Sunday Funday!!!

Penis Mold Alternative Uses, or...
When to draw the line at trying to find practical ways to reuse your bachelorette party gifts.

Originally this Sunday Funday post was going to be about a movie that a number of us unicorns watched on Friday evening. Alas, the movie, a British film called Weekend, was just a little too depressing and serious for a Sunday Funday topic.

Soooo...instead here's a link to some awesome and HI-larious penis mold cakes! :D

I came across this link and just about fell over from laughing so hard. Gotta hand it to her -- some of them are pretty darn creative!

Here's a pic of the one that a few of us actually looked at and thought, "hey...that could actually work!"

If any of you try one of these creations or have an idea of your own, let us know! =)

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