Jenni Lea's Guilty Pleasures

Ahhh, guilty pleasures.  We all have them.  Those books that cause you to blush embarrassedly when you purchase them and you hesitate before letting anyone know you’re reading them, if at all.
I have two guilty pleasures.  The first is shifter fluff.  The second… Mpreg (I know!).  I couldn’t even begin to tell you why I love these types of books so much.  Just that they are good escapism and they leave me with the warm fuzzies.  And when I come across a book that has both?  Hoo boy!  I’ve died and gone to heaven!  

I want to share a couple of them with you.  Who knows, maybe you will like them too.  Maybe you will even share them with your friends.  No need to be ashamed.  C’mon, I told you my guilty pleasure. 
 What’s yours?


Two years ago, the small Southern Ohio town of Isherwood seemed to change overnight. Businesses were abandoned or sold and townsfolk just up and moved away. Now, those who were left behind are trying to keep their lives afloat on the hope that things will improve someday.

Finn Webb is one of those people. His construction and remodeling company he runs with his sister is one of the largest employers left in town. He’s felt his world teetering on the edge of failure for so long, that saving an injured dog is a bright spark of life he’s happy to hold onto.

Cas Maine has come to Isherwood because that’s where the road led. He’s tired, hungry and desperate for the acceptance and safety he once had in his birth pack. But crossing into town sees him shifting into his wolf form and unable to shift back. Then he’s hit by a car only to be rescued by his one true mate.

What follows is a series of events where a job outside of town lets Cas and Finn grow closer while also leading to the uncovering of numerous secrets held by several inhabitants of Isherwood. Everyone has a stake in this. And the stakes are high...

You know, this book surprised me.  I started reading this expecting it to be the everyday normal shifter fluff but it wasn’t.  Oh yes, it was fluff, but with a twist.  I thoroughly enjoyed the new and refreshing spin on the classic shifter that Missy Welch has created.  

I liked the fact that although we have Alphas in the story they weren’t the all-powerful beasts that you normally read about.  They had flaws and weaknesses too.  

I also liked the fact that everyone was so completely normal.  There were a lot of different personalities showcased but none of them were over the top and it really made the storyline flow smoothly.

I did have a few niggles though.  The villain in the story wasn’t, in my opinion, very fleshed out.  We never learned why he did what he did and what was different about him.

But!  There was a lot of good feels in this story.  There were quite a few times I laughed out loud and even a moment or two I had tears in my eyes.

All in all this was a very enjoyable read and a nice surprise. 


 When his children are taken away from him without living at all, Merin is at the end of his rope and still has to save Rin from the clutches of sorrow. But not even in his grief can he find peace, because the attacker is plotting and his newly united kingdom must prepare for war against a vicious invading army.

Will working together save the kingdom—and their family—from giving in to the continuing challenges? Can love truly conquer all or will their enemies finally achieve victory? 

What a surprisingly wonderful story!

With as much antipathy as I felt towards the first book, King’s Conquest, I feel an equal amount of enthusiasm for this little gem. The difference in the writing between the two is so great it almost seems as though they were written by two separate authors. The words flowed with an eloquence that reflected the maturity of not only the main character Merin, whose point of view we get firsthand, but that of the author as well.

For those of you that quit this series after reading the first book I say give this one a try. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find.


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