Tag Team Review: The Seer (Chronicles of the Riftlands #3) by Rowan McAllister

For the past ten years, smuggling magic users safely out of Brotherhood-controlled Rassa has been the only thing keeping Dakso Kavalyan going. But with his funding cut and rumors of impending civil war, his orders from the Mage’s High Council are clear: his final mission is information gathering only. No rescuing even one more hunted soul.

Daks has never been great at following orders. When he stumbles upon a Seer spouting prophecy in front of one of the hated brothers, he can’t just walk away.

Ravi never asked to be rescued, nor did he ask for the Visions plaguing his life and endangering everyone he’s ever cared about. The last thing he needs is a reckless brute crashing into his carefully laid plans. Seems the gods have other ideas.

As Daks and Ravi flee the city together, their reluctant alliance blooms into something more, but trials, bad luck, and Daks’s infuriating penchant for finding trouble dog their every move. Will trusting this reckless rogue with his heart and his life be the worst decision Ravi’s ever made… or the best?


R *A Reader Obsessed* - 3.5 Hearts

Another satisfying addition (NOT a standalone read) to this unique series!

It would be difficult to try to rehash the complex plot. What I can say is that this is a world whose very fabric of existence was almost destroyed over a millennia ago, saved by the benevolent Singers who basically sacrificed their entire race to stabilize things. However, parts of their essence remain trapped in magical stones, and this 3rd installment focuses again on two people who I’m guessing, will help bring back balance. In this alternate universe, magic is both feared and revered with realms markedly divided on the subject, pushing both sides into what looks like an inevitable war.

As per the blurb, Daks has been saving magic users for many years, either from prosecution or from being conscripted into the feared Brotherhood who have based their entire religious fervor on the above mentioned stones. When he comes across a vulnerable seer, Daks’s kind heart refuses to let Ravi be captured regardless of the fact that he has little resources to keep them both protected. In turn, Ravi’s resistance is more from his fear of hurting those who will most likely be looked upon unfavorably due to close approximation. Though Ravi didn’t ask for help, he realizes he has no choice but to travel with Daks to a safer place that's more accepting of his abilities . What ensues is quite the grand adventure with plenty of challenges, obstacles, and inevitable life threatening situations. These two clash over and over but of course, they can’t deny their attraction as they come to rely on each other and show their vulnerabilities.

Simply put, I enjoyed this. Daks is a wonderful gentle giant with a bit of a hero complex that often gets him in trouble. Ravi is admittedly, understandably cantankerous, as his life has not been easy due to perpetual fear of discovery. Thankfully, Ravi matures, and though he often hates his cumbersome unpredictable gift, he eventually comes to embrace and accept its advantages. This also had a good plausible romance and an equally good dose of sexy.

Overall, if you like complex fantasy with magic and otherworldly creatures, then start with The Wanderer. Each book has featured a different couple, setting up the grand story arc further, and I’m invested but hoping that the various game pieces are now finally set to go forward towards a more collaborative mission featuring everyone. Fingers and toes crossed for a revolution in the next installment, as the Singers deserve their well earned and long awaited peace!

Adam - 3.5 Hearts

‘The Seer’ introduces Daks and Ravi, and their journey that ultimately becomes part of the fight for Rassa’s future.

I really liked the dynamic between the two MCs. It started off prickly and hilarious, and slowly became tender.

As they travelled through Rassa towards freedom, running from the Brotherhood, the two men grudgingly went from mutual annoyance to something resembling camaraderie, and eventually more.

Ravi is definitely a bit of Debbie Downer, but it’s understandable! He went through a lot. Plus, his bossiness, which rarely got things to go his way, was funny.

Regardless, Daks deserved a gold medal for his patience. A giant with a heart of gold, and gentle when he needed to be.

And they way he took care of Ravi during his prophetic episodes. *swoon*

I’ll admit, I may have developed a bit of crush on Daks. You can’t blame me!

Of course, the voyage was far from easy. The two men, along with their travelling companions, are constantly on guard for the next hiccup. And there are many!

However, I do have to say that the story dragged quite a bit in the middle. I wasn’t bored at all, but I did wonder what the point was.

Obstacles seemed to pop up without really doing much for the story. Fewer swashbuckling situations would have made for tighter and more even-paced story-telling.

Luckily, I was roped right back in when Ravi and Daks finally gave in to what had been building between them!

Daks was of course wonderful, but it was just as delightful to see Ravi let down his guard and reciprocate. It was sunshine, roses, and all that.

The book ends with pulling readers back into the grand overarching story. I have to say that I’m disappointed with the way that’s gone - way too much has happened off-page, and readers just need to make inferences to fill in the gaps. That’s not at all how I like to read high fantasy tales!

Overall, I did really enjoy reading both the relationship and the adventure. Hopefully the next book focuses on the bigger plot!

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