Review: Prince of Silk and Thorns by Cherry Dare

Prince Alar is notorious... and tormented.

The prince's decadence is as famous as his extraordinary beauty. Rumor holds that he murdered his own brother to get one step closer to the throne. Some believe him to be the son of a fallen angel. But beneath his icy exterior, the prince burns with secret guilt... and untapped passion.

Farm boy Garin is innocent... and reckless.

Garin is shocked when Prince Alar rides into his village and demands that the young men strip for his inspection... so he can select one as his new slave! To protect his brother, Garin volunteers, leaving his peaceful village-- and his innocence-- behind. But even naked and chained, he is no helpless victim.

At the palace, Garin discovers a new world of decadent sex, dangerous intrigue, and devastating passion. But from the moment the arrogant prince puts a collar around Garin's throat and claims him as his own, the men are bound together in more ways than one.

From sadistic sex games to tender caretaking, from erotic awakenings to a deadly gladiatorial match, their journey together pushes both men to their physical and emotional limits... and beyond.

A novel of the passion that consumes, the love that sustains, and the ties that bind.

You'd think being taken from your home and becoming a slave might make one a little bitter inside. Maybe resentful? Even hateful towards the captor? Not for Garin! It's like a dream come true for this farm boy! He gets to live out all his wildest fantasies with a prince, no less.

In the beginning I don't think things played out quite like they did in his dreams. When Alar first took Garin he was terribly harsh and played sadistic games with Garin in front of his court.

I loved every cruel second of it.

It made the dynamics of their relationship all the more angsty and delicious seeing how they went from master and slave to lovers. Don't worry they still had their master and slave kink when they were lovers. Garin never lost the urge to crawl on his knees to his master nor did Alar lose the want to boss his sweet farm boy around. Their bedroom games were smoking hot and I really couldn't get enough of them together.

With the plot twists and turns and the political mess they were in, they didn't have anyone to trust but each other and they proved themselves time and time again. Their mutual respect and trust was what made me love them more and they way they took care of each other made me swoon on more than one occasion.

I really enjoyed Prince Alar's character and the many layers he had to wear. There was so much to know about him and I liked how the author revealed more and more about him just a little at a time. It was just enough to keep me guessing about his choices and what he would do next. He kept on surprising me with his unexpected devotion to Garin. Harsh and evil prince isn't so icy when faced with his pretty slave, now is he?

I love stories about slaves, I especially love stories about slaves who just want to please their master. Now this isn't your typical sweet slave story since Garin was captured and taken away from his town and family without his consent. But that didn't make him any less sweet. Like I said, he had a secret kinky part of himself that was just waiting to be explored. Because he was the lucky captive, he was able to have his dick and balls wrapped up tight in some rope like he always hoped and dreamed he would.

Prince of Silk and Thorns wasn't as dark as I was expecting, there were a couple dubious consent scenes but... can it really be considered dub-con when, really, Garin wanted it? Everything was mostly consensual and the love story really was sweet and romantic despite the way the relationship started. So if you're on the fence about a capture/slave book, this might be a good starting point. Then you can join me in my fangirlness over sweet slaveboys.

C'mon... join me.

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