Review: The Douglas Fir by Anyta Sunday

Somehow, someway, Jason Kress will find Noah the most unique and clever gift ever. A gift that will surprise him, and win his heart.

A gift that just might be magic . . .

Indie Author Review, ARC supplied by author for an honest review.

I was so pleased when I was asked to review The Douglas Fir as it is just my type of book. A sweet, romantic Christmas story with great characters. I wasn't disappointed for the most part - there was just one thing I...., hmm, how do I put this, I would have liked a little different.

Firstly, I love Anyta Sunday's style of writing, it's relaxed and easy to read and I 'felt' the characters straight away. I was instantly out of the real world and in the kitchen with Jason and Noah and this is really important to me when I read. That feeling when you are disorientated after reading, it takes a second or two for reality to flood back, that's what I look for in my books and Anyta Sunday delivers.

As the other unicorns all know, I love me some romance in my reading. Hot, sexy scenes are an added bonus as far as I'm concerned, it's a good old fashioned romance I'm looking for and Jason's pursuit of Noah most definitely falls into this category. (Don't worry if it's hot and sexy you're looking for - it delivers in the end!). He wanted to give Noah the most original, surprising birthday gift ever - now I don't want to give away what he did but it took a lot of time, effort and dedication. It was sneaky and I thought really romantic. I loved it.

I loved the relationship between the characters - Jase, Noah, Jase's younger brother Scott and Noah's friend Dave. They interacted well, I liked how Jase was jealous when he thought that there was something going on between Dave - the perfect, and really nice - Dave and Noah. When he realised that Dave was as interested in Noah as he was Jase was jealous, he thought he didn't stand a chance, yet he still carried on with his surprise birthday gift - and, although the gift Noah knew about, what Jase was doing with it, the hard work he was putting in, was anonymous.

Okay, sooooo - so far I'm loving it yet I gave it 4 stars not 5. Why. Well I can't write this bit without spoilers so if you don't want to know a major plot twist stop reading now.


Okay so all of you left are okay with the spoiler. The disappointing bit of the story for me was that it wasn't Noah Jase ended up with. After all that hard work, all that sweet romantic pursuit and he gets together with Dave. Let me I said Dave was also interested in Noah, Jase is there when Dave makes his move on Noah and when Noah turns him down and then he's the one Noah asks if he comes across as gay, because he isn't, he's straight. Now Jase hasn't mentioned his own sexuality to Noah, they are neighbours and friends and, though he has the hugest crush, it is a secret crush.

So then, when it is revealed that Jase too has feelings for Noah and their whole relationship breaks down - Jase's fault, he's too in love to just be friends - they have several months apart but Jase starts spending time with Dave. It was obvious what was going to happen and it was sweet and romantic, but for me  a disappointment because so much of the book was focussed on Jase's pursuit of Noah. I'd invested myself in their relationship and then it never happened. It was a beautiful friendship and I didn't dislike Jase and Dave as a couple - I just wish the focus had come away from Jase and Noah sooner and the main focus had then been put on Jase and Dave.


All that said, I would totally re-read this book because it is sweet (yet not syrupy) and romantic and sometimes that is just what the (book) doctor ordered. I will also most definitely be checking out other works by this author.

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Sweet, festive, and unexpected holiday romance.  I enjoyed this story and its slower pace. The Douglas Fir kept me guessing and surprised me, which is definitely unusual for a romance.  The love that blossoms is gentle and kind of sneaks up on the characters and the reader. It works, though, and the titular Douglas Fir plays a central role in the warm holiday feeling that this story engenders.  A few editing items distracted from certain points, and extreme time jumps were a little bumpy. That said, a pleasant read overall with characters I liked.

This book is cute. Not really my kind of book because it's a little sweet for me, but overall enjoyable. I liked the unique elements like the Douglas Fir, the MC being a gardener, the cute neighbours aspect. I seen the twist of fate coming a mile away, which kind of worked for this book. Everyone was cute, everything was cute. Cuteness and fur everywhere.
I'd like to leave you with a quote I never thought I'd read in a M/M Romance novel. :)
"Reaching over, I yanked open the compost and poured some into the hole."

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