Guest Review: A Place for Cliff by Talon P.S.

Today we welcome a visitor to the clubhouse. Thank you for the guest review, Optimist King's Wench! ♥

Abandoned by his parents and left to tend to his sick sister since he was nineteen, Cliff has done little more than wander thru his existence. That is until the Patronus Diesel Gentry sends him to meet Pyotr Laszkovi. A man nearly twice his age but his impeccable looks and debonair sexuality has Cliff falling like a love sick puppy for the man. Problem is Cliff is about two threads from coming completely undone as a human being. Despite this, Pyotr sees in him an irresistible young man who satisfies his needs like no other and is willing to be there to catch Cliff when he unravels and stay at his side during the hardest goodbye of all.

"I also tend to have a voraciously demanding sexual appetite once I've chosen to become involved with someone."

Promising start, no?

Cliff is a twinky EMT who's been left as the sole provider/caretaker for his sister, Kimmi, who has leukemia. How he winds up in Pyotr's office is a bit murky on the details, but he gets a referral ostensibly to work on his issues. What issues, you ask? Erm... *shrugs*. Pyotr's a psychologist and a dominant who's 46 to Cliff's 24. Woot! Age difference! It would've been the icing on the cake if he were a bear. He is Serbian so... I just sort of made it happen (in my head). So, Cliff waltzes in believing himself to be a dominant and straight.

Fifth session we get this:

"'re just like any other doctor, making me wait on you, but don't you dare try to tell I'm too young to want to be in your bed. You keep at me about saying what I want. Well- you're fucking me and that's it!"

Alrighty then. Not that straight, huh?

*suspend reality thrusters engaged*

Boy, those thrusters came in handy! About 5 whole minutes after the virgin ass pounding the instalove hit triggering the throwing out of the condoms followed shortly thereafter by declarations of LUB, a move in because why wouldn't you move you and your ill sister in with a guy you've known for a handful of weeks? A smattering of drama llamaesque antics naturally follow accompanied by a heaping pile of PDA. Y'know. Typical instalove algorithm stuff. Level of Cray Cray-2.

Cliff and Pyotr's stomping ground is called... brace yourselves... Club Pain.*groans* The kink is actually the high point of A Place for Cliff-bondage, suspension, exhibitionism, flogging, zip lines. Truly, queltworthy stuff. The sex is sweaty, filled with dirty talk and an abundance of floppy cocks (a personal fave), so that's a win-WIN-WIN!!! The D/s development didn't go from 0-ARE-YOU-FUCKING-CRAZY???? which was a good counterbalance to the instalove. Ironic that Pyotr, who's mostly into B/D, would fall for a brat, but there's no stopping the instalove train. I was looking forward to some quality punishments which never came to pass. *pouts*

The storyline of A Place for Cliff is unfocused, full of dead end tangents with clunky prose and some downright odd vocabulary choices. There are so many perspective changes I started feeling schizophrenic. Sloppy editing-using 'strait' rather than 'straight' or classifying the penis as a 'gland' rather than it having a 'glans' and improper usage of words; silly mistakes that kept kicking me out of the story. Most resolutions were tied up in nice little boxes with bows. Essentially, it needs to be tightened up and an editor. Desperately.

p.s. Pet peeve:  if you're going to use a foreign language in your writez, it needs to be translated. Period.

2 Stars for good kink and floppy cocks.

♥ Thank you to our wonderful Friend of the Unicorns, Optimist King's Wench, for the guest review! ♥

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  1. I'm down for good kink, floppy cocks...hmm...Great review! :D