Review: The F Words (Enemies to Lovers, #4) by Anyta Sunday

Rory A. Phillips is sick of being haunted. Sick of hurting. Sick of being so fucking lost. Whenever he ‘sees’ his best friend William, he’s packing up his motorbike and on the move. But is there a place he can run to that will ever be free of William? A place where he could ever learn to love? A place he can call home? 

After losing his last living relative, Eric Graham moves to Wellington to start a new job and a new life. Alone—save for his grandpa’s ashes he can’t bring himself to scatter in the sea. The only guy in the city he knows is a homophobic prick that he’d rather have nothing to do with—but he just can’t stop running into him. 

Rory and Eric, both grieving and alone, are searching for a way to move on. 
And maybe the best way to do that is together. 

I'm still fangirling away in my little corner of the stable. This review has previously been seen on Goodreads.

I've loved all the 'Enemies to Lovers' books by Anyta Sunday, but this one is my favourite. Why?? I hear you ask. Well one word really, Rory. Rory, Rory, Rory. He's hurting so much and needs someone to love him and he just took hold of my heart from the start. 

The pain of the character is so real and the healing very gentle and believable. Eric is also a wonderful character - not without his own demons - and together the two complement each other perfectly. Though billed as Enemies-to-Lovers, for me I see much more of a friends-to-lovers theme. Whilst they may not start off best buddies the friendship develops before the relationship. 

I like these books because we catch glimpses of the characters from the other EtL stories, but they don't take over the story. We see the connection, but they are fresh stories that could absolutely be read as stand alone novels.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, along with Eli Easton, Anyta Sunday is the queen of UST - and there's nothing I like more than a bit of unresolved sexual tension. *fans self* If you're a fan, then this book is for you...a slow burn that's SO worth it.

If you love a good old love story then this is totally for you. Go on, give it a go!!

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