid I think, freedom to go lots of fab places!
    Little suze at hotmail dot com

    1. I'd go with a sea creature, too. But I'm pretty sure I'd have tentacles ;)

  6. That's actually a hard question to answer, as I love so many mythical creatures. Just because no one else has said it so far, I'll go with an elf.

  7. I think I would want to be a dragon shifter.

  8. Love MJ O'Shea's books! Thanks for the interview and contest. I am between mermaid and dragon...guess I will go with dragon.

    Jen - jen.f {at} mac {dot} com

  9. Great interview! Big fan of MJ's books! I would want to be a sphinx!

  10. Great interview! I would want to be a Kraken. I would rule the sea! Thank you for sharing with us!

  11. I would love to be a dragon, I think they are fascinating! Congrats on turning 1 :-) wendynjason04 at gmail dot com

  12. This gay guy would love to be a vampire.....haha.....go figure. Thanks for the interview and contest. I love your books.

  13. Love the interview! I'll have to go for Dragon (like Haku in Spirited Away).
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    My email is:

  14. Great interview! Huge fan of MJ's books and adorable characters! I would want to be a shifter > tiger or a wolf.

  15. Ooo, that is so tough! I can't pick just one, mermaid, elf (like a Tolkien elf!), or a dragon!
    OceanAkers @

  16. Hmmm... I think I'd have to pick an elf. Grace and beauty, and maybe a little bit snooty. heheh


  17. I would want to be a female mage with magical powers and knew how to do herbal concoctions too.
    strive4bst(AT) yahoo(Dot) com

  18. Oh my I want to be a dragon

  19. I would have to go with a dragon.

  20. I would love to be one of the Fae. They have so many different powers. Living in another place but being able to go between worlds sounds so cool.

  21. Thanks for the great interview. It's good to learn about authors, their likes and such and what they're working on. I'd love to be either a Vampire or a Werewolf. Power. Strength, and Super Wise with a ton of experience human's of the present haven't lived in.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  22. I love so many mythical creatures, so its so hard to pinpoint just one, I think I would love to be one that could shift into any form that it wanted, be it a dragon, unicorn or even a Kitsune :D

    I really enjoyed this interview and I love that wall mural, also thank you for a chance to win a book by MJ O'Shea. slholland22 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  23. We have our five winners! ardent.ereader, Suzi Webster, Wendy Hoffman, SM Zoeanne & Jbst are the winners of this giveaway. Congrats!! You will be receiving an email soon regarding your prize.