Happy Hour Chat: "Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts" by Lyn Gala

Welcome to the March 2014 Happy Hour Chat with the BMBR unicorns! Today we're chit chatting about an alien sci-fi story by the incomparable Lyn Gala.

In case we've managed to keep this a secret all this time, we should let y'all know that we're an international unicorn mafia spanning three countries and eight time zones, and it's only through the miracles of technology that this wonderful happy hour can take place each month. Alas, we regret to report that, due to the atrocious weather in certain areas of the USA recently, our very own Bracken Rainbow Stallion (a.k.a. Justin) took shelter in the stables rather than visit the clubhouse for March's happy hour. Stay safe, Stallion!

The rest of us managed to mosey our way into the clubhouse and pop open the champagne, cocktails, and ginger ale (for some of us non-drinkers). Lyn Gala will be BMBR's featured author for March, so keep an eye out for more reviews of her work this month!

March's Happy Hour Chat book is Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala.

Ann of Ween Gaybles: I gotta get a cocktail refresh BRB 
Sunny: are we ready to talk tail sex? 
Jenni Lea: TAIL SEX! 
SRAL: ready. 
Natasha: I love tail sex 
Breann: yup! 
Sunny: There wasn't enough, though 
Jenni Lea: It was my first time. I was a tail sex virgin. Lyn Gala popped my cherry. ;D 
Audrey: Oh, poor J, having to miss out on this due to technical difficulties. ^__^ I'm sure he's weeping. 
Breann: no, there certainly wasn't 
Lorix: Me too JL: 
SRAL: Same here Jo. 
Sunny: hey, there was tail sex in HHW! 
Lorix: I know Audrey!! 
Natasha: I loved HHW *sigh* 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: TAIL SEX and I'm back 

Want to hear more about aliens, tail sex, and lovey-dovey D/s? Hop into our pillow nest and check it out after the jump!

Thanks for joining us for the rest of our zany chat!

*sets out refreshments, emphasis on the fresh* That makes no sense, but it sounded good! We hope you all are properly (or improperly) refreshed as you read on for the rest of the Happy Hour Chat covering Lyn Gala's Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts. We may or may not veer off course and discuss, among other things, The Princess Bride, Jar Jar Binks, and balloon animal sex. Hey, it's never dull in the clubhouse! :)

(Warning: This chat contains some spoilers.)

Quick copy/paste of the blurb so we know what we're talking about (Claimings, Tails, and Other Alien Artifacts): Liam loves his life as a linguist and trader on the Rownt homeworld, but he has ignored his heart and sexual needs for years. He won't risk letting anyone come too close because he won't risk letting anyone see his deeply submissive nature. For him, submission comes with pain. Life burned that lesson into his soul from a young age. This fear keeps him from noticing that the Rownt trader Ondry cares for him.
Ondry may not understand humans, but he recognizes a wounded soul, and his need to protect Liam is quickly outpacing his common sense. They may have laws, culture, and incompatible genitalia in their way, but Ondry knows that he can find a way to overcome all that if he can just overcome the ghosts of Liam's past. Only then can he take possession of a man he has grown to love.
Jenni Lea: There was tail sex??? How did I forget that???? 
Lorix: OMG so there was.... 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Nappin' at the wheel girlies  
Jenni Lea: I was nappin' for realz just 20 minutes ago... 
Breann: me too :) 
Natasha: Ann, we missed you in your absence 
Audrey: Maybe it wasn't quite as memorable as Ondry's appendage? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I KNOW RIGHT? 
Natasha: How's the SANGRIA?
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Dos Equis with lime salt 
Natasha: *gasp* so unusual... 
Lorix: Okay can I say when I got this book I thought, nah, no way I'm gonna like this, the title and front cover totes put me off. 
Sunny: The cover was AWFUL! 
Audrey: Lori, totally! I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it in the end. However, the darker stuff was kind of pushing my comfort zone, along with the kidnapping-captivity aspect. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Me too A, but it totally worked in the end 
Jo: ok guys put aside reality we all know we have reading kinks that would squeek us out in real life but really how the hell are tentacles sexy...? is it the multiple facet, the longness the fact that they get thicker for the size queens… how do you get past the slimy sea creature?
Sunny: I pretend they aren't slimy, Jo 
Breann: The cover is terrible. That is NOT how Ondry looks. He doesn't look human, nor is he human size 
Sunny: There were so many great details in this story. I loved how the Rownt  communicated so much with facial expressions and changing skin color. "Ondry had that lippy look of aggravation." 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I liked how it worked the whole Dom/sub thing from a totally different angle and I bought every word of it 
Lorix: As I read it I totally enjoyed it but I would never, ever have read it if it wasn't for the book chat. 
Breann: I didn't feel like this pushed my comfort zone at all, I didn't really enjoy it until the kidnapping happened 
Sunny: I didn't mind the captivity at all. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Wow B, it didnt push your comfort zone *color me shocked* ;)
Audrey: I kept thinking Stockholm Syndrome. 
Lorix: The kidnapping captive thing was okay for me cos he was nice. I'm not sure what that says about me.... 
Jo: I was actually ok with the capture part i have realized i like a little bit of dub/con but where it was all a mistake ala princess bride 
SRAL: I never watched princess bride 
Breann: In fact, exactly where J checked out, it where i checked IN 
Jo: Oh My God L. Oh My God please whatever you do watch it asap 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Princess Bride is Awesome 
Jenni Lea: GASP! You've never seen the Princess Bride?!?!? 
Sunny: I LOVE Princess Bride 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Naturally 
Breann: Ugh. Princess Bride. 
SRAL: I've watched pieces. Yeah. I never watched it. 
Breann: Really? you all love it? LOL  
Audrey: Nope, I'm just meh on Princess Bride, B.  My friends will smack me for saying that. 
Natasha: Do you think there's a gay porn parody called Prince Bride?! because I need it 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That would be amazing wouldnt it 
Natasha: SO amazing 
Natasha: I love silly porn parodies.. it's why I have Twinklight 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: *off to google Twinklight* 
Lorix: I'll watch the parody version when Natasha has persuaded the cockyboys to film it for her. 
SRAL: I really liked what the author did, exploring the qualities wanted in a Dom. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Exactly SRAL! I wondered how she was going to pull off the whole "no sex with Ondry" thing and still make it work 
Sunny: I liked how Liam liked wearing the leash ;) 
Audrey: The foreword with the explanations of the story's origin was pretty cool. I think I appreciated the story more with that background in mind. 
Jenni Lea: I liked the concept of the leash 
Breann: I loved the leash! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Of course you did B 
Sunny: and how Liam liked being held down. That was hot. 
Breann: I loved that Ondry knew he would love it. Once he realized what it really meant 
Jenni Lea: Yeah, I figured this book would be right up your alley B. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: *nods* very hot, I agree with Sunny :D 
SRAL: Lyn Gala gives great D/s 
Sunny: I loved how much Ondry got into getting Liam off. “I like giving you pleasure. You mewl nicely.” And how Ondry was so fascinated by Liam’s sexuality, how smug he was that Liam couldn’t control himself around Ondry. 
Jo: That was lost me I just cannot, CANNOT get into a leash thing. I have said it before my mind goes straight to those kids on the security leashes and that is not an image for sexy times 
Audrey: The leash thing wasn't really for me. However, I could see where Liam would need it and feel comforted by it. 
Lorix: I liked the lead too, apart from the whole immobilising his leg thing, that just seemed uncomfortable. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: But I like how Ondry explained it Jo, it made sense for their culture/species/turtle nest 
Sunny: It recognized Liam's conflicting loyalties, and Ondry's need to protect him. 
Breann: But I was so confused for the first part. It took me for-ev-er to get into it  I would have loved it all if not for my confuzzledness in the beginning 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I liked the first part. It was like a cultural anthropology orgasm 
Sunny: It was interesting to watch them discover and then navigate all the cultural and biological differences. 
SRAL: cultural anthropology orgasm <~~~~ yes this. 
Breann: I don't think I had to patience to read about culture. Give me leashes people. 
Lorix: I agree Breann it took me a little while to get into it. Then I wanted the second bit when he was captive to be longer. 
Breann: yup! Once I really loved it, it was over 
Audrey: Ondry's attention to Liam was really hot. Loved that aspect of it. Plus I appreciated that Ondry wanted to give pleasure any way he could, i.e. TAIL SEX. 
Sunny: Tail sex was HOT.  We just needed more of it. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I liked how Ondry got off on making Liam lose it. Total sexy power trip 
Sunny: The linguistic rules were interesting, and I liked how they were introduced naturally, not in an info dump. How each time Liam learned a new word/phrase, he learned more about Ondry. It was also fun to watch Ondry learn/process/apply new information about humans. 
Audrey: I actually would have liked to see some of their interactions as Ondry set up/courted Liam without Liam's knowledge. 
Sunny: Audrey... I loved when Liam realized Ondry had been courting him all along! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Good point Audrey, that would have been cool 
Breann: Yes, sunny!! I loved that too
Lorix: My favourite line, "My body would rather trade with you than it would with me." 
Audrey: I realize adding the courting would've made it longer, but it might have made me feel a LITTLE more comfortable about the whole "you are mine, FOREVER" sort of thing. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yeah, most of the book really "showed" everything, but we were definitely "told" about the courting 
Sunny: I liked when Ondry explained what having a palteia meant, what a gift they were and how much they were valued. And later, when he talked about how the other traders would be jealous of Ondry for having a palteia and how he was going to rub it in their faces. Then, when he did show Liam off, I couldn’t stop grinning. 
Audrey: Sunny, that was really sweet. 
Jenni Lea: I really wish it were longer as well but I loved what little bit we got.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: It was WAY more than I expected 
Sunny: and those grandmothers... how awesome were they?! 
Sunny: Best line: "Listen, child. I do not know your customs, but if Ondry tried to trade you away, I would strip the skin from his penis so he might never father children." OUCH! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHA - Sunny! 
Jo: You guys are actually making me think I need to revisit the book and finish reading 
Lorix: Lol Jo, I do that all the time with books I wasn't into, after a chat!!!!! The unicorns are very persuasive! 
SRAL: I loved the way the Rownt society was set up 
Audrey: When Liam learned about his value as Ondry's palteia. And how he carries Ondry's social status. The ultimate equality of the relationship was perfect for Liam. 
Sunny: I liked how the Rownt's skills in negotiation and the importance they placed on it reflected so much of their culture. "Manipulation was a social construct Rownt understood very well." Also, the insults they opened with made me laugh. 
Jenni Lea: I love it when they have a matriarchal society and play women up to be strong characters 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: It was so interesting wasn't it? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: The grandmothers were scary, I liked them 
Sunny: me, too :) 
Natasha: Whenever the word palteia was mentioned, the word 'child' followed soon after, so that really weirded me out. In fact, I think the word 'child' was used a weird amount of times. 
Audrey: Ditto, Natasha. The child parallels were kind of uncomfortable. 
Sunny: I didn't see them as parallels so much because Ondry explained that wasn't at all what a palteia was 
Audrey: I think b/c of the setting (obviously sci-fi/otherworldly), I was able to let go of some of my comfort zone issues a little more than usual. Same with my general appreciation of the creativity that went into the world building. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I was Ok with the kid thing, because they really viewed them differently than humans 
Breann: including little human boys who liked tails in their ass 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Especially little humans who liked tails in their asses 
Sunny: I like reading about little humans who like tails in their asses ;) 
Audrey: It was more of a parallel only in my mind b/c of seeing the two words on the page at the same time so often. 
Breann: I didn't get that they were thinking of actual children either 
Lorix: I did like the Rownt society and I liked Ondry's confusion when Liam tried to explain 'human' phrases. I loved how Liam then used trading terms to explain things. 
Sunny: The trading was a huge part of their culture.  They took so much pride in successful negotiations. 
Lorix: They really did Sunny. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I loved how Ondry made it so important that Liam understand and open up to him about his feelings 
Lorix: Yes Ann, that he wanted to understand - that's what i really liked, despite or because of the whole D/s thing Ondry wanted to understand Liam, wanted to pleasure and look after Liam. 
Audrey: The trading aspect was really interesting. I felt more comfortable about Liam's circumstances when Ondry brought him into his "inner circle." Even without having Ondry spell out Liam's worth, you could tell Ondry trusted Liam if he was able to keep him so close/show him so much. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: It was interesting how Ondry saw Liam as more of an equal and had respect for him when it came to tradin 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: *trading, I'm like a damn redneck (that I am) 
Sunny: lol... he was impressed that Liam could actually trade his body. 
Jenni Lea: rednecks FTW! 
Jenni Lea: I liked that part too Sunny 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Ondry totally struggled with that didn't he Sunny. It was interesting watching Liam trying to explain why sex was fun 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: REDNECKS! 
Audrey: YES, the trading of his body thing...what a totally different POV. 
Sunny: he didn't understand why humans would pay for sex when it was freely available, so obviously, Liam was a master trader 
Lorix: And how, in his mind, he 'rescued' him from the horrible Officer (name escapes me). 
Audrey: I thought that was brilliant. I totally <3-ed Ondry way way way more. 
Breann: I loved this from Ondry: "I love seeing you so lost in pleasure that you can think of nothing else. I love knowing that my presence causes you such a physical reaction and I love falling asleep circled around your warmth with your fingers stroking me" 
Sunny: aww... it was so sweet! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Turtle pets were the best weren't they? 
Audrey: hehehhee, there were some great quotes. Any other favorites?? 
Sunny: Ondry made me laugh with his self confidence, too. 
Sunny: "...you buried your palteia nature until you met a Rownt so insightful that he saw through your disguise and took you to the grandmothers and claimed you as his own." And “I know that anyone who takes my genetic material does so because they find it superior and hope to lay eggs with it.” And “It’s so much better to be yourself and have people simply impressed because of your undeniable talent.” 
Breann: and "I would like to steal your control from you and force you to admit that even your body knows that it is mine" 
Jenni Lea: I have to agree with Ann. I want a pillow nest too! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: IN THE PILLOW NEST! I really can't say enough good things about the pillow nest 
Lorix: And our favourite, the pillow nest. So comfy. 
Lorix: We need one for the club house... 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: We do! 
Sunny: I vote yes for pillow nest in the club house 
Breann: "There is something to be said for having someone like you so much they chained you to a wall" <--- RIGHT?!? 
SRAL: be nice* 
SRAL: would* 
SRAL: gah! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Exactly Breann! 
Natasha: NO 
Natasha: That line sounds like it something from a creepy, rapey, stockholm syndrome book 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Oh SRAL :D 
Sunny: Breann- he really liked the security of submitting to a strong male 
Audrey: Clubhouse pillow nest FTW! 
Breann: EXACTLY! 
Sunny: YES! 
Audrey: I liked when Liam first played with Ondry's tail. 
Audrey: Without knowing the significance. :) 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That was sweet Audrey. I liked how Liam wanted to do things but he was so tentative and confused for a while there 
Natasha: "My bf loves me soooo much that he chains me to a walk! TEEHEE!" 
Natasha: *hides behind rock* >:( it scares me 
Breann: Yes, he did. and Ondry knows that he liiiiiiiiiikes it 
Audrey: Yeah, Stockholm Syndrome-y for me, too, N. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Now you're just braggin' Natasha 
Natasha: lol 
Audrey: It didn't really work for me until it was clear that Ondry saw Liam as his equal. And would treat him with respect, etc. Before that, I wouldn't buy Liam's comfort with the situation. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That was important Audrey. I liked that it was SO important to Ondry that Liam understood 
SRAL: It's nice. I like reading about that aspect in a relationship. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: The Stockholm Syndrome part? 
SRAL: the chaining. 
SRAL: Liam was submissive. to me it was normal for him 
SRAL: it's in his nature 
Breann: i thought so too L 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: and he hid it for SO long 
Audrey: I think I needed to know there was Liam's consent to the situation and not just slavery.  Once I knew and once Ondry made it so clear, I was totally on board. 
Lorix: I think I agree Audrey. 
SRAL: Liam needs (lol been reading too much SM) and Ondry supplies. 
Lorix: But Ondry showed him how caring he was by being so nice. 
Jo: yeah that squeeks me out on the BDSM when they cross that line and it feels too machismo -- I don't know if it is cultural thing but a man having authority over me just pushes all my buttons because it is expected.
Jenni Lea: It broke my heart reading about Liam's past so I was glad he had Ondry for the rest of his life. He would now be cherished and loved forever after. *sigh* 
Sunny: *sigh* 
Audrey: ME TOOOOOOOO. Liam's past was so sad. *hugs JL* 
Lorix: It was sooo sad. 
Audrey: I hate seeing someone being taken advantage of like that. His trust was broken in such a terrible way. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: D'awwwww JL - so true. Let's all cuddle in the pillow nest 
Audrey: *jumps into the pillow nest and hands everyone a stuffed unicorn* 
Breann: I don't remember being sad. but I'll cuddle! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I felt so bad for Liam too Audrey. Especially when he said he grew out of his twinkhood, but he was still a sub 
Sunny: Liam just needed to be reassured that he could stay forever, and not be traded away. 
Jo: maybe that is why I couldn't finish. it read too controlling and i never got to the "but i like that" part 
Lorix: Ooookay...so the tail sex? Did you like it, did you need to have a cock involved or was the tail a ok? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I'm good with the tail onacounta they were good with the tail 
Audrey: Tail sex worked for me! It was different, but not a turnoff. 
Breann: i liked that Ondry stayed who he was. he didn't magically have an erection and want sex for pleasure 
SRAL: I wish they had had anal sex but the tail was verrah fine 
Natasha: tail sex was the only part of the book that works for me :) HHW made me like tail sex 
Sunny: The tail definitely worked for me. 
Breann: he wanted to pleasure Liam, but that was really it 
Breann: yeah, loved that tail 
Jenni Lea: I liked that too B. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yep - he got off on the power (not physical) he had over Liam's bod, that was some serious mental sex happening there 
SRAL: I liked that he could have actual sex with Liam as well...it really made it all about Liam's pleasure 
Audrey: Ditto, SRAL. 
Sunny: I liked all of it. 
SRAL: me too 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Zactly! 
Lorix: Yep SRAL. 
Audrey: I like that Ondry also ASKED how to give Liam pleasure. He was so curious about his palteia, and he was so eager to make things right with him. 
Sunny: I loved Ondry's curiosity. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I really got how much Ondry wanted to make him happy and I think taking the traditional sex out of it, made it more believable 
Jenni Lea: I liked when Liam finally realized why Ondry kept putting his hands around his neck. 
Sunny: I did, too, JL 
Lorix: Oh so did I JL, I'd forgotten that. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Oh yeah JL - you're right, that was pretty cool when he started rembering all that 
Audrey: That was sweet, JL! 
SRAL: For me with D/s, I love reading a sub getting all of his needs attended to, whether it be direct or indirect, so for me Ondry was the boss. He attended to Liam so well. 
Sunny: Ondry also got off on the power he had over Liam's body :) 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yes, SRAL, those are the kind of D/s books I can get into 
Lorix: Ditto. It has to be consensual and considerate 
Audrey: It did feel a little odd not to have Ondry's pleasure come from sexual pleasure, though. I realize it's part of their world and species, but I think reading so much m/m made that aspect stand out for me. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: He did love his turtle neck petted 
Sunny: That was weird, Audrey, but he really enjoyed the neck thing, not just the pleasure of it, but the ability to relax and trust someone that much 
Breann: it made it different 
Lorix: I know this seemed unconsensual at first with a kidnapping and all but Ondry so obviously wanted to please and care for Liam that it worked. 
Lorix: Especially when we learnt about Liam's past and how much he needed someone to care for him. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: The mutual trust and respect was really the main deal-io 
Sunny: And Ondry wasn't creepy to me. He was so sweet. 
Breann: Ondry was a great character! I really loved him 
Lorix: It was a lot about trust. 
Breann: I agree with SRAL that, for me, it was that they were true to their roles in the relationship. Ondry really gave Liam what he needed and he knew what Liam wanted before he did\ 
Sunny: I'm sitting here, sighing over Ondry and Liam... lol... 
Jo: ok, you guys talked me into trying again 
Sunny: Yay, JO! 
Audrey: Jo, give it a shot...it's kind of tough emotionally at first, but it works out in the end. :) 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: You do have to read the whole thing to appreciate it i think 
Natasha: I wish you luck, Jo. I skimmed the whole thing! I read the first... 60%? 
Lorix: Though I wonder, as time goes on and Liam learns to love himself, would he still want the D/s situation? 
Breann: Yes, he will. 
Breann: He's a subby boy down to his bones. He loves it, he does 
Sunny: Liam will always want the D/s 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I think he would Lori, he's a sub by nature 
Sunny: the way he kept tugging at the leash *nods* oh, yeah, he likes it 
SRAL: There's going to be a sequel! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: NO WAY SRAL! 
Sunny: WHAT?! 
Sunny: OMG!!!! 
Breann: There is?? 
SRAL: Yep. Lyn Gala told me so. :D 
Sunny: I am so EXCITED! 
SRAL: I know. I squealed like a loon. 
Jenni Lea: We keep saying "kidnap" but if you remember, Liam said he would rather be with Ondry than the humans when he went before the grandmothers so it really wasn't kidnapping. However much duress he was when he made it, he did actually give his consent. 
Natasha: @___@ 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: He did give his consent. The only thing i think holding him back was his lack of trust and military training 
Audrey: Yeah, but he didn't know about his consent. It's like he was drugged when he consented, so it didn't really register as true to me. 
Sunny: He just needed more information 
SRAL: What Ann said. 
Breann: he didn't want other humans seeing him in a leash because of the implications, not because he didn't like it 
Breann: but once he got it, all's good 
Sunny: I like how they talked about status, etc, how having status was so important 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I was totally into the scene when Liam tried to escape and ended up by the tree, then opened his eyes and Ondry was right there 
Sunny: that was a good one, Ann 
Breann: yes! 
Breann: Proves how awesome Ondry is! 
Audrey: The fact that Ondry EXPECTED his attempted escape was really smart. Loyalty, etc. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: He was looking at the leash from a human perspective not a turtle one 
Natasha: omg 
Natasha: I'm going to have nightmares about that scene 
Sunny: Natasha! 
Sunny: Exactly, Ann 
SRAL: I'd love to have a dream about Ondry. 
Natasha: the horror is astronomical 
SRAL: *slurps* 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Ondry was totally cool with it and blamed himself. Plus he was completely impressed that Liam got away 
Lorix: I liked that bit it was just the damn lead holding his leg up I didn't like. 
Audrey: EXACTLY how long was the tail again? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: MILES 
Audrey: hahahaha 
SRAL: Long enough...that's what he said 
Lorix: Exactly Ann, I liked that. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: It worked though and Liam actually loved it 
SRAL: ba dum bum! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: hehehehe SRAL 
Sunny: I loved how the Rownt appreciated when others got the upper hand. 
Sunny: Even when offspring stole half their wealth! 
Breann: yes! that was great 
SRAL: The whole society kicked ass. 
Jenni Lea: Yes Sunny, they admired cleverness in others. I liked that too. 
Audrey: Yes, they were smart, and Liam needed someone smart and strong to take care of him. :) 
Lorix: It defo put a different spin on things Sunny. 
Audrey: Should we wrap it up? Any last thoughts on "Claimings..." and things you loved, would change, or look forward to in the sequel? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I cant wait for the sequel and it was way more than what I expected 
Sunny: I am so excited about the sequel, I can hardly sit still! 
Breann: I was bored through the first half. I would have liked for Ondry to have chained Liam to the wall a little sooner 
Sunny: I love you, Breann 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Breann, I love you so and if I could give you a slave boy for your baby shower I would 
Breann: i would pet him and love him all the time 
Audrey: Although parts were uncomfortable for me, it was a winner in the end, and it exceeded my expectations. :) 
Lorix: Totally Audrey. 
Audrey: Lots of squirmy unis waiting for the sequel! 
SRAL: Loved? The Rownt society, the D/s and main characters. Change? hmm...nothing. For the sequel? More D/s, more tail sex, more Ondry, more Liam and pillow nests 
SRAL: slurp slurp 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I know you would, B. You're a good D 
Jenni Lea: I'm excited for the sequel too. I would like to see the D/s aspect explored a little more as well as see more of this society. 
Sunny: I wasn't bored with the first half, because I was fascinated by the world building, and learning about the Rownt culture 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I loved the first half too, very interesting 
Natasha: I didn't like it. Felt initially nonconsensual to me and too much 'master/puppy' rather than D/s for me (but I like neither so who am I to say?) If people gawk at parents putting those leashes on babies, they sure aren't meant for adults! But tail sex is moderately hot in this book. 
Audrey: More pillow nests - always! 
Natasha: Oh, but pillow nest sounds nice 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I swear, I will make a pillow nest 
Breann: hey! I have a leash thing for my kids. It's more of a backpack... but still ;D 
Natasha: I think they're legit! But you can't knock one and not the other 
Natasha: (NOT YOU SPECIFICALLY!) *panic sweats 
Natasha: People in general, I mean! 
Breann: I know! LOL 
Breann: I didn't mean to induce panic 
Breann: sorry 
Natasha: Oh thank god. I worried I said something 
Jo: see breann has a leash for her KIDS , KIDS and pets, people, not orgasms 
Sunny: I hope the sequel has LOTS of D/s and tail sex 
Lorix: I surprised myself by liking it, would like the D/s aspect explored more in the sequel as long as the trust and mutual respect remains. :) 
Audrey: I needed the respect/trust made known before I started to appreciate it. :) 
Audrey: This goes in the clubhouse! IT IS A THING! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: But it seemed pretty realistic that there would be misunderstandings and that it would take a while to get to the mutual understanding 
Lorix: OMG Audrey, I love it. 
Natasha: I hope the sequel involves Jar-Jar Binks meeting Ondry and them trading trinkets and that's it 
Sunny: LOVE the pillow nest! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Get that punk ass kid OUT of my pillow nest! 
Lorix: I need to remodel the house so I have room for one. 
Breann: what's in the link? before i clickity click 
Sunny: A PILLOW NEST, Breann! 
Audrey: B, it's G-rated. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: NO jar jar binks Natasha! He ruined everything and I hate him 
Breann: WOW! yes, that is needed 
Natasha: I hate him too! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: What the hell were they thinking with him, seriously 
Breann: *whispers to natasha* you haven't said anything about clowns yet,,, 
Natasha: OH SHIT 
Sunny: Breann! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: GODDAMIT BREANN 
Natasha: know what's better and much sexier than aliens OR tail sex? clowns. 
Sunny: Ann, is this where we are supposed to be really mad, but can't stop laughing? 
Breann: That's better. all is right in the world 
Natasha: if they replaced aliens with clowns in this book and tail sex with balloon animal sex and replaced the chains and leashes with streamers from parties, that would be so cool 
Audrey: *taps chin*
Ann of Ween Gaybles: STOP IT NATASHA! 
Breann: balloon animal sex? 
Breann: hmmmm 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Don't you DARE ruin tail sex for me 
Natasha: *is CEO in boardroom, pointing stick at whiteboard* MAKE IT HAPPEN 
Audrey: OMFG 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I dont really like balloons 
Audrey: Not really NSFW, but o_O! 
Natasha: lol @ the voyeur balloon animal 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Lord, all I can hear is the squeaking and it's icka poo 
Lorix: You can literally find anything on the internet. Well you can if you're Audrey! 
Natasha: LOL 
Lorix: That gif is disturbing. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: They really should be talking about tail sex instead 
Natasha: I dunno guys, it's kinda sexy 
Sunny: omg, Natasha 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Stop making me listen to squeaky balloons 
Natasha: tail sex shall FOREVER be replaced by balloon animal sex 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: NEVAH NATASHA! 
Sunny: NEVER! 

*clears throat*




We may have been sidetracked, but hey, at least we entertain ourselves, right? Thanks for hanging out with us for this month's Happy Hour Chat about Claimings, Tails and Other Alien Artifacts by Lyn Gala.

For individual unicorn reviews of this book, check out these reviews on Goodreads:

Audrey: 4 Stars
Ann: 4.5 Stars
Jenni Lea: 4.5 Stars
Lorix: 4 Stars
Natasha: 1.5 Stars
SheReadsALot: 4.5 Stars
Sunny: 5 Stars

(Note: This chat has been edited for length and clarity.)

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