Review: Max and Finn (Men of Smithfield #2) by L.B. Gregg

When I walked out of his office after the hottest sex of my life, I thought I’d left Max Douglas behind me forever— along with my favorite argyle socks and my self-respect. The last thing I need is the too-serious, too-sexy former Marine living across the hall from me while he acts as a bodyguard for one of my students. Especially since he fired me from my job tutoring his brother—after we hooked up.

I shouldn’t want him. I should despise him after the way he treated me. But he’s exactly my type: older, experienced, in control—and it’s obvious the lust is still mutual. While I may not be able to keep our relationship strictly professional, I’m determined to keep it purely physical. But when the stalker threats escalate, it looks like Max is going to be sticking around the school for a while—and the more I get to know him, the more I’m in danger of losing my heart.

Pure entertainment. 

Between L.B. Gregg's humorous writing style and Shannon Gunn's ...erhm... enthusiastic narrating, I found my self laughing more often than not. I know that was L.B. Gregg's intention in her writing, but was that Shannon Gunn's intention with the narrating? I'm not sure, but I found him to be freaking hilarious.

It all starts when Finn decides he likes the older brother of the boy he's tutoring. What's the next, logical step in a situation such as this?

Step 1: Go to crush's office
Step 2: Take off your shirt
Step 3: Check to make sure said crush has a hard-on
If yes - continue to, oh so arrogantly, undress
Step 5: Let him bend you over that desk and have his hard, dirty way with you

I wrote it all out for you, in case you find yourself in a similar situation. Just a public service us unicorns like to offer. *tips unicorn horn*

Anyway, back to Max and Finn. That all happened, but there was a little fallout and they split ways. Then, uh-oh, Max is working private security at the prep school where Finn works. They meet again and there is tension. Finn is remembering how hard Max likes to give it and how hard he likes to take it. *bites lip*

I especially enjoyed Finn and his inner dialogue. Being inside his head, on audio, was so completely amusing and I just fell in love with him. Max was meh. It took a while for him to warm up and become a likeable character to me. Yeah, he's supposed to be a hard-ass, but that whole charade lasted too long for me. I felt the chemistry in a lust kind of way, but not so much in an HEA kind of way. I think I need more time with them as a couple to buy the forever deal with Max and Finn.

It was fun and pretty darn hilarious. I liked the little mystery that went along with their romance and that it was secondary. I will definitely be picking up the third on audio.

Shannon Gunn. *chuckles* I just can't get enough of that guy.

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