Sunday Funday with Fruity Fellatio!

Hear ye, hear ye! A delightful discovery has been made by this merry band of unicorns. What is it?

Fruity fellatio!

Also known as...the grapefruit blowjob.

It works.

That's all we're gonna say about that. ;)


Then take note of the *coughs* research that has been performed by our very own team of unicornian scientists:
1. Don't forget the towel
2. Make sure your hair is pulled back or it will get sticky
3. Make sure grapefruit is room temp
4. And licking a penis that tastes like a grapefruit is kind of more exciting than just licking a penis that tastes like penis. It was really fun.  It's true!

Now go forth and enjoy your citrus! ♥

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